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Update Your Dining Room With These Design Trends

Trends in Dining Room Design from Home Zone Furniture

Your dining room is the social center of your home. This comfortable and inviting room is the perfect place to host family game nights, dinner parties or casual get-togethers with your friends, as well as elaborate (or casual) holiday meals.

The way that you decorate your dining room should reflect the variety of ways that you use it. Here are some of the latest tips and dining room trends to help you put together a space that’s ready for real life.

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A Guide to Declutter Your Home Before Entertaining

Your job, family, social life, and other commitments can make it difficult to always keep everything around the house ship-shape. Many hosts have to pull everything together very quickly when it comes to wining and dining guests. Why do so many cherished furnishings and accents suddenly look so shabby and tired? What counts as clutter anyway? 

Here are some suggestions to help you declutter your house in time for the party!

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Dining Table & Chair Height Comparison

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When picking out furniture for a dining room or kitchen, you need to think about more than just color and style. Indeed, one of the most overlooked factors concerning dining tables and chairs is height. Say you are moving into a different residence — assuming your old or newly bought counter height stools will work well in the space — and only realize they’re way too short for the bar or counter height in the kitchen on moving day. Now you have a set of barstools you don’t know what to do with, and you need to buy a new set to suit your new patio or kitchen. Which bar or counter height will be the most practical if you are building a new home? How high should the stools for that bar counter be? What are the “best” dining table and chair heights depending on how tall the people who use them most frequently are?

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Types of Dining Room Sets from Home Zone Furniture

Many memories are made of the laughter, celebratory toasts and holiday dinners at your dining table. Sitting down to share a warm meal with friends and family brings you closer together and helps you relax after a long day or working week. Your dining room furniture should complement your unique decorating style and suit how your family does dinner time. Here is a summary of the types of dining room sets we offer at Home Zone Furniture and how to incorporate them into your home.

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