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Switch up your dining room with these 4 design ideas

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

There are some rooms in the house that benefit greatly from a quick and easy rearranging. Other rooms, such as the dining room, aren’t as flexible and require a little more creativity when it comes to sprucing up.

Whether you’re prepping for a dinner party or simply want to bring a little life to a stagnant space, these are a few tips for rejuvenating your dining room for spring.

Patterned rug

No matter the style, a dining room isn’t complete without a rug under the table. This is a chance for you to incorporate extra colors and patterns into a room that is generally visually flat.

If you’re choosing a new rug, one of the most important things is to make sure that your rug is proportionate to the room and to the table. Next, pick a color that stands out, but which also complements the room’s color palette. The perfect rug will add dimension to your dining room whether you’re laying it over carpet or a hardwood floor.

Colorful centerpiece

Place a beautiful centerpiece on your table or buffet for some seasonal color. Experiment with arrangements of different shapes and sizes to find the look that best complements the room. Flowers are a classic choice, but a large bowl filled with fruit is inviting, too! For spring and summer, my favorite centerpieces include a vase of peonies and a bowl of fragrant citrus fruit.

Set the table

Even if you aren’t expecting guests, liven up your dining room by preparing the table with dining accessories. Some items you might consider laying out include place mats, napkins with napkin rings, silverware and your porcelain collection. Every time you walk by, the added color and texture will be sure to lift your mood!

Mix and match

For a fun, casual look that’s perfect for summer, try mixing and matching your chairs. If you have a number of dining chairs and side chairs to choose from, mix them all together around the table. To play with color and texture, get slipcovers made for your chairs in a few different colors or a playful, summer-perfect print. The result is a unique, eclectic look that will have everyone gathering around the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just make a few tweaks, and you’ll be amazed at what a big difference small changes can make. Now all that’s left to do is plan a dinner party!


Decor, Dining Room Ideas

Upgrade Your Dining Room with the Perfect Dining Collection

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

In our house, the dining room is where family comes together to share a meal and cultivate tradition. Whether your dining room is where family gathers at the end of every day or is reserved for special occasions, this space is a reflection of both style and lifestyle. Upgrade your dining room this summer with one of these five Home Zone Furniture dining sets.

The Madison Pub Collection

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.54.45 PM

Transport yourself to Paris with the café style Madison Pub dining collection. This charming set is the perfect complement to a home with some European flair. While the Madison appears delicate and feminine, the design is perfectly sturdy, with metal legs and a wood top. Place the Madison Pub in a dining room with small proportions — it will get the job done without overpowering the room visually. If you love classic design and consider yourself a Francophile, this is the dining set for you!

The Colours Red Collection

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.53.40 PM

Make a statement in your home this summer with the Colours Red dining collection. From the beveled glass top to the wood base, the table is a modern combination of light and heavy materials. The glass topper provides a neutral canvas for your culinary creations, while the wood base assures solidity. The dining set includes four comfy chairs upholstered in easy-to-clean microfiber. When food goes flying, you’ll love how easy it is to clean these chairs. Between its daring accent color and its durability, you’ll be smitten with this set!

The Ellen Collection

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.52.43 PM

If you’ve got a small space to work with, try the Ellen dining room set. The light stone top combined with the airy structure of the table and chairs results in a dining set that is utilitarian yet unassuming. The coffee-and-cream-colored faux stone top can hold up to four place settings and provides plenty of room underneath for leg space. This dining set would look especially elegant in a white room accented with metallic, feminine details.

The Astor Collection

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.50.31 PM

The contemporary home is best suited to the Astor dining collection. Featuring a glass topper and metal base, the rectangular table is strong, durable and can hold up to six of your closest friends. I love the substantial, metallic chairs with button-tufted backs. These stylish chairs have quite the design presence, and are made of polyurethane for an easy wipe-down after dinner. If your home is dominated by modern, clean lines, this is the ideal choice for you!

The Montana Collection

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.46.54 PM

Make room for guests or a growing family with the Montana dining set. This five-piece traditional beauty includes a butterfly leaf feature, which allows you to easily expand the table to fit six guests when the time comes. Aside from its versatility in size, the Montana is also equipped with built-in storage underneath — it’s the perfect nook for placemats, napkins or napkin rings. With its solid wood table and sturdy, oversized chairs, the Montana is the perfect choice for a young family that needs a highly functional dining set to stand the test of time.

Bon appétit!