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Summer home design dos and don’ts

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Summer is swiftly approaching, and for many of us, it’s the perfect time to revamp the house before the kids are out of school.

Keeping in mind the trends of the season and some commonly committed mistakes, these are my dos and don’ts for decorating this season and beyond!


Don’t use every trend in one room

Home decor trends change every season, so deploy them wisely! The first rule is to only indulge in trends you truly like — the trend will change before you know it, so don’t invest in a style just because it’s popular at the moment. The second rule is to spread any trendy items throughout your home so that the new additions aren’t all concentrated in one space.


Do try a trend here and there around your entire home

While your home shouldn’t be overrun with trends, trendy styles and decor items are essential to making your home feel current and stylish. Once you get inspired by one trend (or several), do your best to disperse the trend throughout your house in different ways so that it looks organic and well-incorporated in your existing decor.


Don’t match every little thing

For a look that’s modern, fresh and unique, don’t try to match everything in a room. It’s OK, and actually recommended, if the throw pillows don’t match the curtains and if the lamps aren’t all from the same collection. With a little bit of mix and match, you’ll be able to create a look that better reflects you and your family.


Do maintain a color palette for a cohesive look

In order to create a well-composed room, pick a color palette you like and stick with it. Neutrals, shades of blue, jewel tones — whatever you pick, this palette will guide your aesthetic choices from the rug to the accent chair.


Don’t put every belonging on display

You’ll end up with a busy, cluttered room if you put every belonging on display in an effort to decorate. While you might like the style of a maximalist room, pick and choose the things you love most to put on display.


Do showcase your collections

Not every belonging should be on display, but the display of a collection or two is a classic, highly personal element of design. To make it work, first decide where you will be putting your collection on display. Use an empty wall to install a handful of artworks in a gallery-style hanging, or make use of those open kitchen shelves by styling them with beautiful ceramics.


Don’t have cold, bare rooms

To do minimalism right, it’s important to avoid creating a room that feels cold and bare. If the room feels too sparse, guests won’t feel welcomed into the space. If the design is simple and clean, it’s imperative that the textures you use are rich and cozy.


Do embrace minimalism

A cold, bare home is uninviting, but a nicely done minimalist home feels refreshing and serene. In order to create a minimalist style that is true to your lifestyle, start simply by minimizing clutter. Next, embrace a neutral color palette with shades of white, gray and beige. Lastly, invest in a minimalist style by decorating with furniture and other décor that has clean lines and simple, relaxed shapes.



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New Year’s resolutions for your home

38436632 - double divan bed in a light spacious upmarket modern bedroom with large windows and artwork on the walls in grey and white decor

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is right around the corner! Don’t forget to make some New Year’s resolutions before the clock strikes midnight. While goals such as “go to the gym” and “eat better” are classic contenders, you might consider making a few resolutions for your home, too.

These are the six home resolutions I’m putting into motion for an organized, restful and adventurous new year!

Try new styles

Commit to trying a new style in your home this year. Whether you’re incorporating a single piece or going with a whole new furniture suite, experimenting with a style you’re not familiar with could help you discover something you love! If you haven’t already, try a sectional in your living room for expansive, comfortable seating, a rustic-inspired bedroom set for a cozy, cabin feel or a traditional dining room collection for elegant dinner parties.

Clear the clutter

Make a resolution to keep your home clutter-free. To take on this challenge, you’ll first need to invest in the right storage solution to hold all your odds and ends. Once you’ve determined the amount of space you can allot to a catch-all piece of furniture, consider what you’ll need it to hold on a daily basis. Do you need deep drawers for blankets or shallow drawers for TV accoutrements? Are surfaces to display framed pictures or knickknacks important? Once you’ve thought through these variables, take a look at our cabinets, buffets and chests to find the perfect storage solution for you.

Get more sleep

Is “get more sleep” on your list of resolutions? Mine, too. In order to make that goal completely attainable, you may need a new mattress. Mattresses need to be replaced every seven to 10 years for a variety of reasons. If you find yourself consistently waking up with an aching back and shoulders, it’s most likely because your mattress no longer supports you the way it used to. Whether you’re looking for an adjustable, memory foam or classic spring mattress, you’ll find one to suit your individual needs at Home Zone Furniture.

Be adventurous

In the new year, challenge yourself to be adventurous with color and patterns. It’s amazing how a simple pop of color here and there can brighten your mood and add dimension to your space. If you gravitate towards neutrals, mix it up with dusky blue, sunshine yellow or pastel pink. If your interiors are ruled by bright colors, experiment with neutrals or bold patterns. To incorporate a new color into your home, try something temporary, like a throw pillow or curtains. If you’re feeling bold, try painting a central wall or adding a fun accent chair.

Get organized

Whether you have a designated home office or not, it’s important to have a functional place in your home to stay organized. Even if this isn’t where you log your 8-hour work day, it’s a great place to organize bills and keep a family calendar. For anyone who hasn’t put this organizational tactic into use yet, the new year is a great time to start the habit. To put together this organization center, start with a desk that doesn’t take up much space, a comfortable chair and a desk lamp.

Entertain more

The festivities don’t have to end with the holidays! Make a resolution to entertain more in the new year. To do so, you’ll need to spruce up your dining room and any other entertaining spaces in your home with the appropriate furniture and home accessories. Consider a bar cart, bar stools for the kitchen, a new dining room set, a set of chairs to comfortably seat your guests or a server to hold extra dishes.

Happy new year!


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4 stylish accent chairs we’re crazy for

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Eager to transform a room in your home just in time for the holidays and the new year? Sometimes, all you need to change the look and function of a room is an accent chair with personality. Whether you’re considering an accent chair for the living room, reading nook or bedroom, choose something that complements your home’s existing style, but also stands out through color, shape and detail.

These are my four favorite accent chairs in the Home Zone Furniture collection for the winter season.


wilson accent chair

For a traditional or contemporary home, choose the Wilson accent chair. Its structured, linear shape and neutral gray color makes it an easy addition to a variety of rooms. This sophisticated club chair features sloping arms, nail head detail and a deep, cushioned seat. To incorporate the Wilson accent chair into my home, I’d buy a pair and situate them in the formal living room for seating that’s elegant, yet truly comfortable.



When those winter blues get you down, the Reagan accent chair is sure to lift you up. A standout piece in a fresh blue color, the Reagan is just what a room governed by a neutral palette needs. It has rolled arms with nail head detail and a high back with a vertical channel design. Trendy yet timeless, this chair is best suited to a space that needs comfortable seating and a dose of fun color.



Rounded in shape, the Truman accent chair is a cozy wingback chair that’s perfect for a reading nook or a master bedroom. From the gently sloping arms to the deep, cushioned seat and tall back, this chair is all about comfort. Its soft, gray color combined with the tufted detail makes this chair an instant classic. Due to its versatility and stylishness, the Truman could easily fit in a number of rooms in your home.



Add some retro flair to your living room with the French-inspired Crystal club chair. This unique chair is comfortable yet sophisticated, with a wide, relaxed seat and a linen houndstooth print fabric exterior. The Crystal is supported by a curved saber leg base that puts the seat at the perfect height. No matter where the Crystal ends up in your home, toss a brightly colored throw blanket over the back to make this chic chair even more eye-catching!

Which Home Zone Furniture accent chair do you have your eye on this season?


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Finding the right furniture to fit your home’s size

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 9.07.05 PM

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

When you’re decorating a home, there are a number of things to keep in mind. What style will your home be? Which color scheme will you choose? Which pieces of furniture will fit your lifestyle?

To me, one of the most essential things to consider is whether or not your furniture is proportional to the spaces you’re decorating. So whether you’re cozy in a studio apartment or living large in a multi-bedroom home, employ the right combination of size, color and style to get the most our of your living spaces.

For a large space…

In a living space with large proportions, you’re dealing with plentiful square footage, high ceilings and big windows. To fill the space and complement the grandiose quality of your room, you’ll need equally large furniture with presence.

For rooms like this, I suggest decorating with a living room collection like the Delta Collection, which features multiple pieces that go together seamlessly. Once you’ve chosen the right collection for you, add a coffee table, end tables and maybe even an entertainment center. If you’re faced with decorating a large space, go with darker colors to help visually fill the space, and choose warm textures like leather to make a drafty space feel cozy.

For a small space…

If your space is limited, on the other hand, you’ll want to maximize the room you have with small furniture. Choose furniture that’s not only small in stature, but also delicate in style and light in color. These three variables together will create the illusion of lightness, making your room appear larger.

For a small space, I like pieces from the Ben Collection. A couch might overpower the dimensions of the space, but with a cream-colored loveseat and matching chairs, you can easily construct a proportional arrangement. If the Ben Collection isn’t your style, look for other neutral, light-colored pieces with visible legs. Whether you’re dealing with a couch or a chair, visible legs on a piece of furniture creates the illusion that the room is larger.

For a studio apartment…

In a studio apartment, you’re faced with the challenge of creating several different living spaces from one large room. Sculpt a living room out of the studio by using long, linear couches to your advantage. Define your living room with a bold, structured couch, then add a rug, a coffee table and a few additional chairs to really set the scene.

As you choose your couch, be mindful of the other colors you’re using in your studio. I like the Grant Sofa for a studio apartment because it makes a statement and has a low, tufted back. Since a studio apartment doesn’t have the luxury of doors, make sure that the colors are consistent throughout so it looks well-coordinated at a glance.

For a strange configuration…

Everyone has had that oddly shaped apartment or living room that’s nearly impossible to decorate. In these instances, the best thing you can do is measure the room then play around with different combinations of couches, chairs, ottomans and the like. What might seem like a plausible arrangement in your head may turn out to be awkward in person.

My advice for these situations is to stick with smaller-scale furniture so it’s easier to adjust if you change your mind. The Toronto Sea Loveseat is a stylish, versatile addition to any living space. The pop of color is the perfect accent in a room that needs a clear visual anchor.