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What to Do with an Unused Dining Room

Not everyone loves the idea of having a formal dining room in their home. The space is often left unused throughout the year and can serve as more of a storage area than a room for family dinners. You can make better use of your space by removing the table and chairs and turning it into a functional and practical space that you love. If you spend more time gathering in your kitchen or lounge and would rather use your dining room for a different purpose, consider our ideas for an alternative room design.

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Tips for making your home office more productive

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

If you work from home, you know firsthand that a well-organized, aesthetically pleasing office directly affects your day-to-day productivity. If you’re facing a slump in your work life, it might be time to rethink how your office can work for you.

From lighting to ergonomics, these are the most important changes to make in your home office to encourage daily productivity and focus.


Loud noises and distractions are only going to hamper your productivity. Set up your office in the quietest part of the house or a location in the home that has thick, soundproof walls. This way, when you get started on a project or task, there will be no outside source of noise to impede your flow.


Given the choice, always opt for natural light instead of fluorescent or LED lighting. Among other things, natural lighting stimulates the brain, provides a bright, even light for easy reading, and gives you both visual and mental clarity. Whether you have to relocate your office to find some light, or simply have to draw back the shades, a well-lit room is essential to staying upbeat and motivated throughout the workday.


One cardinal rule of being productive in your home office is to keep it organized! Nothing diverts focus faster than a stack of papers in disarray. Not only should your desk be clean and clear of clutter, your drawers and cabinets should be in order, too. This way, if you’re ever looking for a certain file or paper, you can find it quickly and directly without rummaging.


You can’t be productive day after day without being comfortable. Invest in a chair that gives you good support and encourages correct posture. Also, make sure the chair you choose is adjustable. Should you change desks in the future, you’ll always want your seat to be at the right height so your legs fit underneath. With the perfect office chair, you’ll be able to sit still and stay focused for hours on end without causing long-term pain.


Last but not least, add a little life to a bland office with a plant or two. Whether you choose something that hangs or is potted, a plant will bring color to your space and purify the air. Keep in mind that some plants are happier inside than others. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at my five favorite houseplants.

Feeling a little more productive already?