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How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space

The coffee table is the anchor of any well-designed living area, and it allows you to introduce a completely different style, texture, or shape into an otherwise cohesive room. However, selecting the perfect coffee table for your space can be a little daunting. You don’t want to over-furnish a small living room or under-whelm a larger space, especially if the rest of your room design is set. For those who might be a bit lost, use the following tips to find the ideal coffee table for your needs.

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How to Get Rid of The New Furniture Smell

How To Remove New Furniture Smell by Home Zone Furniture

Why Does New Furniture Smell?

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing new furniture for a room in your house. Whether you are investing in a new bed or you are buying a couch that your entire family can enjoy, this type of purchase usually comes with a sense of euphoria. It’s important to note, however, new furniture can come with a possibly off putting for the first few days or hours that it arrives in your home. Don’t worry though! There are several steps that you can take to remove the “new furniture scent” so that you can begin to enjoy your furniture.

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Summery Ways to Adorn Your End Table or Coffee Table

Has your home décor been feeling a little monotonous lately? One of the quickest ways to update a living room is to refresh your end tables or coffee table with a thoughtful arrangement of seasonal accessories. Whether you have a round modern coffee table or small end tables with storage, you can readily create mini focal points in your space with a few key items that stand out.

Go beyond the expected matching lamps bookending the couch and challenge yourself to curate a collection of coffee-table décor and accessories that reflects the summer season and enhances your room. Ahead, some easy and effective ideas to get you started.

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Why Your Living Room Needs a Sofa Table


A sofa table is an often-overlooked element in a living room. It’s a long, slim table that’s placed directly behind the sofa or in close proximity to it. Sofa tables can come in a variety of colors and textures, but the most important thing is making sure that it’s proportionate to your couch.

Don’t know whether or not you need a sofa table? These are just four reasons why this low-profile piece of furniture could be surprisingly beneficial to your space!

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