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It’s that time of year again. In the midst of all the new releases you are surely seeing from all your favorite businesses, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. We want to make sure you are as prepared as possible as we head into the busiest time of the year – and what better place to start than with a few of our current favorite pieces!

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Go Back to School with Help from Home Zone

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

It’s hard to believe, but school will be back in session before we know it. While you and your kids might not be ready to make the transition from pool parties to homework, your home should be prepared for the change of pace.

This August, fall back into a seamless routine with a helpful selection of furniture that will keep life running smoothly during the school year and beyond.

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The health benefits of sleeping on a high-quality mattress

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Humans spend over a third of their lives sleeping, so it’s no surprise that poor sleep can cause more than a crick in the neck. From increased stress levels to aging skin and the onset of heart-related conditions, the laundry list of symptoms caused by lack of sleep is alarming.

So where does poor sleep start? For many, the culprit is simple: the mattress. While mattresses aren’t most glamorous investment purchase, they are essential to good health. These are just a few ways in which a new, supportive mattress could change your health for the better.


If you think insomnia and morning drowsiness are simply the result of a stressful day, think again. A low-quality mattress can force your body into unnatural sleeping positions that twist and strain your back. Once you find the right mattress to keep you in proper alignment, you’ll sleep soundly through the night and wake up feeling rested and pain-free. Sometimes a well-rested body and mind is simply all you need to increase daily productivity and lessen the impact of anxiety, depression and other disorders.


We spend a lot of time sleeping, which means that the skin cells we shed naturally accumulate in our mattresses. Over time, dust mites invade old mattresses and feed on these skin cells. Many people are allergic to dust mites, so it’s important to clean your existing mattress and swap it out for a new one after no more than ten years. If it’s not time to get a new mattress, be sure to use a mattress cover, clean your sheets regularly with hot water and occasionally vacuum your mattress.


Among other things, sleep is important because it helps regulate stress hormones and keeps your nervous system healthy. It’s no coincidence that when you’re well-rested, you’re able to perform better at work. If sleep isn’t helping you to regulate your stress hormones, it will not only affect your day-to-day existence, but also lead to high blood pressure. Make it easier to catch more ZZZs with the perfect mattress.


A good mattress can also directly affect your cardiovascular health. When you have a good mattress, your body is in complete alignment from head to heels. This alignment maximizes blood flow to and from the heart and brain. On the other hand, when your mattress isn’t supportive, more stress is put on your heart and even your lungs, leading to issues such as high blood pressure and snoring. 


Last but not least, sleep can even affect your skin health. Poor sleep reduces blood flow not only to the heart and brain, but also to the skin. Reduced blood flow to the skin interferes with collagen production, meaning reduced elasticity and premature aging. If you wake up with dark circles or bags under your eyes, consider finding a new mattress before shopping for a new undereye concealer.

Ready to buy that new mattress now? Thought so! Find the perfect mattress for you today at Home Zone Furniture.


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The benefits of sleeping on an adjustable mattress

49654381 - photo of young man sleeping on nice white bed. young man demonstrating quality of mattress

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Are you riddled with aches and pains when you roll out of bed in the morning? For many people, a sore back and stiff neck are as much a part of their daily routine as that first cup of coffee. It’s easy to blame the pain on stress or age, but the real issue may lie with the mattress itself.

Instead of confronting a sub-par sleeping arrangement with a cohort of pillows and a new set of high thread count sheets, lay the foundation for a good night’s sleep by choosing a quality mattress. Home Zone Furniture offers a number of different mattress types to fit a wide variety of people.

In general, the best mattress is one that keeps your body in complete alignment from head to heels. Since everyone’s mattress needs are different depending on their body type, weight and a host of other variables, be sure to try all types of mattresses, from memory foam to innerspring and even adjustable mattresses.

Personally, I love adjustable mattresses and the many health benefits they offer. First and foremost, an adjustable mattress allows for ergonomically correct positioning of the body. Unlike traditional mattresses, adjustable mattresses cater specifically to the natural curvature of your spine, spreading the weight out evenly and adjusting to your changing needs over time.

By supporting the various pressure points throughout your body, an adjustable mattress can promote both a healthy posture and proper circulation. People with heart problems, breathing trouble and swollen legs and feet will appreciate the effects of an adjustable mattress, but everyone can benefit in some way from customizable support.

If you’re tired of an achy lower back being a regular part of your day, consider switching over to one of our many comfortable mattresses. Sweet dreams may be just within reach!


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Mattress Facts

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

High thread count sheets and plush pillows are nice, but a good night’s sleep begins and ends with the perfect mattress. Whether you demand firm support or prefer something on the softer side, everyone has strong preferences when it comes to hitting the hay. Here’s how you can meet the mattress of your dreams at Home Zone Furniture.

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When to shop

The general rule is that mattresses need to be replaced every eight to 10 years. Maybe you’ve been waking up with little aches and pains due to a sagging mattress, or maybe not. Regardless, mattresses collect sweat, dust mites, fungus and allergens over time and need to be swapped out once a decade.

While mattress shopping might not be as fun as shopping for home decor, imagine how much better you’ll sleep with a well-chosen mattress. We spend over one-third of our lives in bed, so why not make it a rejuvenating experience rather than a pain-inducing one?

What’s your type?

Shopping for a mattress can get complicated fast. There are many types of mattress to choose from, depending on your body type and unique preferences. For a bed with some bounce, go with an innerspring mattress. If you prefer less spring and a firm base, choose memory foam. Perhaps you and your sleeping partner like something different. In that case, try an adjustable mattress. At the end of the day, choose a mattress that will provide adequate back support and unmatched comfort.

Our favorites

When you arrive in a showroom full of mattresses, it’s hard to know where to begin! Some of our Home Zone favorites include the Bree-O-Pedic Signature Plush Mattress, Marble Falls Firm Mattress and the Payton Plush Mattress. All of these mattresses feature a supportive coil base and a high coil count to avoid sagging.

The Bree-O-Pedic comes at an incredible price for its resilient memory foam and breathable organic fabric.

The Marble Falls is one of the firmest options we offer. We love this mattress for its high-density foam and antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities.

For an amazing hybrid mattress, choose the Payton. The Payton combines resilient coil support with conforming, gel-infused memory foam.

Test drive

When you’re mattress shopping, don’t settle for anything until you’ve done the 15-minute test. Lay for 5 minutes on your front, 5 on your back and 5 on your side to determine if this mattress will be comfortable for you in the long run.

If you’re bringing someone shopping with you, have them check to see if the mattress supports your spine in a neutral position — meaning that everything from your head to your heels is in complete alignment. A mattress that’s too soft won’t support your body’s pressure points, and a mattress that’s too firm will push against your pressure points. Either way, you’ll end up uncomfortable! Look for a mattress that makes you feel weightless.

What are you waiting for? Come visit us at Home Zone Furniture and find the mattress of your dreams.