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Summer Decorating Ideas for Your Home

The summer season is a perfect excuse to freshen up your living space and brighten your home. With our summer decor ideas, you can maintain your budget and revitalize your home with various themes that include white accents, pops of color and hints of nature. Perhaps you could incorporate warm, fun, bright and airy decor with some key accent pieces or simply make subtle changes to your furniture. 

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Summery Ways to Adorn Your End Table or Coffee Table

Has your home décor been feeling a little monotonous lately? One of the quickest ways to update a living room is to refresh your end tables or coffee table with a thoughtful arrangement of seasonal accessories. Whether you have a round modern coffee table or small end tables with storage, you can readily create mini focal points in your space with a few key items that stand out.

Go beyond the expected matching lamps bookending the couch and challenge yourself to curate a collection of coffee-table décor and accessories that reflects the summer season and enhances your room. Ahead, some easy and effective ideas to get you started.

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