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Summery Ways to Adorn Your End Table or Coffee Table

Has your home décor been feeling a little monotonous lately? One of the quickest ways to update a living room is to refresh your end tables or coffee table with a thoughtful arrangement of seasonal accessories. Whether you have a round modern coffee table or small end tables with storage, you can readily create mini focal points in your space with a few key items that stand out.

Go beyond the expected matching lamps bookending the couch and challenge yourself to curate a collection of coffee-table décor and accessories that reflects the summer season and enhances your room. Ahead, some easy and effective ideas to get you started.

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Seasonal, Summer

5 Margarita Recipes We’re Trying This Summer

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

The weather is warm, the patio is in perfect condition and you’re in vacation mode. What’s the final ingredient for a fabulous summer? A festive drink, of course!

The next time five o’clock rolls around, try one of these delicious margaritas that are far from traditional. Careful, though — the whole neighborhood might be lining up for one of these legendary concoctions before you know it!

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Create An Airy Summer Oasis In Your Bedroom

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

At the end of a long summer day, nothing beats kicking off your sandals and crashing in a cool, inviting bed. Even if you aren’t out of town on vacation, a bedroom that incorporates summer style will immediately transport you to a relaxed state of mind.

From lightweight linens to a soft color palette, how will you craft the summer oasis of your dreams?

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The first step to creating a summer bedroom is swapping out your bed linens. Pull any heavy down comforters, quilts or rich fabrics out of the mix in favor of all things lightweight and breathable. If you tend to get hot easily, go with 100 percent cotton sheets, and choose percale over sateen. Percale has a simple matte weave and a cool, crisp feel. Over the sheets, choose a lightweight down comforter or thin quilt.


Natural lighting is an essential component of summer style. Block out harsh rays but maintain the room’s brightness with light, gauzy curtains. They won’t completely block out light, but they’ll put a nice filter on your bedroom and keep your space somewhat cool.

Speaking of light, a well-lit room is a great environment for plants to thrive. Consider adding a potted plant that’s happy indoors, or place a pretty floral arrangement on your bedside table.


Summer is a time to lighten up! For your summer bedroom, choose a color palette ruled by shades of white and add pastel touches such as baby blue, mint green and peach pink. A neutral palette like this lends itself to change, so you can easily transition out of it when fall rolls around. Don’t forget that the nautical theme is always in style! Experiment with incorporating touches of navy and white stripes into your bedroom.


To create an airy room that undeniably feels like summer, it’s important to make space by eliminating any clunky or unused furniture and clearing off surfaces. Is your bedside table cluttered? Rearrange! Has the arm chair in the corner gone unused for months? Relocate!

One of my favorite summer decor to-dos is to leave hardwood floors bare. Roll up your rugs, take them to the cleaners and let your floors breathe. Now is the time to go minimal and prioritize air, light and space.


Summer textures can be found in furniture as well as textiles. Dark woods, heavy metals and furry textures carry the warm, cozy connotations of fall and winter. Wherever possible, swap these rich, opulent textures for tropical, natural fibers such as rattan, wicker and bamboo. While it may not be possible to spring for large-scale piece of furniture in one of these materials, keep in mind that even the smallest addition, like a wicker side table, can make the biggest difference.

If you’re unsure whether your current furniture creates a summer or winter vibe, ask yourself whether or not you’d see that texture incorporated into the decor of your favorite beach locale.

From seashells to nautical stripes and weather-beaten bottles filled with sand, what home accessories put you in a summery state of mind?


Seasonal, Summer

Spruce Up Your Front Porch For Summer

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

Nothing says summer like a well-appointed front porch. While not all of us are lucky enough to have a wrap-around porch on which to spend lazy afternoons sipping sweet tea, anyone can make their porch a feel-good oasis with just a few small additions.

Whether you’re looking to make some big changes or just do a seasonal refresh, these suggestions will turn your porch into a stylish destination with some serious curb appeal!

6249216 - low angle view of a large front porch with furniture and potted plants. vertical format.


The quickest way to see a difference in your house from the street is with high-impact color. Summer is a great time of year to rethink the color of your front door and shutters. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make. How about switching from a safe brown or cream to a pastel blue or fire engine red? Sure, it’s intimidating to take the plunge, but keep in mind that paint is temporary — you can always change it. So go ahead, be bold!


Once you’ve got your color scheme locked down, it’s time to move on to furniture. Before you go shopping, ask yourself how you plan on using your porch. Will you sit and stay for a while? How many people will be sitting at a given time? How much furniture will your porch be able to comfortably hold?

While all aspects of your home should work for your family and your lifestyle, it’s important to maintain a sense of minimalism when it comes to the front porch. Even if you have a large family, you don’t want a bunch of furniture cluttering up your porch!

In my opinion, two chairs and a small side table is a safe option. Depending on your style and that of your house, you might choose a slim bench or even a porch swing instead.


For a cohesive front porch, consider your textile choices carefully. Textiles will come into play not only for your outdoor furniture, but also for the curtains you have hanging indoors. For summer, think light pastels and spicy, vibrant hues.

Don’t be afraid to add fun prints into the mix, as well! Stripes are a classic summer favorite, as are bold florals. When it comes to prints, my suggestion is to think big. From the street, a small-scale print can get easily lost. A large-scale print, on the other hand, is modern, energetic and eye-catching.


Regardless of the season, no front porch is complete without a fabulous display of greenery. To make your porch pop, try a combination of plants, both planted and potted. Several varieties of plants all layered and intermingled results in a lush, multidimensional look.

If you’re starting with a blank slate, begin by defining your “hero” plants: the large, distinctive ones you want to emphasize. Place those in central locations, and from there, build out your foliage display with complementary blooms and a nice mix of hardy greenery.

What are your tried-and-true tips for designing a fabulous front porch?