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5 Margarita Recipes We’re Trying This Summer

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

The weather is warm, the patio is in perfect condition and you’re in vacation mode. What’s the final ingredient for a fabulous summer? A festive drink, of course!

The next time five o’clock rolls around, try one of these delicious margaritas that are far from traditional. Careful, though — the whole neighborhood might be lining up for one of these legendary concoctions before you know it!

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Indoor, Outdoor, Around Town: Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

You know the drill: Kids wait all year for summer vacation, then once it’s finally here, boredom sets in.

This summer, keep your kids happy, occupied and out of trouble with cheap thrills at home. For those days when the neighborhood pool just isn’t going to happen or it’s raining cats and dogs, these activities will keep everyone under your watch at full attention.


Birdhouse: A painted birdhouse makes a beautiful and practical addition to your backyard. The structure can be purchased at a crafts store, then make it your own with a selection of weatherproof paints. Once your masterpiece is dry, put a handful of birdseed or cereal inside to attract some feathered friends.

Spy Training: If the weather outside is uncooperative but your kids are itching to be active, send them to spy training. In a hallway or small room, put up string in a zigzag pattern. You can tie the string to objects in the room or tape it down to walls with painter’s tape. Tell the kids to go from one end of the room to the other without touching the string.

Neo-Watercolors: Watercolor on paper is so last year. Fill a pan with a layer of baking soda. Then, as if you were dying Easter eggs, make a few different cups of dye using food coloring and vinegar. Using a dropper, have your kids sprinkle different colors into the pan of baking soda for a tie-dyed effect.


Balloon Ping Pong: Keep kids moving with this DIY activity. Hot glue a paper plate to the end of a thick popsicle stick or paint stirrer for a lightweight paddle. Then have the kids use the paddles to hit a balloon back and forth. Throw in multiple balloons for extra fun!

Crayon Art: This craft provides a nifty way to recycle broken crayon nubs and entertain your kiddos. Take a handful or two of worn-down crayons and spread them out over a canvas. Put the canvas outside in direct sunlight and let it sit. After about 35 minutes, you should have a beautiful, melted mess of abstract expressionism right at your fingertips!

DIY Slip and Slide: You’re going to want your camera for this one. Buy plastic sheeting at the hardware store and place it on a slight incline in your yard. Next, weigh it down at the corners so it doesn’t scoot all over the place. Turn the hose on and place it at the top of the incline, then let the kids slip and slide to their hearts’ content! For all the muddy feet and dripping wet swimsuits that ensue, make sure your mudroom is ready to handle the mess. Check out last week’s blog for a few tips on mudroom prep.


Finding fun activities to do at home is a creative—and inexpensive—way to go. But don’t forget about all the discounted and often free summer activities available for kids in your area. Check out a local museum for an air-conditioned learning experience, a bookstore for kids’ storytime or a wildlife refuge for a healthy dose of animal appreciation.

Happy summer!