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What to Do With an Unused Breakfast Nook

Whether it’s too small to fit the entire family or you prefer your morning coffee seated at the kitchen island, you can turn your unused breakfast nook into a purposeful space to suit your lifestyle with a bit of thought and creative design. You can add some comfortable chairs to your breakfast nook and transform it into a relaxing reading area, or with some stylish furniture and baskets, you can boost the storage in your home. Depending on the size of your breakfast area, you can even create a dual-purpose space.

If you think of your breakfast nook as a useless space that no longer suits your way of living, consider our five creative ideas to change it into a useful area to suit your lifestyle.

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How to Style a 3-Piece Table Set

While some table sets need additional accessories to shine, a stylish, original, high-quality 3-piece coffee table set will stand out and look stunning without needing much adornment. Here are some tips if you want to change your decor, add a few different touches or find fresh ideas for decorating your dining room or coffee and end table set.

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How to Choose The Right Rug Size & Placement

Rug placed in a living room setup

Using a decorative rug in your home adds warmth to a room, brings out the color of your furniture and decor, and helps to define any space. Soft area rugs can bring elegance and style or warmth and comfort to living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms, depending on their design and placement. Using smaller rugs within large spaces can define areas of movement and pause, encircling seating and encouraging pockets of conversation. If you’re wondering how to choose the right rug size for your room or want to better understand how to place a rug, keep reading!

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How to Use Accent Furniture to Transform a Room

At some time in your life, you may have compared your home to a friend’s effortlessly stylish living room or a guest bedroom that looked like it slid off a magazine spread. Filling your space with accent furniture and well-arranged accessories feels daunting when you don’t know where to start. Many people spend years carefully curating their living rooms with accent pieces that they collect over time. 

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