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Guide to Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home

Guide To Valentines Day Date Night by Home Zone Furniture

Why not take the pressure off this year and enjoy a relaxing and romantic Valentine’s day at home? Instead of making restaurant reservations, you can opt to cook a delicious meal together, order in, watch your favorite movie or show your love for one another with a home spa treatment. There are numerous ways to set the mood at home and create a cozy and romantic atmosphere where you can delight in spending time together, make memories and reflect on your love for each other. With our list of fun at-home Valentine’s Day activities, you can organize the perfect date night to suit your budget and interests.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Setting resolutions for the new year often includes health, fitness, and financial goals. However, you can also improve your lifestyle this year by changing up your home décor. The place where you rest, relax, and unwind at the end of the day, your home should bring you just as much joy (if not more) as wearing the perfect outfit or enjoying your favorite meal. With our tips for an organized, comfortable, and efficient space, you can cheerfully get started on your New Year’s resolutions for your home. Be sure to maintain your home’s fresh look by revisiting these tips a few times throughout the year.

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Best Ways To Arrange Furniture For Holiday Parties

arrange Furniture For Holiday Party

The holidays are all about spending time with the people you cherish, sharing a warm meal and reminiscing over the memories made throughout the year. Rearranging your home and setting up tables for a party creates the ideal scene for festivities and celebrations. Whether you’re a seasoned holiday host or preparing for your dinner party debut, there is always room for new décor inspiration to refresh your home with a festive look. Here are a few tips on preparing for a party at home and transforming your space into a winter wonderland this holiday season.

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5 Cabinets Perfect for Holiday Entertaining

Fall is here, and with it comes the urge to slow down, relax and enjoy the comforts of home. With Thanksgiving, the winter holidays and New Year’s on the horizon, you may be excited to fine-tune the communal spaces in your home for holiday entertaining — from the dining room to the den to the outdoor garden area.

For a well-appointed living, dining or other entertainment space, a well-chosen, attractive and above all, practical cabinet is a piece of furniture that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you need extra storage, additional surface serving space or to simply fill a bare wall, a dining cabinet is a versatile, functional piece for any home.

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Winter Décor Ideas – Find Cozy Furniture

Overwinter in comfort and style! Enrich the look and feel of your home or apartment by considering some of our decorating suggestions. Add rich colors and plush textured layers that reflect the season by putting a warm rug on the floor and placing colorful soft throws and pillows on a sofa or chaise. A floor or table lamp bestows an inviting, relaxing touch to any room in your dwelling by making dark winter corners bright and cozy.

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