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2023 Interior Design Trends

Whether you’re building or buying a new home, or want to refresh your current house for the new year, you’re probably already searching for ideas from the predicted 2023 interior design trends. Though some design trends can easily come and go, the focus for 2023 is on incorporating long-lasting style by creating sustainable homes and multipurpose spaces, and emphasizing your wellness. The benefit of these fresh interior design trends is that you can readily combine inspiration with your personal style and create memorable spaces in your home that you’ll enjoy using well into the future. 

interior design trends

Emphasis on Wellness

Interior trends for 2023 start with an emphasis on your well-being and happiness. Whether you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, embracing the earth tones of landscaping, relaxing with a latte surrounded by your favorite coffee shop interior design, or reading a book on your luxurious bed, consider the things, colors, and atmosphere in the space you want to relax in. You can bring these elements into any room of your home through warm wood furniture tones, walls painted in soft hues, greenery strategically positioned near your favorite chair, and even an under-counter refrigerator in your bathroom for that home spa feel.

Multipurpose Spaces

The 2023 design trends strongly support creating multipurpose spaces in your home. No longer are people designating specific rooms for certain activities, but instead are merging everyday activities with entertainment and health into one space. If you’re building a new home, consider a larger kitchen island that accommodates food prep and homework, and works for entertaining on the weekends. If you’ve moved your office to your home, create a desirable workspace with an interior design similar to a coffee shop. Add a sideboard or cabinet to your space and create an at-home coffee station to encourage you to take breaks or offer clients and guests a hot beverage.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Everyone will start infusing more sustainable and eco-friendly interior design options into their home, giving a nod to the natural world while still maintaining a chic and aesthetically pleasing room. Select items that are made with natural materials and have organic layered textures, such as cane and bamboo. Not only are these options better for the environment, but they can also enhance the serenity in your home. You can also try upcycling old décor items and reusing old furniture for a different purpose.

Think Minimalist

Minimal interior design trends are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a bare home with white walls. It is more about creating a calm and relaxing space, and removing furniture or colors that are too noisy or distracting. Consider swapping your bulky coffee table for a warm-toned wooden piece with clean lines. Repaint bold and busy walls with calm and neutral tones. You can keep it fun and welcoming with trending desaturated colors such as green, blue, desert sand, and terra cotta, or you can tint your walls in a warm taupe and add pops of color through rugs, throws, cushions, and home accents.

Bold and Meaningful Accents

With one of the top trends for 2023 being about your well-being, you can understand why meaningful accents are making an appearance in homes. You want to curate a space that is meaningful to you and brings joy every time you enter it. If that means featuring a unique concrete sculpture in your backyard or showcasing an antique adding machine in your living room because it reminds you of your family, then go for it and embrace this sentimental trend. 

Intentional Lighting

Lighting will always be a top trend, especially if it’s natural. Not only can it enhance your mood, but it can also improve your focus and sleep patterns. Keep furniture away from your large windows to prevent it from blocking natural light and swap a dark-colored sofa with lighter fabric to enhance and brighten your space. Strategically place mirrors opposite windows to cast more natural light around the room, and for a soft ambient glow, place large floor lamps around your living room. You can also balance your space and add extra task lighting with stylish table lamps. 

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