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Update Your Dining Room With These Design Trends

Trends in Dining Room Design from Home Zone Furniture

Your dining room is the social center of your home. This comfortable and inviting room is the perfect place to host family game nights, dinner parties or casual get-togethers with your friends, as well as elaborate (or casual) holiday meals.

The way that you decorate your dining room should reflect the variety of ways that you use it. Here are some of the latest tips and dining room trends to help you put together a space that’s ready for real life.

Make it a Multi-functional Space

Whether you work from home, gather the kids to do homework at the dining table, and then clear the surface ready for dinner, or enjoy inviting friends over for board games and snacks, having the ideal furniture is essential for making your space multi-functional.

Dining room table trends this year include furniture with storage so you can easily keep your favorite things near. Counter-height tables with cupboards or shelving are ideal for families and couples as they are suitable for eating dinners, playing games with friends, working or using as an extra surface for meal prep. If you have a large dining room, include a buffet or hutch in your space. This furniture is an easy and stylish way to incorporate more storage in your room.

Lighting is also a key feature of any room. Dining room lighting trends for 2022 include a variety of sources, such as wall fixates, floor lamps, candles, and even windows (natural lighting is essential, too). Ideally, your dining room lighting will provide various options for every situation. For example, plenty of brightness is key for a homework session, while softer lighting helps set the mood for an intimate dining atmosphere.

Get Colorful

The newest trends in dining rooms include color, and your chairs are the perfect place to start. Choose vibrant and colorful dining room chairs, stools, and benches to embrace this trend and give your space a pop of color. You can even rock mismatched chairs to create a bolder and more modern look. 

Rugs and wall art is another fun way to incorporate splashes of color into your space. Accents with colorful geometric designs or subtle prints are an effortless way to express your personality and liven up your room. You can highlight one color by carrying it into other accessories such as tabletop decor, wall prints and linen. If you have space for an occasional chair, select a stylish and colorful cushion to ensure the seat complements the rest of the space and doesn’t get lost in the corner. 

Keep Things Clean

If you want your home to have a more minimalist theme, or you’re simply not a fan of too much color, opt for the white and off-white dining room trends in 2022. Keeping your space clean doesn’t mean you have to be bland with one shade of white. Instead, try layering different tones such as warm white, ivory and eggshell. You can also offset a white table with warm wooden tones in your dining room chairs. Trending dining rooms with a ‘clean’ look result in light and airy spaces. To achieve this theme, remember to keep your space minimal and simple without too many things cluttering your room. 

Keep it Modern

Multi-functional tables, mixed materials and bench seating are modern trends in dining room furniture. You can ensure your space works for your lifestyle while keeping your room up-to-date and stylish by incorporating benches to ensure you have enough seating for entertaining guests. An extendable table is ideal for maintaining a work and family life balance, and it meets the modern versatility brief. Finally, rather than matching every piece of dining room furniture, mixed materials such as wooden tables paired with upholstered dining chairs or a two-toned buffet with metal handles can give your room a point of difference.

Consider a Round Dining Table

A round table is a strong choice for just about any dining situation. Round tables have several advantages over square ones, including being more space efficient, especially if you have a small dining room. They also facilitate conversation, and a cozy atmosphere as everyone at the table can feel they are a part of the group. If you love hosting games nights with friends, a round table will ensure guests can sit close together without feeling crowded, and everyone can easily reach cards, dice, counters or anything else they require. 

Use Leather

Leather is making another appearance in dining chair trends, and with their durable, low maintenance yet luxurious material, you can understand why. They are perfect when you want a statement piece in your dining room and even cross over into the mixed material trend. If you love buying sustainable furniture, you can guarantee that leather upholstery is a worthwhile investment and will last for many years.

Add Plants

Plants are right at home in any room in your house–especially your dining room. Not only do plants look beautiful and add a pop of color, but they also provide many other benefits, such as better air quality, stress relief and reducing background noise. If you aren’t confident keeping a real plant alive, you can still enjoy the greenery and relaxing ambiance from faux topiary. Opt for a tall plant when you need to fill a space in a corner or decorate your buffet or center of the dining table with a small potted shrub. 

Find Your Dining Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

If you’re ready to embrace the latest dining table trends and update your space, browse our extensive range of modern and stylish furniture. You can shop online, visit your nearest Home Zone store or contact our knowledgeable team for guidance in selecting the ideal furniture to suit your space and lifestyle.

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