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Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas

10 Functional Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Love

We all know the feeling of panic when Father’s Day rolls around, and you have no idea what to get your dad. Dads can be difficult to buy for, especially once all the usual Father’s Day gifts have lost their appeal. He’s always been such a strong support in your life, and he deserves a gift he will enjoy thoroughly! 

This year, why not get your pop a piece of furniture to make his life a little easier? Explore 10 unique gift ideas for Dad below to bag the perfect Father’s Day present this June.

Gifts for Dads Who Love Sports

Leather power recliner

If your dad spends most Sunday afternoons lounging in the living room shouting at the TV, he will love this comfy power recliner. This recliner is the ultimate Father’s Day spoil, made from 100% top-grain leather with immaculate stitching, built-in USB charging ports, and a stainless steel cup holder. Not sure brown leather is Dad’s style? Read our game-day recliner guide for more ideas.

Spacious (and sturdy) coffee table

There’s no room for glass coffee tables on game day. Get Dad a new piece of living room furniture that can withstand even the rowdiest football parties and provide enough space for all his favorite snacks. This Statesman Coffee Table will comfortably accommodate Dad’s potato skins, buffalo wings, pizza rolls, and all the fixings!

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Social Butterflies

Drinks server with glass doors

This piece is one of the best gifts for a dad deep in the man cave design stage. It’s a four-door cabinet with ample space for glasses, ice buckets, and other barware he wants to display. The surface is wide enough to serve as an extra drinks table while keeping Dad’s precious scotch tucked safely away below. Its sleek black wood finish is perfect for moody, masculine interior designs.

Bar table and chairs

This triangular bar table is the perfect size for Dad and his two best buds. It gives them a place to laugh, cry, and swap fishing stories all night. The compact size is perfect for man caves or dens on the smaller side, the ideal alternative for dads who don’t have the luxury of a full-sized bar counter.

Bicycle bar table


Dads with a flair for DIY will appreciate this one. What could be cooler than a bespoke bar table made from a decommissioned bicycle? It’s an instant conversation starter. He can pair this funky piece of furniture with LED lighting and racing-themed decor to curate a space that’s half house, half garage — just the way Dad likes it!

74” TV Stand

Tech-savvy dads who game with their friends online need a cozy place to play where they won’t be disturbed. Instead of letting him compete for TV time in the den, why not get Dad his very own TV stand or entertainment center

This spacious console will help display his Xbox, PlayStation, extra controllers, sound system, and priceless collectibles in style. Pair it with a comfy sofa, and his buddies will never want to leave!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Workaholic Dads

Living room workstation


The best way to spoil your dad is with gifts that suit his lifestyle and show him how well you know him. If your dad always has his laptop nearby, even in the living or dining room, this savvy multipurpose table is for him. It has two plugs and two USB charging points built into the side, so he can charge his devices and join the breakfast table conversation.

Break-time chair 

Even the most dedicated dads need a break once in a while. Help your pop spice up his study with this striking gold accent chair, perfect for a coffee break or a casual phone call with a client. Adding a chair or loveseat to his home office makes it more comfortable for family members to hang out with him while he works.

Footrest stool


Tuck this footstool under Dad’s desk to surprise him on Father’s Day with a gift he will use daily. It’s a handy piece of accent furniture around the house in general, and Dad can use it while working, watching TV, or getting lost in a good book. It’s portable and compact, perfect for a busy dad who needs to put his feet up.

Find Father’s Day Gifts at Home Zone Furniture

As the years go by, good Father’s Day gifts become more challenging to find. Spoil your dad this June with luxury furniture for his man cave, home office, or living room that he can enjoy for years. Get in touch with the friendly Home Zone Furniture team for more gift ideas or visit one of our Texas furniture stores to shop our range in person.

Living Room Ideas

Modular Living Room Furniture for Variation, Convenience, and Comfort

Families grow, and homes change. But no matter where you are in the story of life, one thing remains the same: Every homeowner wants to make the most out of the space they have. They want places to store kids’ toys and sports equipment when they’re not in use, and a dining room that’s cozy but can also accommodate lots of family and friends during the holidays. Fortunately, modular furniture offers variety, adaptability, and hidden storage. 

What is Modular Furniture?

When you Google “modular furniture definition,” you get a wordy explanation about separate pieces of furniture with adaptable parts that allow you to tailor and adjust them according to your requirements. But, really, modular furniture is like the chameleon of furnishings. These pieces can be changed and rearranged to suit any setting or mood. You can configure them to form different arrangements for seating or office setups, and often they include storage options. 

Top 5 Modular Furniture Trends

This year, the best modular furniture pieces are blending new ideas with practical use. The main trends are eco-friendly, adaptable, and stylish while improving a home’s functionality and aesthetics.

The flexibility of modular living room furniture also enables you to choose from many categories and arrangements.

We have good news if you’re searching for modular furniture or a soft sofa. Our separate sectionals, which can be formed into L-shaped, U-shaped, or divided assemblies, are versatile and adaptable. If you need a change, just add or remove sections. They fit all room sizes and are available in various styles, designs (from modern to classic), and upholsteries. No doubt, we have the living room furniture for you.  

Sustainable Materials

As more people become aware of the earth’s environmental issues, a movement toward a greener lifestyle is evident. This includes using green materials to craft modular furniture. We might even see more trash-to-treasure gems and kinder, more sustainable ways to produce goods.

Modularity for Small Spaces

Modern modular furniture supports city living, which often means smaller spaces, leading to more modular furniture made for compact homes. This could translate to items that offer many uses or simple pieces that are a cinch to rearrange, saving valuable space.

Customization and Personalization

The desire for modular furniture design to mirror one’s tastes and style is more in demand now than ever. The rising trend enables more choices for customization, allowing buyers to channel their inner interior decorator and choose finishes, patterns, materials, and arrangements.

Minimalist Aesthetics

Minimalism has been a prevailing trend in interior design, and modular furniture is no exception. We are likely to see continued interest in clean lines, simple forms, and multifunctional designs prioritizing practicality and versatility.

Spruce Up Your Living Room With Home Zone’s Trending Sectionals

Choosing new living room furniture is an exciting journey with Home Zone’s variety. Whether you prefer fabric upholstery or leather, sectional sofas, and chairs can create a delightful, adjustable layout. We’re also excited for you to see our reclining sectionals.

Upholstered 3 Piece Extraordinaire

If you’re looking for a living room set with all the bells and whistles, the Rock & Roll 3PC Sectional & Ottoman is a dream come true. This innovative set is perfect for tiny homes. The individual armless chair and ottoman makes a statement of its own. Meanwhile, the loveseat is cozy. You can combine the three items in many arrangements. If you add another loveseat and incorporate the chair and ottoman, you can even create a bed! The sturdy frame and durable fabric make this sectional our most exciting offering.

Plush Leather Self-Care

The City Limits Leather 5-Piece Sectional & Ottoman is an elegant addition to any home where space is not limited. Available in dark brown and gray, the soft rapid-recovery down and feather cushioning (patent pending) offers cloud-like seating for pure relaxation and luxury. 

Or, let us invite you to sink into the magnificent Lake Como Blackberry Power Sectional with a reclining sofa, loveseat, and a wedge to tie it all together. The power settings are agile and convenient so that you can find your ideal position at the touch of a button. 

Find Modular Furniture at Home Zone

Modular furniture is so much more than just pieces that fill a room. They are thoughtful space savers that offer design, storage, and function. Wondering, “Where will I find modular furniture near me?” Home Zone has several store locations, all proudly offering inventory that reflects today’s design trends and new technology to improve how you live, work, and relate to your surroundings. Stop in today and let’s create a space that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Find a Home Zone Furniture Store in Texas Near You

Mesquite, TX | Richardson, TX | Hudson Oaks, TX | Cedar Hill, TX | Lewisville, TX | North Lewisville, TX | Arlington, TX | Allen, TX | North Richland Hills, TX | Denton, TX | Fort Worth, TX | Burleson, TX | Lake Worth, TX | Waco, TX | Lawton, OK | Abilene, TX | Marble Falls, TX | Round Rock, TX | Wichita Falls, TX | San Angelo, TX 

Living Room Ideas

Five Creative Ways to Use Bookcases in Your Home

The bookshelf has long been a favorite of literature fans, housing their well-thumbed paperbacks and hardbound classics. However, Home Zone Furniture knows these furnishings offer more than storage. They also deliver flexible design solutions. 

Bookcase in living room

Types of Bookcases

Fuse your home with innovation, using bookcases as furniture to organize clutter, define floor plans, and add a touch of fun. These shelves complement every space, offering a variety of styles and accents to match your decor

Standard Bookshelves

Standards are known for their tall, wide frames and are the most common choices in many homes. They’re classically designed and easily transition from trend to trend. 

Barrister Style

Prefer old-world charm? Barristers sit neatly in any vintage-inspired space, offering glass accents, metallic hardware, and stacked cabinet constructions.

Cube Shelves

Give your home a modern makeover. Cube bookcases combine open-back shelves and sharp, symmetrical lines for a sleek effect. 

Ladder Style

Bring some industrial flair into your home with ladder bookcases. These sophisticated shelves prove perfect for narrow spaces, with their leaning frames slotting into even the tightest corners. 

Creative Bookcase Uses

After finding the perfect shelving for your home, you can focus on creating a fresh new design — using our five tips to elevate every shelf. 

Divide and Conquer 

Create a multipurpose space with ease, using bookshelves as stylish dividers. Strategically place them in a room to redefine the layout, building custom zones that adapt to your family’s needs. Changing the floor plan and traffic flow allows you to take full advantage of your home. 

You can also spare yourself the frustration of swinging a hammer. Free-standing shelves don’t need support or installation. They leave each space untouched and, unlike mounted curtain rods or glass partitions, maintain the walls’ integrity. Construction is unnecessary. 

Transform Your Bedroom 

Craving both style and function? While bookcases have traditionally been staples of home offices, living rooms, and reading nooks, these days they also serve as chic additions to the bedroom. Use them as headboards to anchor your space and create bold focal points. Achieve a sense of height in even low-ceiling conditions by drawing the eyes upward and adding texture with rich color palettes and playful accents.

House Them in Closets 

Nightstands border your bed, dressers anchor the wall, and you’ve shoved chests into any available corner. The battle for storage leaves you forever searching for extra space — but blending your home decor with bookcases may end that search. 

Turn bookstands into adaptable closet organizers. Their deep shelves easily accommodate shoes and clothing while their compact frames won’t steal precious floor space. Sturdy designs further help you maximize bedroom storage, taking on the weight of your heaviest blankets, suitcases, and accessories.

Make Your Garden Grow

Want to showcase your green thumb? Consider bringing the great outdoors into your home with bookcases, using their wide, flat shelves to display decorative planters, terrarium jars, and more. Hang small containers from the open sides, and flank the base with larger pots for a fun indoor garden. 

Due to the use of hardwood materials and mixed metals, book shelving should — in most situations — remain indoors. Exposure to intense ultraviolet rays, humidity, and rain undermines their structural integrity. Keep them in low-light environments and choose your plants accordingly. 

Add an Accent to Living Areas

Frustrated by flat walls and empty spaces? You can use bookshelves to transform them into imaginative focal points. Stylish bookshelves bring depth, dimension, and drama to every room.  

  • Position a sofa between bookcases to create an intimate seating nook. 
  • Flank your fireplace and turn it into a statement piece.
  • Frame unique room elements  such as window seats or arched doorways — to add emphasis.
  • Use horizontal shelves in shallow spaces to create an illusion of depth, extending the lines of the wall.

Home Zone Furniture Stores Sell Bookcases: Find Your Perfect Match

Turn every room into a statement, with innovative shelving that delivers storage, style, and sophistication to your home. 

Searching for a bookcase store near Dallas? Visit one of our Home Zone Furniture locations or contact our team directly to learn more about available options.

Find a Home Zone Furniture Store in Texas Near You

Mesquite, TX | Richardson, TX | Hudson Oaks, TX | Cedar Hill, TX | Lewisville, TX | North Lewisville, TX | Arlington, TX | Mesquite, TX | Richardson, TX | Hudson Oaks, TX | Cedar Hill, TX | Lewisville, TX | North Lewisville, TX | Arlington, TX | Allen, TX | North Richland Hills, TX | Denton, TX | Fort Worth, TX | Burleson, TX | Lake Worth, TX | Waco, TX | Lawton, OK | Abilene, TX | Marble Falls, TX | Round Rock, TX | Wichita Falls, TX | San Angelo, TX |

Living Room Ideas

Choosing the Right Table for Your Living Room

Decorating your home with living room furniture that suits your lifestyle is essential for creating a cozy and functional space. But while selecting the ideal sofa or armchair may come easy, finding a living room table that complements your interior design and elevates your space might be more of a challenge.

Living room tables come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and functions, from large round coffee tables to stylish end tables with storage. With our living room and modern coffee-table guide, you can readily narrow your selection and incorporate a stylish piece of furniture that will be the perfect companion for your space.

living room table
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Living Room Ideas

Dallas Sofa Company: Furniture Built by Texans for Texans

As a family-owned business, we understand and dedicate ourselves to providing excellent customer service and quality products at affordable prices. We carefully curate our furniture and home décor range to feature products we would be proud to display in our own homes, which is why we opened our own local factory: Dallas Sofa Company

Established in 2021, Dallas Sofa Company crafts durable, aesthetically pleasing furniture to suit every Texan lifestyle. Built “by Texans for Texans,” each piece is designed, assembled, and upholstered using premium materials by local master artisans who pay careful attention to detail. 

With quality furniture that will complement your interior décor and unique lifestyle, you can trust Dallas Sofa Company to provide thoughtfully designed pieces at affordable prices, giving you top-notch products for effortless living and ultimate comfort.  

Living Room Furniture to Suit Your Home

Whether you’re enjoying a small apartment in the city, embracing country life, or managing a large household, we offer cozy and affordable Texas-built living room furniture to suit your lifestyle. You can find the perfect-size couch to fit in your space, from large sectionals to smaller loveseats and stylish chairs. And there is something to suit every budget, as you can select your favorite collection and buy as a complete set or purchase just separate pieces as you require them.

If you’re furnishing an apartment or small living space, we ensure you don’t have to compromise on style or comfort. The matching Mission Sofa, Loveseat & Chair are ideal when you want to save space, as the set features tapered legs and slim armrests. And it doesn’t skimp on coziness either. Soft and cushy, the sofa features bagged and baffled back cushions and seats with high-density foam and sinuous coils. With a midcentury design, smooth durable fabric, and bonus round cushions, you can relax on this set for many years to come. 

For furniture with Texas flair and durability, the Prairie collection provides a rustic vibe. It features rich, durable polyester fabric that is made to look like leather yet offers a soft feel for comfort and family-friendly living. The high sofa backs are professionally crafted for strength and support, while the rolled arms and brass accents give the couch, loveseat, and chair a stylish aesthetic. If you prefer a sofa and loveseat with a lighter-colored fabric, our Corliss IV Sofa offers the same bronze nailhead trim and rolled arms. The curved silhouette and bagged and baffled cushions are sure to enhance your living space with their casual elegance.

If there is one thing we know well at Home Zone, it’s family living. Naturally, this is a priority for our Dallas Sofa Company range with our extensive selection of quality Texas-built sofas that are perfect for any household with kids and pets. You can relax on the Arlington Sectional, which provides soft cushioning and extra seating for family and friends. Select the right- or left-facing chaise to suit your preference, dress it up with the bonus stylish and reversible throw pillows, or keep it looking casual with minimal accessories. The family-friendly upholstered fabric makes for easy cleaning, while the reversible seat cushions ensure even and long-lasting wear. 

For families who love being together in one room while enjoying different hobbies, the Texas Avalon Driftwood collection will meet your requirements. With this set, the kids can hunker down on the couch to watch a movie and enjoy snacks on the drop-down in the center, while you read a book underneath the soft console lights on the loveseat. The piece’s center console will help to keep your living room clutter free by storing remotes and accessories. And the power recliner, whose seat back offers multiple settings to achieve ideal comfort, is there to ensure you can put your feet up at the end of the day. 

If you enjoy hosting friends, watching movies in the media room, or spending the weekend stretched out on the couch, you can find the perfect stylish and comfortable sofa in our Dallas Sofa Company range to suit your space and lifestyle. The Bishop collection offers extra-deep seating for added coziness, while the hand-finished Titan Sofa, with all-wood framing, will suit any dinner party nightcap. Pro hosting tip: Include an ottoman in your space for extra storage or seating. 

Shop Dallas Sofa Company Products at Home Zone Furniture

Whether you want another chair for extra seating or need to upgrade your sofa to suit your lifestyle, we have an extensive range of durable, stylish, and affordable furniture. You can readily shop our Dallas Sofa Company couches, loveseats, chairs, and ottomans online or visit your local Home Zone store. You can also contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for assistance in finding the ideal style and collection to suit your home’s interior or to find out about our finance options. 

Find a Home Zone Furniture Store in Texas Near You

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