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Essential Furniture Tips for Small Spaces

As the popularity of tiny homes increases and the average living room size decreases, furniture for small spaces is in high demand. Homeowners and apartment renters alike are looking for small furniture items that elevate their space without making it look cramped. We explore the best bedroom and living room furniture for small spaces below, plus how to style it to maximize square footage. 

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The Best Types of Furniture for a Small Space

Multifunctional Furniture

Less is more when decorating a small space, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be functional. Using multifunctional furniture in small spaces makes them feel less crowded and more tailored to your lifestyle. For example, consider doubling your dining table as a desk or using an ottoman as an extra seat in your living room. Ottomans are the best piece of transformable furniture for small spaces — they can even become coffee tables by simply adding a tray to hold your cups. 

Foldable Furniture

Foldable furniture makes small spaces easier to customize. It allows you to change the room’s function at your will, for example, turning a den into a spare bedroom with a fold-out sofa. Other examples of Alternatech furniture include daybeds that convert into couches and side tables that transform into desks. Using one piece of transforming furniture is better than losing floor space by trying to incorporate two separate pieces. Most convertible furniture for small spaces is easy to put away or move to another room when you need to clear the floor. 

Furniture With Built-in Storage

Storage furniture makes small spaces extra functional. Hiding knickknacks makes your area feel less cluttered and more spacious. Coffee tables with drawers or a lift-top lid are perfect for storing your living room accessories, such as remotes, magazines, and books. If you don’t want a coffee table, consider a storage ottoman, which also gives you ample space for hiding kids’ toys, throws, and pillows when not in use. 

When shopping for bedroom furniture for small spaces, consider a bed with drawers underneath it. You can use them to store your clothes and shoes without buying an entire bedroom suite. 

If you have a small dining room or kitchen, opt for a table that provides storage. Counter-height tables with drawers allow you to store your linen and cutlery. Tables with shelving, either on the end or in the center, are ideal for storing extra dishware, glasses, and kitchen accessories. 

Decorating Tips for Small Rooms: How to Maximize Floor Space

Choose Streamlined Furniture Styles

The average size of a living room in the U.S. is about 216 square feet. Anything smaller than that, and you’ll need to be choosier about your furniture. It’s essential that your living furniture does not distract the eye and create visual clutter. Consider swapping out your large sectional for a few cozy armchairs and a low-back loveseat with a simple silhouette. Straight lines, less bulk, and visible legs make the room easier on the eyes when it’s on the smaller side. 

Opt for Lighter Colors and Materials

Darker colors absorb light, taking brightness out of a room. While this look can be moody and enticing in some settings, it doesn’t always translate well in small spaces. Instead, opt for lightweight or transparent materials over heavy wooden pieces and soft pastels over rich velvets. End tables, TV stands, and media consoles with thin metal legs can appear as floating surfaces without any floor space. Lucite is a clear, virtually invisible material perfect for contemporary interiors.

Emphasize Height

It’s not only about the furniture in small spaces. Living room decor that draws the eye upward also plays a role in making the space look larger. Consider placing floating shelves near the ceiling or raising your curtain rails a few inches to elongate the room and let more natural light in. Hanging indoor plants in small spaces can also introduce an element of verticality.  

Stay Away From Clutter

Maintaining a clutter-free home is crucial if your house is on the smaller side. Clutter creates visual noise that can emphasize the lack of space and make a room look messy, even when it isn’t. Instead of keeping everything on display, choose your favorite pieces and tuck the rest into a dining room cabinet. You can continuously rotate them throughout the year to keep your space looking fresh. Remember to organize the inside of your dressers and cabinets, too! 

Find the Best Furniture for Small Spaces at Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone is about helping you make a house a home, regardless of size. Whether you’re after a bookshelf for your tiny home or a couch for a multipurpose spare room, you’ll find what you need in our extensive range. If you have questions about selecting functional or foldable furniture pieces to fit a specific theme, visit your local Home Zone store or contact our friendly team today.

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