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Creative Ways to Decorate Around a Wall Mirror

Every home should have one, or several well-displayed mirrors. From checking your outfit before you walk out the door, bouncing light around your home or creating a focal point in your living room, you can use a wall mirror for various purposes. You can make a large mirror stand out with a decorative frame or have a small one fade into the background and complement your other wall accents. 

Whether you prefer a traditional rectangle frame or love the aesthetics of a round mirror, using one in a creative display can make your space appear larger. You can showcase your personal style with a mirror gallery and make your home feel more relaxed and inviting. Regardless of your preferred hanging style, be sure to keep the scale and your home’s interior design in mind to ensure your wall mirror positively impacts your space. 

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Create the Right Light Around It 

Aside from their ability to reflect your image, mirrors are the perfect decorative touch to add to dark and dull rooms. With strategic placement, such as across from a window, you can brighten a room and make it appear larger, which is ideal for small spaces such as an entrance way or living area. They can make a creative focal point in your dining room and infuse warmth and light when entertaining guests or sharing meals with family. 

One large mirror is an easy way to throw natural light around your home, so be sure to go for the biggest design you can afford to maximize this energy-saving room décor. Alternatively, several small mirrors are more affordable and can offer the same effect. 

Create a Gallery Wall with Photos

Break up your photo gallery and add more light with a decorative mirror. Whether you have one large mirror in the center of your gallery or hang several on your photo wall, you can tailor the design to your style and home’s interior. You can incorporate a mirror with an intricate frame for an artistic vibe or mix in round styles with your rectangle photo frames. It is easy to maintain a sleek look by coordinating your frames and keeping everything in proportion, or you can include some artistic flair by hanging a variety of frame sizes. To ensure you get the best result, hang your largest frame first and then add in the smaller ones.

Hang Floating Shelves 

You can easily dress up entrance ways and create more storage for your keys by hanging mirrors and floating shelves. They make a stunning complementary pair, especially if you hang a metal mirror frame with wooden shelves. For a creative look, you can opt for an asymmetrical theme with an arch or round mirror next to a rectangle shelf. A large arch mirror can give the illusion of having an extra window in your space. The bonus of hanging a wall mirror next to a floating shelf is that they suit any room in your home and offer a practical benefit, such as holding beauty products in your bathroom. 

Create a Mirror Wall

A wall of mirrors is another creative twist on a gallery wall. Rather than hanging family photos around a wall mirror, you can create a glimmering gallery with various mirror styles. By incorporating a range of sizes, shapes, colors and frame designs, you can fill your wall with a creative display. It can serve as a focal point in your main living room or fill the space above your fireplace. If you want to soften the look of your mirror gallery, opt for round frames or for a minimal aesthetic — you could use the same size mirror side by side a few times. 

Hang it On an Accent Wall

Hang a mirror and add some extra detail to your accent wall. Painted walls or patterned wallpaper can make your mirror a statement piece. With so many styles available, be sure to carefully consider your shape and frame detail, so your mirror complements your accent wall rather than clashing with the pattern. You can even get away with hanging a frameless mirror that can brighten your room without detracting from your wall color. 

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