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Wall Decor Ideas to Freshen Your Space

White, neutral, and bare walls can make your space feel light, bright, and airy. However, they can also make your room feel empty and uninspired. If your dining or living room is missing that certain something, there’s an easy way to add a little personality: stylish wall décor. Whether you’re looking for creative feature wall ideas or wall décor for small spaces, we have suggestions that suit every style and any-size home. 

Hang Not-So-Obvious Wall Art

Though paintings, art prints, and photos look great, there are numerous creative living room wall décor ideas that think outside the frame. For example, you could showcase your love of sports by hanging equipment in an artistic arrangement, adding flair with vintage gear rather than modern sporting goods. If you enjoy macramé, knitting, or crochet, create a sizable unique piece to hang as a focal point in your room or above your fireplace. Rugs, tapestries, and hanging sculptures can also add an exciting element to the walls of your space. Pro tip: If you find it interesting, hang it up for others to admire also.

Turn Your Photos Into a Photo Gallery Wall

Living room wall treatments can be as simple as creating a gallery of photos. When deciding on accent wall pictures, stick to a theme: Pick your favorite family pictures from over the years, display photos from your world travels, or hang memories of life milestones. You can take this creative wall décor further by mixing and matching frame styles and sizes or choosing only black-and-white photos. If you prefer an organized look, hang your frames in alignment with an equal amount of space between each photo. This idea is versatile, as it works in small and large areas, and you can add to your collection over time.

Get Creative With an Accent Wall

If you need high wall décor ideas or want to make a large room feel cozy, consider an accent wall. Choose one wall in the room as a blank canvas to play around with, then feature your favorite hue for a pop of color or showcase a stunning wallpaper design for a bold element. Other large living room wall décor ideas include painting a mural for a unique statement piece, using stencils and decals to create a masterpiece, or hanging accent wall pictures for a treasured visual. The options are endless, so have fun with patterns, colors, and memories. 

Decorate With Shelving

Hanging shelving is the perfect wall art for small spaces. You can customize shelves to fit your room, and utilizing the vertical space means the floor is free for essential furniture. Floating shelves always look classy and timeless, but you can easily add artistic style by mixing various-shaped pieces, such as hexagonal, triangular, or circular shelving. Boxed shelving also looks stunning and gives you the perfect place to display books, plants, candles, animal ornaments, and other home décor that suits your style. Exhibit floral prints or framed wall art as an alternative to hanging the artwork directly on the wall. Pro tip: Vary the heights of your decorative accents to add depth to your shelving display.

Have Fun With Mirrors 

Simple living room wall décor ideas don’t get any easier than hanging decorative mirrors. Not only do they give your wall a sophisticated decorative accent, but they can also brighten your space and make it look bigger by reflecting light around the room. One large mirror above your mantel can balance the room, while several small mirrors clustered together on a wall offer a chic, modern look. Further ideas include incorporating them into your gallery wall and creating an asymmetrical display by choosing mirrors with different frames or mixing and matching various sizes and shapes.

Find Wall Art and Decorative Accents at Home Zone Furniture

One of the best parts of styling your room with wall décor and accent pieces is that you can easily tailor them to your lifestyle and personality. When you’re ready to refresh your space, add an element of interest, or inject a splash of color, turn to these dining and living room wall décor ideas for 2023. At Home Zone, we provide a wide range of home accessories and accents, making our store the perfect place to find inspiration for your wall décor. 

You can browse our selection of mirrors, rugs, candle holders, ornaments, wall art, and framed prints online or at your nearest Home Zone Furniture store. If you want to discuss any of your ideas or have any questions, contact our team and they’ll guide you through our range of products and provide knowledgeable advice for finding wall décor that suits your home’s interior style.  

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