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What to Do with an Unused Dining Room

Not everyone loves the idea of having a formal dining room in their home. The space is often left unused throughout the year and can serve as more of a storage area than a room for family dinners. You can make better use of your space by removing the table and chairs and turning it into a functional and practical space that you love. If you spend more time gathering in your kitchen or lounge and would rather use your dining room for a different purpose, consider our ideas for an alternative room design.

Home Office

Whether you work from home or enjoy sitting down at a tidy desk to sort your mail, an unused dining room can make the perfect home office. Having a dedicated and quiet office space can get you into work mode as soon as you sit down and increase your productivity. Your dining room probably has a large window allowing natural light to enter your space, making it an ideal working environment. 

You can create a warm and welcoming space by placing a desk in the center of the room or near a window, adding a bookshelf, and hanging artwork on the wall. If you have a larger space to fill, then consider incorporating a small sofa with plush accent pillows and a coffee table as an alternative place to read documents. A decorative floor lamp can provide more lighting to keep your space bright and make it feel inviting. 


You can create a fun place for your kids to play while keeping their toys in a designated area by changing your unused dining space into a playroom. Consider furniture items that can also work as storage solutions, such as our large Brock ottoman. The soft surface makes a perfect seat for reading, while the large box area can hold numerous toys. You can place a stylish coffee table with drawers to one side of the room to create a surface for coloring, drawing or playing board games, and then freely store pens, pencils, books and game pieces away when your kids are finished. 

You can divide your room into various zones using decor and accessories. For example, you can make a comfy and inviting lounging area for your kids to read or play with a soft rug and piles of plush cushions. As they grow older, you can subtly change the space to suit their requirements and hobbies by adding a desk to create a homework station or craft room. 


Whether you call it a lounge, den or library, you can create a personal oasis that suits your personality and style. Consider swapping out your dining chairs for stylish accent chairs, a coffee table and side buffet to create an entertaining space where you can relax with friends. Alternatively, if you enjoy reading in a quiet space, make a relaxing home library by adding a large bookshelf and a plush comfy sofa

You can personalize the space with a soft, colorful throw, accent pillows, and wall art. At the same time, a server, such as our Port Arthur style, is perfect for displaying sentimental decor or holding items that you love to use but don’t want on display. Be sure to add a lamp to keep your room bright and bring in a bit of nature by placing a few plants around the room for some greenery. If taking care of live plants is not in your schedule, you can get the same effect with faux topiary from our selection. 

Media Room

You can take the TV out of your living room and create a separate entertainment space to watch your favorite movies or television shows. A large media center with storage and doors that close off the TV when not in use is the perfect furniture piece for housing your TV, electronics and accessories. We have an extensive range of media centers so that you can select the ideal style for your home’s interior. Pair this TV console with a reclining sofa, rug and soft lighting, then sit back and relax in your personal home theater. 

If watching movies isn’t on your list of favorite pastimes, turn your unused space into an exciting game room. Position a pair of reclining chairs or an accent chair in a prime position for tackling your gaming console and invite your friends over for a challenge. Be sure to set up a stylish end table close by so that you have somewhere to place your refreshments. 

Guest Room

If you love having visitors stay overnight yet don’t have a guest room, you can make use of your unused formal dining room by turning it into a home away from home with a soft luxurious bed, warm and welcoming decor, and soft lighting. We have an extensive range of bedroom collections, including modern, contemporary and glam styles, so that you can find the ideal guest room suite to make the room look welcoming and well-styled. 

You can place an accent chair next to the dresser for a splash of color, hang prints on the wall, and arrange a layer of plush cushions on the bed to make the space more inviting and cozy. Alternatively, you can enjoy a minimalist look by hanging a large mirror on the wall and keeping your tabletop decor to a pair of side lamps.  

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Whether you decide to convert your unused dining room into the ultimate entertainment space or a guest’s sanctuary, we have a wide range of stylish furniture to help you achieve your goal. Shop online, visit your nearest Home Zone store or contact our friendly staff for more ideas or with any questions about transforming your space. 

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