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Choosing the Right Furniture and Decor for a Guest Bedroom

Holiday weekends, dinner parties, and family reunions are special times when we make memories with the people we care about. A guest bedroom or a home office that doubles as a sleeping space for your family and friends is an easy way to extend the festivities. Your guest room reflects your hospitality and style, and choosing the guest room furniture and decorating the space can be fun and exciting.

Staying in a cozy, welcoming guest room allows your friends to enjoy your home even more and keeps them coming back time and again. At the same time, you’re probably wondering what furniture to put in your guest bedroom. So we’ve put together some simple tips and appealing room ideas for the first-time guest bedroom decorator to help you design a beautiful space to pamper your visitors.

Guest Bedroom design

Spare Bedroom Furniture Must-Haves

You probably already have a long list of guest room ideas, and choosing your favorites can be overwhelming. Having a stylish guest bedroom in your home starts with furniture shopping. Here are some spare bedroom design ideas and functional guest room furniture essentials. Add these to your shopping list before you get carried away with wall art and hanging plants. To begin, what furniture should be in a comfy guest bedroom?

A Beautiful Bed Frame

The bed is the foundation of spare bedroom furniture and portrays your style. For a cohesive room design, select a bed frame that enhances the color or style of existing elements, such as closets and doors. One of our most versatile guest bedroom ideas is a bed with built-in storage features for small spaces. 

A Comfortable Mattress

An indispensable item to include in your guest room furniture is a comfortable mattress. It assures your friends will sleep soundly — and remember, pleasant visitors make the best housemates. A medium-firm mattress is best for guest bedrooms because it caters to all visitors and many sleeping positions. Firm mattresses are more supportive for back sleepers, while plush options comfort side sleepers. 

Extra Seating With a Guest Bedroom Chair

Your family may want to relax and unwind in private before bed — a window seat, accent chairs, or even a small workspace will make them feel at home. Seating adds excellent value to a guest room by making it more versatile and usable throughout the day. Place your accent chair near a sunny window for a relaxing reading nook or near a plug point for charging devices. 

Storage Space

Visitors usually have luggage. Your friends will appreciate that they can unpack their belongings instead of living out of a suitcase. Along with an attractive guest bedroom set, add a dresser for their clothes, and choose a nightstand with drawers for their passports, wallets, cellphones, and chargers. Installing simple hooks on the back of the bedroom door prevents coats and hanging items from creasing in a suitcase.


Beyond choosing the right guest room furniture, sufficient lighting is always welcomed. From elegant desk lights to retro or industrial bare bulbs, the illumination pulls together the theme and style of a room. Complementing your guest room design furniture with reading lamps beside the bed will provide a luxury hotel feeling. A reading light also creates a cozy, warm atmosphere at night. 

A Full-Length Mirror

Your visitors will need a full-length mirror to inspect their outfits before heading out. Adding a mirror to your guest bedroom furniture helps make a small room feel bigger and brighter – one of our favorite spare bedroom ideas. 

Choosing the Right Décor

After assembling the guest room furniture, you can dive into the décor. Decorating guest lodgings with an eye always on your vision ensures design success. We have learned three guiding values to make your extra room feel like an expensive hotel suite.

Pick a Theme and Stick to It

Don’t get sidetracked with too many bed décor ideas. Choose a theme when you start, to conserve time and energy. Every item you use should align with your ultimate vision. Location themes are perfect for guest rooms, giving visitors a glimpse of the local surroundings. Natural home accents allow you to implement popular themes, such as contemporary, bohemian, maritime, or cottage.

Make the Room Inviting and Comforting 

Why not sleep in the room to get its feel for yourself? Add an eye-catching throw for cozy bedtime reading or cheery accent pillows for a dash of color. A warm rug near the bed adds a homey touch and keeps bare feet warm when it’s time for the slippers to come off. A glass jug of fresh flowers makes the room smell garden-fresh, showing your family that you prepared the room especially for them

Add an Accent Wall for Bedroom Impact

Creating accent walls in your guest’s bedroom adds character, helps create proportion, and enhances the room’s look and feel. You can use different materials, colors, and patterns on an accent wall in any bedroom. Creating this focal point is cost-effective, serving as a backdrop for art and décor and transforming the space into a sanctuary.

Add Functional Items

Avoid cluttering small bedrooms and use primarily functional items. Provide extra linen, blankets, and pillows to ensure more warmth or additional support. A water pitcher and glasses, clean bath towels, and basic toiletries give the space a luxurious guest bedroom feel. Other spare bedroom décor ideas include magazines or books to enjoy while relaxing.

Find the Perfect Guest Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

Are you still wondering what furniture to put in your spare bedroom or looking for trendy guest bedroom décor ideas? The enthusiastic team at Home Zone Furniture would love to help you find furniture for your guest room and decorate it. 

We offer various guest bedroom sets, corresponding furniture, and accents that will refresh your unused space and transform it into a dreamy guest room. For more guidance on selecting a theme and the ideal décor, contact us or visit us in-store.

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