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8 Ways To Improve Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Eight Ways To Improve Your Bedroom For Better Sleep by Home Zone Furniture

The importance of a good night’s sleep for physical and mental wellbeing cannot be overstated. Yet, how can you enhance the quantity and quality of your sleep? 

You can meditate or add a lavender-scented candle to the room, soothing your nerves, slowing your pulse and heart rate, and lowering your temperature. You can also do gentle exercise, take a warm bath or sleep naked. Yet another way to improve your sleep is to ensure your bedroom is a serene, harmonious, comfortable and comforting space.

Achieving a sanctuary in your bedroom is also easier than you might think. Here are eight ways to improve your bedroom for better sleep. 

Keep it Cool

A sure way to disrupt your sleep is being too hot or cold. Shivering or sweating will interrupt your rest, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and ruining the amount and quality of your sleep. Instead, try to maintain a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees and add a humidifier during the drier months for airway comfort. 

Keep it Dark

Nature has designed our brains to ‘power up’ with increasing light and ‘power down’ with decreasing light. This means most of us need between three to four hours to unwind in the evenings and later enjoy a night of proper sleep.

Switch off all lights and minimize blue light from electronics such as TVs, laptops and mobile phones. This type of light interferes with your natural sleep hormones and cycles, keeping your brain active and leaving you feeling tired. So, instead, turn off all your devices at bedtime and allow your body and brain to rest in darkness. In addition, if you do need to get up at night, use soft lighting such as night lights or flashlights to find your way. To help, consider opaque blinds or curtains to control light in your room and reduce glare from street lamps. 

Keep it Quiet

It makes sense that the quieter your bedroom is, the better. While you may not be able to control outside and background sounds, minimize noise by shutting down devices, using thicker drapes or blinds, and consider playing ambient white noise to help block out intrusive noise. 

Remove Electronics

Not only do electronic devices emit blue light during the night and disturb your rest, but they also disrupt your sleep by pinging you awake. These interruptions keep you alert to incoming emails or messages, detracting from your sleep and peace of mind. Keep your workplace and personal admin out of your bedroom for better rest. 

Eliminate Clutter

Your sleep sanctuary should be free from clutter. According to St. Lawrence University in New York, a messy or overly busy room can create unnecessary stress and anxiety and make you feel low. Instead, create a space that is clean, neat and relaxing to the eye. To help keep your bedroom open and inviting, consider investing in bedroom design for better sleep, including space-saving furnishings such as storage mattresses, under-bed storage trays, stylish closets and bedside tables with drawers. 

Use the Right Bedding

To help maintain a suitable temperature for better sleep, choose heavier, warmer bedding in winter and lighter, cooler bedding in summer. Also, select bedding and sleepwear materials that help wick moisture away from your skin and allow it to breathe. 

Also, National Sleep Foundation (NSF) observations indicate that clean bedding can result in a 19% increase of restful sleep. So, ensure you wash your sheets frequently. In addition, invest in multiple sets of sheets, covers and pillowcases. Duplicates make changing your bedding easy and quick, keeping your space fresh, attractive and a pleasant place to sleep. 

Remember, you can also use the color and texture of your bedding, décor and interior decoration to create a calming and comforting ambiance.   

Choose the Right Mattress

A recent NSF survey highlights that over nine out of ten people consider a comfortable mattress crucial to relaxed, quality sleep. 

What exactly makes a good mattress? 

Choose one that offers support and comfort. By providing proper support, your mattress will ensure you sleep with natural spine alignment and posture, helping to avoid or reduce back aches and pains. As a result, you’ll sleep better for longer and wake up feeling more refreshed. 

In addition, advanced mattress materials can help keep you cool, adjust to your shape, offer anti-bacterial protection and help reduce allergies.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

As well as choosing a bed that’s right for you and your space and a good quality mattress, making your bed every morning also helps. This healthy habit gets your day off to a good start and keeps your area clean — an appealing bedroom environment for sound sleep through the comfort of smooth, fresh linen. 

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