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7 Tips To Create A Cozy Bedroom

7 Ways To Make A Cozy Bedroom by Home Zone Furniture

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. It’s where you go at the end of the day to unwind, recharge, and settle in for a good night’s sleep. But wanting an indulgent space and knowing how to make a cozy bedroom can create more questions than answers. Whether you are working with minimal floor space or your bedroom doubles as your office, with a few key suggestions, you can create a cozy haven that you will look forward to being in—one that soothes your body and soul. From how it looks to how it makes you feel, here are seven tips for creating a cozy bedroom design.

Choose the Right Color Palette

Our brains react differently to various colors. For example, red excites the senses, while blue, on the other end of the color spectrum, is known for its calming effect. Because you won’t want to change the color of your walls with every season and you want to ensure you select cozy colors for your bedroom, we recommend you choose a neutral color as the backdrop to the overall look of your room, even if you opt for wallpaper. Don’t be concerned, though—you’ll get to express your creativity with different color options for your curtains, bedding, and rugs.

Although styling a cozy bedroom with décor you’ll love all depends on your personal taste, the mood you want to create should also inspire your choice of color palette. For example, while your favorite color may be fuchsia, one of the ways to make your bedroom cozy and give it a relaxing atmosphere is to consider a softer shade of the same color. 

Adjust the Lighting 

Bedroom lighting evokes different emotions depending on its brightness level. Intense light has an energizing effect, while a dim glow cools one’s temperament. Whether you choose a classic or modern design for your table lamp, create a peaceful ambiance and cozy bedroom lighting by opting for a soft white light bulb to emulate the soft luminescence of candles.

Another aspect to consider when coordinating the lighting of your bedroom is curtains. This feature needs special consideration when creating a cozy bedroom at night, because it also affects your quality of sleep, and, depending on your surroundings, you may need thicker curtains to block out natural light and sound. Curtains with an embossed surface also help to maintain the heat of the room during cold winter nights. Besides covering your windows for a quiet and warm night’s sleep, you can also take a break from electronics to give the senses a true reprieve. 

Add Area Rugs

Don’t underestimate the life a rug can bring to a room just because it’s underfoot. You’re spoiled for choice with our deluxe range of cozy bedroom rugs. If you can’t decide on one right away, you can always layer rugs for added luxury. 

Depending on your bedroom’s décor, you can welcome your feet to the day with designer oriental rugs such as the Pasha Ruby or Nahavand Cabertnet rugs. Alternatively, you may be looking for a more contemporary design, such as the Carson Geometric rug. 

Change Your Bedding

A quality mattress is essential to good sleep, and complementing it with a sturdy bed frame sets the foundation for a satisfying slumber. Consider choosing a frame with a tufted headboard made from upholstered material that can absorb the cold. The next step is to embellish your bed with a comforter that will add color and texture to your bedroom. At Home Zone, we have a selection of cozy bedding ideas including velvet touch and luxury cotton sets.

Whether you’re going for a dramatic or serene look, we have a variety of colors, from warm burgundy and emerald green to natural ivory and sophisticated champagne.

Include Blankets & Pillows 

Adorn your space with cozy bedroom décor ideas such as soft blankets, plush pillows, smart accents, and calming artwork to add depth to its design. For something a little lighthearted, why not go with the Bianca, Irene, or Isabelle cotton throw? As an alternative, indulge in our chunky knotted gray or blush-colored throw, or our cashmere aqua or yellow blanket. For a deluxe finish, pile on the pillows. And to create a lush haven, add live or silk plants to the room.

Choose New Furniture

Nightstands are an inevitable part of your cozy bedroom interior design. Not only do they store nighttime essentials, but they also hold table lights like lamps. 

Add a breath of fresh air to your bedroom by removing one piece of furniture to either create space or introduce a new component, such as a bench at the end of the bed. Ask yourself what makes a bedroom cozy. Perhaps you want to create a reading nook to enjoy a good book in the morning from your soft and cozy bedroom couch.

Arrange Furniture Strategically 

To round off your sanctuary’s carefully considered look, create a focal point with artwork or a wall feature to bring all the design elements together. You can strategically place your bedroom furniture around this main design element with clear pathways between each piece or position your bed centrally, so it has positive feng shui. Other warm and cozy bedroom ideas include adding a nightstand on either side of the bed, ensuring your bedroom door can open fully, and having a short and clear pathway between your dresser and mirror so you can easily check your outfit. 

Find Bedroom Furniture and Accents at Home Zone Furniture

Regardless of whether you have a dark, cozy bedroom with a ton of space to fill or you have a small room to outfit, we have an extensive collection of furniture and accents to suit a wide range of styles. Our skilled team is also available to give professional advice about how you can make your bedroom a haven. Browse our range online and in store for more ideas. And don’t hesitate to contact us to turn your home into a sweet dream.

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