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How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture

Arranging your bedroom furniture correctly can transform your space into a haven rather than it being a place that you go only to sleep. With the ideal layout and furniture, you can make your bedroom a place to unwind, relax and let your personality shine. Whether you have a small bedroom or an awkwardly shaped suite, consider our tips for enhancing the look and feel of your space.

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Know Your Bedroom Layout and Dimensions

Before you start hauling heavy furniture to change your master bedroom layout or buy a new bedroom suite, there are a few things about your space that you need to have in mind. You should first consider the purpose of the room that you are arranging. For example, is the room big or small? Is it for kids or adults? Is it a guest room or master suite? Along with knowing the dimensions of your room, these factors can assist you in deciding which furniture pieces are essential for the space and which are unnecessary.

When placing furniture in your room, start with the biggest and most crucial pieces first, such as the bed. This method can ensure that you don’t clutter your room with lots of small and unnecessary items. Think about arranging your furniture to give you optimal use of the space, especially if it’s a small bedroom layout. If you mainly use your room to change, then you should have your wardrobe and dresser near each other or if you enjoy watching movies in your bedroom then ensure that you arrange your bed to face the TV stand. You should also take into consideration any drafty, noisy or cold areas of your room, such as near windows, and organize your space accordingly.

How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture In A Small Bedroom

By keeping flow and movement at the forefront of your mind, you can overcome the downfalls of a small bedroom, such as less storage space, with the perfect layout. You can anchor your small space and give it symmetry by placing the bed in the center of the most visible wall which is usually the one opposite the doorway. Be sure to select a bed that fits the room appropriately and that it doesn’t consume most of the floor area. For instance, a twin bed will give you more space to place a dresser and allow you to move around freely.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, we recommend using a medium to large size nightstand in your room and place a single piece on one side of the bed to give the illusion of more floor space. A lot of small pieces of furniture can overpower a space and make it feel cluttered, whereas large pieces, such as our Hempstead and Avon nightstands, will give your room major focal points. The large drawer space will also give you more storage. A tall set of drawers such as our Latham Chest will allow you to take advance of height and reduce the use of your floor space. 

How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture In A Rectangular Bedroom

When it comes to arranging your furniture, you can transform your elongated room into a charming oasis with some ingenious creativity. By mixing up small and large pieces of furniture, you can avoid overflowing your room which makes it feel busy. Delicate and simple pieces such as those found in our Soho range will balance your narrow space and make it look roomy as opposed to decorating your bedroom with big bulky furniture.

Consider sectioning your room and adding personal areas to your space, such as a reading spot. A bookshelf placed in the corner next to a compact occasional chair means that you create two specific areas to your room and maximize the floor space. As for where to place your bed, place it on your longest wall yet try to avoid one that also has the door or closet. This arrangement will give the impression of a natural flow rather than giving your room a tunnel effect.

How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture To Make It Look Bigger

A small bedroom is a common decorating issue, yet with a few organizational tips, you can make your room appear larger. Mirrors are the easiest way to fool the eye and make you think there is more square footage to a room as it reflects the light, so the space appears bright and airy while adding depth. You can readily incorporate this feature into your bedroom with our Glam bedroom suite of which the bed, dresser and mirror, and nightstand have mirror detailing around the frame. Even the addition of a small lampshade with reflective material will bounce the light and expand your room.

Be sure to keep the furniture in scale with the room. For example, a large king-size bed with two small side tables will look out of proportion. While you don’t always have to choose petite furniture, you should balance the pieces accordingly even if that means limiting the number of items you use in a small bedroom. A mid-century modern look is ideal for smaller spaces as furniture in this style is often elevated on legs. Our Allie bedroom suite features tall, thin legs which will ensure that you show more floor and wall space, which will make your room appear bigger.

Find Bedroom Furniture of all Sizes at Home Zone Furniture

Regardless of your design taste, we have a large selection of furniture that is perfect for small bedrooms. Whether you love a traditional, Art Deco or modern style, you can find an array of complementing pieces that will enhance the look and feel of your space so you can enjoy the sanctuary of your bedroom. If you have any questions about deciding on a theme or selecting the ideal bed, dresser or nightstand for your home, contact our friendly team or visit us at one of our stores.

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