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5 Spring Home Trends You Need to Know

The changing seasons transform home looks almost overnight, and spring home trends are no exception. From adding elements of nature to choosing more sustainable options, the top spring interior home design trends and trending sofa, bed, and dining sets mean you can make your home aesthetically pleasing while streamlining and injecting freshness into your space. 

As you match your home to the season this year, embrace our spring interior design ideas: Keep it light, make it colorful, and don’t be afraid to mix design styles to showcase your taste. Ahead are our five spring interior design tips for doing just that.

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Nature-Inspired Elements

As you spend more time outdoors, it seems only natural to incorporate nature-inspired elements into your interior design to reference 2024 trends for spring. Think about mixing your favorite patterns, such as botanical upholstery, with neutral earthy tones by laying down a floor rug or adding stoneware, marble, and terra cotta decor to create a warm and inviting ambiance. 

Patterned vases are another ideal way to bring nature and earthy tones into your space. Spring decorating pattern trends include delicate springtime florals, pastel candy stripes, and intricate geometric designs. 

Herringbone is perfect for floors, fabrics, and wall art — experiment with mixing and matching patterns for the season’s “tailored eclectic” look and feel. Warm woods are in, with dark timber popular and pairing elegantly with neutral or transparent light fixtures and vases. 

Of course, spring home interior design must embrace foliage and flora. Houseplants are the epitome of nature and work beautifully in any space, including the living room, dining room, and bathroom. You can opt for pale green tones or darker hues, knowing that any green shade will be calming. If you’re too busy to care for a real houseplant, faux topiaries have equal impact.

Tactile and Textured

Another way to add some of the latest spring home decor trends into your space and expand your natural elements is by incorporating texture into your decor. Spring furniture material trends encompass natural crosshatch materials such as rattan and cane, offering a warm, casual, timeless look that suits most spaces. 

Springtime home trends decor, such as wooden and lattice trays on shelves and coffee tables, work well with various home styles, from farmhouse designs to city apartments. Tribal patterns lend a feeling of exotic locations traveled. 

With many people wanting to live near the water, spring interior design includes coastal textures that conjure ocean breezes. Other ways to include tactile elements are through adding textured accessories to your trending sofa, dining, or bedroom set, such as fringed rugs, tasseled or chunky knit throws, woven pillows, a velvet comforter, and even cotton woven baskets.

Bold Color Accents

After years of calm, soothing whites and beiges, color returns with verve. The latest spring interior design trends lean toward adding bold colors to your spaces. To start, try juxtaposing stronger colors with neutrals already in your home. And when you’re ready to be even more daring, consider adding a statement mural to a dominant wall. Spring colors include desert tones — providing an interior design with calming energy — and combining saffron, maple, and dusky hues generates a cozy feeling of relaxation. 

You can also paint a wall in two shades of the same color to spice up your environment: Shades of red look sophisticated — elevate your new bedroom, dining room, or sofa set for spring, and add warmth to any room — while cool blues make a statement and provide a relaxing vibe. 

Greens, blues, and citrusy grapefruit pinks, lemons, and oranges trend on an earthy stone, taupe, ochre, and tan background (but never beige). Exploring colors to complement your new spring sofa, bedroom, or dining set can be as fun as choosing a Crayola in elementary school, so go wild.

Statement Silver Lighting

Home trends featuring chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, and a strategically placed floor lamp, especially in silver, continue to light up 2024. Metals like stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, and nickel are back. 

Chandeliers add drama to rooms by going big, with the larger fixtures making dramatic impacts even in small spaces. Glass or decorative pendant lights look fantastic when used above or overlooking furniture such as the dining table and the sofa side table. 

Again, the trend is toward more natural materials, with rattan and rope lighting taking center stage. These neutral, modern-style lights will look right at home in your bathrooms and kitchen.

Mixed-Design Elements

With people spending more time at home over the last few years and discovering their unique styles, the resulting furniture trend includes a mix of design elements. Now you can effortlessly refresh your space, as new furniture and accents don’t necessarily need to match your other design styles, giving you more freedom to select pieces you love and embrace the uniqueness of mixed elements. 

Choosing a sofa set in the latest trend of wood furniture with metal features, for example, provides a warm component to cool white and cream walls. At the same time, dark and moody colors offset chrome and stainless steel decor. Mix other metals by choosing a dominant metal and selecting a couple of metal accents to complement it. For instance, add a silver or gold chandelier if you have a stainless steel kitchen. Mixing patterns among pillows and throws adds variety and surprise.

Spring 2024 is about going green – use decor inspired by nature with fresh shades and cheerful patterns and a wild meadow of mixed design delights. Bring the beauty and lushness of spring indoors with an abundance of beautiful blooms, and stay green with creative upcycling and more sustainable eco-friendly materials. 

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