Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Easy Ways to Spruce Your Home For The Spring by Home Zone Furniture

Spring has sprung — bringing with it longer days, more sunlight, happiness, increased energy, and the desire to represent the new delight that nature offers inside your home. You may feel that only your living room or bedroom is a little cheerless and needs some vibrancy, or you can spread the joy and update every room in your home with our attractive, reasonably priced accessories. View our imaginative accents, plants, flowers, multicolored rugs and lighting options (to name a few possibilities) and take your pick. We make the process of brightening up your safe space with newfound treasures an easy, delightful experience.


You may want to start with a good spring cleaning to create a blank canvas of sorts. Decide how you want to style each room, one at a time. You may want to start by rearranging your furniture and home accessories, storing loved, valuable articles away until next fall or winter, or keeping them in the room. Should you have the vigor and feel the need to clean, you can scrub and polish the surfaces, vacuum, mop the floor, wash the curtains, tablecloths and pillowcases before displaying the items you wish to keep, based on your vision. 

Rearrange Furniture

Has your interior design grown stale over the years? Is the space not functioning as it should any longer? Your decor may be outdated, look worn and tired, or you may need to restore or change the function of your living, dining or bedroom. You may want to move things around if your furniture is still in good condition, keeping the interior design balance in mind as you proceed. Do not clutter up the space with furnishings that have no purpose. You do not want to put a table that is too large or small in the dining room, for instance, as doing so will affect the usefulness and atmosphere of the area.

Design the layout around a focal point such as the fireplace — a natural hub — or the largest piece of furniture if the room does not have a natural focal point. You want to place the bulkiest piece — the dining room table, sofa or bed — first to anchor the room’s aesthetic and arrange the medium-sized and smaller pieces around it in a way that creates visual balance and does not block foot traffic. If a piece of furniture appears to clutter the area or does not contribute to a cohesive whole, consider moving it elsewhere or disposing of it. Why not create more legroom and breathing space to welcome the growing season? 

Refresh Your Bedding 

Now you can settle on what you would like to add to create a room that murmurs ‘spring.’ Why not freshen up your boudoir? New bedding in beautiful, soft colors can rejuvenate you and your private space. We have various options from which to choose. These include antimicrobial reversible coverlets made of soft, brushed microfiber that control odor, prevent bacteria buildup and are ideal for summer. Available in a range of colors, you can use them year round as they provide an added layer in cold weather. Consider our mirrors, shams, selection of throws, accent pillows in different shapes and sizes, and delight in a revived space. 

Incorporate Colorful Accents

Now that you have put together furnishings that complement one another, you want to use visual elements that tie everything in the space together, forming a unified design. The colors of your pillowcases and a large area rug can turn your coffee table, chairs and sofa into a cohesive and inviting living room unit that reflects the springtime climate. Fashion an interconnected design by combining different accents, such as poufs, woven baskets, painted trays, side tables and wall art. To enhance elements in a matching living room collection, you can highlight selected colors and textures.

Update Your Lighting

The appropriate lighting adds atmosphere, personality and beauty to a space and separates areas by giving each a different tone. You may consider adding extra layers rather than just depending on bright overhead lights, thereby creating different moods for different occasions. Add lamp lighting to the rooms in your home to prevent an uninviting, flat atmosphere. Create ambiance, a sense of style and comfort. You do not want a gloomy, dark interior during the lighter mornings and evenings spring bestows.

Incorporate Flowers & Plants

Plant life and blooms are a must-have. Order our herb pots, planters, vases for fresh flowers, fern and flower wall art, and faux topiary balls online, or buy potted dudelya succulents and plush cacti in store to bring feelings of well-being into your home. Vegetation lifts our spirits, creates positive energy and vibrations, and reduces stress by tuning us into the beauty of the natural world — which is what you need after enduring a long, cold winter.  

Home Zone Furniture Can Help You Update Your Home for Spring

We supply whatever you need to furnish or decorate your home and turn it into an inviting, fashionable, relaxing space your family and friends love. You will find everything from media centers to mattresses to figurines and tealight holders in our stores. Contact our Home Zone team if you have questions about our products or what we offer that suits your theme.

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