Popular Rug Styles to Spruce Up Your Space

Popular Rug Styles to Spruce Up Your Space by Home Zone Furniture

Keep the intended use of the room in mind when you choose a carpet. Ask yourself what atmosphere you wish to create. Do you want to make a statement in your reception area or turn your bedroom into a calming retreat? Consider how easily you can clean the den or living room carpet and how it will wear if you have children and pets. A woolen Moroccan rug with bold designs or small speckles in a darker tone hides stains.

Back-to-nature is the big news for 2021, which means jute, sisal and wool in neutral or earthy tones like terracotta and rust. Jewel tones such as deep purple, red, and royal blue; matte velvets in solid shades; geometric patterns such as herringbone, stripes, ribbon-, button-, and floral are also on point contemporary rug trends. View our rug styles and feel free to express your personality by combining different contrasting colors in a modern rug or choose a bohemian, vintage, or mid-century carpet you love. Soft, plush carpets will never go out of style as they provide a sense of warmth, comfort and reassurance in your home.

Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are sustainable, handmade, in vogue and beautiful. They can also be affordable if you do not confuse them with antique rugs. Vintage rugs are between 30 and 80 years old and woven between the 1930s and the 1950s while an antique is older than 80 years. Distressed vintage rugs look worn, as if they have faded and softened over time, and seem to have done duty in your forebears’ homes. They are not thrown out but repurposed instead, which means they can be distressed and overdyed. Vintage-style rugs such as our Sofia Distressed and Kaleidoscope Multi are often called mid-century, and some people even regard carpets from the 1960s and 1970s as vintage. A vintage rug can work well in a den, study, living-, or dining room.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs blend abstract, “hard” or “soft” geometric design elements and vibrant colors. Their Western designs are characteristically inspired by modern art and architecture and often incorporate freeform elements. Our Canyon Steel Blue is a good example. Some designs are influenced by the art deco period or have retro traits. Maximalism is on-trend now. It entails clashing patterns and mismatched pigments that break all the rules. They suit new and informal homes well. Our Cascade Ivory and Charcoal will be the right size for a smaller spaceAn 8×10 foot carpet works best in a large area, such as a den or living room, and a 5×8 to 6×9 feet rug would be the right size for a small living room. 

Modern Rugs

As is the case with contemporary rugs, modern rugs do not contain the same patterns and designs as those made in previous centuries. They may incorporate elements from classic and modernistic art and are usually machine-made of natural wool, silk, or cotton. A modern rug can make a room look dreamy, formal, or vibrant, contingent on the design.

Modern rugs such as our Carson Cream and Grey rug sometimes entail an erased design as many homeowners prefer less daring designs and fewer color combinations. The simpler designs fit in with most furnishings. Our Luxor Multi Rug should look splendid in a living-, dining-, or bedroom and may hide spatters and spills in the den.

Modern and contemporary styles are not the same thing. We define modern — with its clean lines and minimalism — as the period between the 1920s and the 1950s. The period is also called mid-century modern. Contemporary identifies what is currently in style, and today’s fashions are bold, colorful, and boast geometrical alignment and unique shapes.  It can be a blend of several different trends and will change as time goes by.

Bohemian Rugs

Boho decor expresses the fun and eclectic motifs of the free-spirited 1970s. Bohemian rugs comprise rugs made of textured natural fabrics. Expect warm shades, brightly colored patterns and retro designs. The style includes shags and thick Beni Ourain carpets in neutral colors. Our round Sofia Jute rug may serve in your bathroom or at the end of your bed. Our large 8×10 Pasha Ruby rug is reminiscent of the Persian style. It has a distressed look and will enhance the look and personality of any room. Use it to add comfort and warmth to an enclosed outdoor area.

Mid-Century Rugs

Mid-century style rugs fit in with many decorative styles and often include vibrant dyes and geometric motifs such as large minimalist circles, ovals and rectangles.  Our Carson Geometric rug is a good example. They are frequently not very detailed and may look like abstract paintings. Our Tunnis Pewter is a more neutral option that displays a clean and attractive symmetrical pattern and could be the perfect rectangular fit under your dining room table. A rug can be a subtle décor element or a bold statement piece. 

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs consist of white or black sheep’s wool. The tribe of origin determines the patterns and shades. Favorite Moroccan rugs include High Atlas Azilal — which often tell stories in figures, forms and bold tints — Central Plains Boujad and Middle Atlas Beni Mguild. All tribes create Boucherouite and Kilim rugs. Vintage Beni Ourain, Boucherouite, and Moroccan Berber rugs are textured and often very soft. They are also perfect if you want to create a cozy bedroom. The folk-art Beni Ourain carpets are generally cream-colored with black patterns, and the Boucherouite are brightly tinted. 

Find a New Rug at Home Zone Furniture

A rug defines a room’s style and is one of your most important decorating decisions. Take a look at our traditional, kilim, Oriental-style, cut pile, flat weave and shag rugs, then reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable Home Zone team for assistance. Contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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