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What is the Best Way to Furnish a New House?

What is the Best Way to Furnish a New House by Home Zone Furniture

It is exciting to move into a new house or apartment. However, a new beginning requires several decisions which may feel somewhat overwhelming. You’ve probably already pictured the atmosphere you want to create based on your style. The first step is to decide what you can afford, set up a budget and pinpoint priorities. 

Interior decorators suggest that you start with a balanced, functional, yet inventive floor plan. If you’re going to own your new residence, pulling up old carpeting entails choosing new floor coverings. Do this first, and then select the perfect rug. It’s much easier to pick the right rug, paint colors, furniture and soft goods to suit the carpeting, tiling, laminate, or hardwood textures, hues and styles than the other way around. Then you can select the furnishings to merge with the flooring.

Next, take stock of what you already have, starting with the staple furnishings. Decide what you wish to keep, depending on its condition, usefulness, the style and atmosphere you envision for your new residence, and where you would place the items. Sell or donate what doesn’t fit into your brand-new home. 

Now you know what you need, in order of priority, to furnish your new home. Add missing pieces over time, as your budget allows, rather than going into debt to do everything at once. Remember to choose your rugs and upholstery before painting the walls. You can mix paint to match any shade.  

How to Furnish a House

You will spend much time in the bedroom and living room. Begin with the furnishings that make comfort possible. Your sofa and bed are investment pieces that should last a long time. We offer a variety of high-quality alternatives. You may find the perfect complete bedroom collection among our range if you have the budget and space available. 

Consider the sizes, colors and comfort of the sofa or living room collection when you choose your lounge or den furniture. The seating selection is an excellent starting point and forms the décor centerpiece. You want all the other furniture elements to create a stunning decorative picture when put together. Place your drink, a bowl of popcorn and remote control on occasional tables. Display memorabilia, picture frames and decorations on bookshelves. The media center can become an added focal point that ties all the pieces together, and accent chairs will impart style to the room. Your other crucial pieces include a dining room table and dining chairs

What Should Your Budget Be for Furnishing A New Home?

It depends on what your priority buys are and how much money you have available. 

A king bed can cost anything between $234 and $1,999 at Home Zone. Our king mattresses run between $299 and $3,499. The bedroom collections cost from $898 up to $2,599. We supply sofas for $345 to $1,999. Our best-priced living room collections start at $399 and go to $4,599, whereas dining room tables may sell for as little as $199 or as much as $999. Dining chairs range between $48 and $229. You can cover the basics if you purchase a bedroom and living room set plus a dining table and four chairs for about $1,700 from us. 

A standard household spends more than $80,000 to furnish a home of approximately 2,000 square feet fully. Budget between 10 and 50% of your home’s purchase price for furniture. Your furniture budget for a $250,000 house could be anywhere between $25,000 and $125,000.

How to Furnish a New Apartment

Your most important item is a quality bed frame and mattress. You can always add accent pieces to your bedroom if you can only afford a bed to start. Consider the Bradley nightstand for your reading lamp, phone, glasses, and book. Keep your socks, folded shirts, underwear, and pants tidy in the Avon chest. You may prefer the Accolade media chest to house an entertainment console, TV, clothing, accessories, or a TV stand. If there are no built-in cupboards, the Amalfi wardrobe will solve the problem of where to store and hang your stuff. The Telluride dresser and mirror will enable you to do your makeup and get ready for a night out with all your beauty needs close at hand. 

A sofa is a must-have in the living room. Our grey Wilson sofa and chaise may be just what you need for your apartment. It is comfortable and will allow you to have a nap, read a magazine, or watch TV with your feet up when you have the time to do so. The Hollywood denim sofa and loveseat will take up a little more room, but is a terrific option as well.

You need surfaces such as the functional Whisper coffee table and at least one indispensable Statesman end table to place a coffee tray, wine glasses, keys, or a vase filled with flowers. 

What Should Your Budget Be for Furnishing a New Apartment?

If you are moving into your first apartment and just want the basics to start, Home Zone can offer you a rug between $45 and $699 and a double bed for between $267 and $553. A full mattress will cost you anywhere from $299 to $2,998. We supply sofas at $345 up to $1,999. Occasional tables run between $95 and $875, and you can buy a nightstand for $142 to $495. 

You can purchase two rugs, a double bed, a full mattress, a sofa, two occasional tables and a nightstand from Home Zone for approximately $1,526.00 if you stick to our lower-priced items.

Your budget escalates with the quality of the furnishings. The total cost to furnish an apartment living room with a sofa and accent chair – or sectional sofa – coffee table, and floor lamp may run between $2,050 and $3,150. The average retail cost to buy a bed, mattress and two nightstands could be $880 to $2,300. 

Find Furniture to Furnish Your New Home at Home Zone Furniture

We gladly offer some unique tips and updated, affordable furnishings to make it easier to turn your new location into the home you want. We would like you to remember your move as an uncomplicated, positive and thrilling experience.

Contact us with any questions about specific products.

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