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How to Transition your House According to Season: Autumn Edition

How to Transition your House According to Season by Home Zone Furniture

Being that it is now *officially* the fall season, now’s a good a time as any to begin transitioning your home from a summery vibe into a fall one. One might think that this could get expensive, which it most certainly could, but we’re going to show you a few ways that you can achieve the ultimate autumn feel without breaking the bank.


One of the first thoughts that you may have when thinking about the current change in season is probably the changing color of the leaves, am I right? So why not embrace that in your home decor! This can be as easy as buying or making a fall themed wreath for your door. Even just incorporating the colors of the leaves themselves, which we will go into a little more in detail throughout this post.


This can be a fabulous excuse to start incorporating some of those warm yet cool toned fall colors as we just mentioned. Buying a couple of new decorative pillowcases can completely transform the look of both your living area and your bedroom, if you choose. Although a seemingly minor change, it can make the biggest of differences (and most importantly, they’re easy to switch back out come the winter and spring)!


The best candle scents always come out during the fall, and that’s no lie. Stop by your nearest Bath and Body Works (or favorite candle provider) and pick up a few fall inspired candles. Scents have the power to completely alter a room, and this is probably one of the easiest ways to embrace the fall season in your home.


Who says pumpkins can only be used in October? If you have a local pumpkin patch in your area, take the time to stop by and purchase a couple! Pumpkins can make a great addition to a table setting or even just by your door to give your home’s exterior that warm appearance.


If you’re wanting to possibly spend a tad bit more to spruce up your home, you might think about investing in a new rug for an area of your home – potentially under your coffee table in the living room. Rugs are a fun choice because not only do they make a room feel warmer and more homey, but they can also be a great pop of color to integrate as well. Go for a warm, vibrant cranberry or a forest green this season!

Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this post – and if you did, make sure to pass along our tips to one of your friends so that they can be ready for the changing season too!

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