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How to Decorate Your Fireplace for Every Season

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During the fall and winter, the living room fireplace is the central gathering place in the home. Nothing feels quite as cozy as sitting in front of a roaring fire, chatting with friends and family as the temperatures dip outside. However, as spring blooms and moves into summer, you can still light up a room (sans flames) with a beautifully decorated fireplace. Our fireplace decoration ideas will help you refresh your space throughout the year and celebrate every season.

Why You Should Refresh Your Fireplace Decorations Every Season

You can easily understand why your fireplace is the focal point of your room during winter. With the couch in front of the fireplace and the steady glow of flames, people naturally gravitate toward the comfort and warmth of a fire. However, just because you’re not lighting a fire during the summer and spring months doesn’t mean you can’t use the area as a focal point in your room. Seasonal fireplace mantel decorations are an effortless way to draw the eye toward the area, enhance the ambiance of your space, and impress your guests.


As the weather starts to warm up, bring the outside in and decorate your mantel with blooming flowers, fresh greenery, and spring-themed décor. A cute faux bird’s nest, ceramic eggs, or a botanical painting are ideal brick fireplace decorations, as they can freshen your space with minimal effort. Consider pairing items of various heights and sizes, such as a tall metal watering can with potted succulents, to create an interesting and eye-catching display.

You could also take the opportunity to clean out your fireplace and place decorations inside during these warmer months. Candles in ornamental holders can make your fireplace appear warmer without the need for a full fire. Alternatively, logs arranged strategically in a basket can also provide a decorative touch that won’t leave your fireplace looking bare. 


Summer is all about blue skies and getting out into nature. Let natural and earthy elements, such as plants and wooden ornaments, inspire your fireplace decorations. You can also infuse a coastal theme and summer vacation vibe in your home by displaying driftwood and seashells on your mantel. We recommend keeping your overall summer fireplace decorations light and bright. You can easily mix in a large mirror, glass vases, or metal-finish candleholders to reflect the natural light. If you prefer bold summer colors, consider bright and colorful decorations for your inside fireplace. A statement canvas artwork or large arrangement of summer flowers on your mantel can add color to your room.

As you spend more time outside during the summer, your outdoor fireplace also requires decorations. Showcase colorful potted plants safely around the edges, add tealight candles for ambiance, or display artistic metal ornaments. Position your patio furniture next to the fireplace to tie everything together and create the perfect outdoor entertainment area.


Embrace the cooler season and changing colors by adding orange, red, and yellow hues to your mantel for fall. Weathered wood, rustic items, and orange tones can make your room and fireplace appear warmer, especially if it’s not quite cold enough to light the fire. Decorative pumpkins complement the season and can work well for Halloween without you needing to change your display. 

Pine cones and metallic vases add contrasting imagery for an interesting display, while ornate candles can be the finishing touch to your fireplace decorations with TV. Place candles on one or either side of the TV so you can still enjoy maximum viewing without the decorations being distracting.


Christmas decorations for fireplace mantels are the easiest winter displays. Red, gold, and green wreaths, holly garlands, and stockings will transform your fireplace for the festive season. Once the holidays are over, update your fireplace Christmas decorations with a general winter display. You can opt for a white theme with flowers, candles, and ceramic ornaments. Woodland accents such as pine cones and bare branches can add texture to your decorations. 

As you’ll be using your fireplace in winter, include your log basket in your decorations. Display the wood in a decorative basket to the side of the fireplace. By hanging throws on a ladder, you can easily balance the hardwood texture and add a cozy feel with soft furnishings on the other side of the fireplace. You can also personalize your decorations by hanging family photos above the fireplace. 

Tips for Seasonal Fireplace Mantel Decorations 

There’s no need to have a bare fireplace and mantel when you have a collection of rotating decorations. Store your fake fireplace decorations in labeled containers to make them easier to find and retrieve at the start of each season. You could also consider having a simple seasonal display that you easily incorporate holiday decorations into when it’s time for festivities. For example, pair elegant Christmas fireplace decorations such as a garland or wreath with your winter candle for a festive display. 

Find Seasonal Decorations for Your Fireplace at Home Zone 

Regardless of your style, you can readily add decorations around your fireplace and create a focal point that complements the season and your interior style. We have an extensive selection of mirrors, lamps, candleholders, floral wall art, and nature-inspired décor. Contact our team for more ideas on how to decorate your fireplace, or browse our range of home accents, wall art, and décor online or at your nearest Home Zone store.

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