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Design trends change continuously, and embracing them can transform your home from dreary to delightful. Trying to keep up with every new trend, however, could leave you with a hefty bill. Still, if you evaluate the current interior design trends and implement just a few elements or accents, like scatter cushions or standing lamps, they could withstand several trend cycles. 

Incorporating small changes to your interior design can elevate the appearance of your home and take it to another level. Using different accents according to the seasons or special times of the year can do the trick. Explore some of the home decor trends you can embrace to improve the appearance of your space.

interior design trends

Embrace the Earth 

Trends in interior design have gravitated toward bringing the outdoors inside. Nature-inspired elements improve your well-being and connect you to the Earth. Biophilic designs can help create a calm atmosphere that includes living walls, pot plants, or frames of natural scenarios. 

Leaving windows bare and allowing natural light to enter the space is another way for the exterior to enter the home. 

Popular Color Combinations

Color is a cornerstone of interior design — and nature’s palette falls right in line. The stark white and high-gloss walls of yesterday are now outdated interior design trends, whereas brushed finishes such as limewash or Roman clay are currently the globally preferred options for interior designers. 

Textile upholstery, flooring, and cabinetry should follow a natural palette in shades of brown, dark brown, beige, and ivory to create a canvas for the room. These muted tones can transcend annual changes to home trends. 

According to a recent New York Design Center survey, over 90% of respondents predicted shades of brown for interior design fundamentals. Meanwhile, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz, a muted, gentle orange-pink that coincides with the attraction to natural colors. 

Incorporating browns with basic furnishings such as sofas and TV centers is a convenient way of keeping up with interior design color trends. 

Dark Wood Furniture

Current interior design trends include dark wood furniture. Even a smattering of the darker brown in your living room or dining room offers a variety of elements that can spruce up your space. Curves and softer shapes are currently in vogue instead of strict, straight, distinct lines. Even dining chairs or barstools with wood-carved details can perfectly fit an earthy design. 

Making a Statement

New interior design trends are moving away from minimalism and embracing standout features. However, this is not to say that clutter is acceptable, but statement pieces are. Artistic and bold furniture in your bedroom or living room enhances its appearance. 

Bedroom accents such as nightstands, dressers, and throws are elements you can incorporate to stand out while remaining true to the latest color trends. 

On the art front, embrace bulky sculptures instead of settling for a print behind a glass frame. Mixing the shapes and textures in various rooms throughout the house speaks to the latest design trends. 

Additionally, if you work from home, you can give your colleagues a background worth looking at behind you when you’re in those virtual meetings. 

Smart Technology 

More homeowners are embracing technology as they welcome the latest interior design trends. It’s only a matter of time before most homes across the U.S. are immersed in smart home tech. Voice-activated lighting and other Internet of Things (IoT) controls are at the forefront of interior design. 

While it may be costly now, as the tech becomes more readily available, it will feature heavily in the future. 

The Home Office 

Working from home has become a norm. It’s no longer just a trend, which is why you may want to invest in upgrading the space to follow the current trends in interior design. Ergonomic furniture, stylish wall units, and bookcases can make your home office functional yet attractive. Those earthy colors work well with portraying a professional image. 

Modular Furniture

If you’re looking for adaptable interior design trends, they don’t get better than modular furniture. These pieces are smartly designed to offer practicality and comfort. The best thing about modular design is that it can fit into many spaces, making it ideal if you enjoy the fluidity of constantly changing design trends. 

Eco-friendly Materials

Natural colors are becoming a trend at the perfect time, with a general shift toward more eco-friendly lives. Investing in eco-friendly furniture ensures that you embrace and enjoy the current trend and help the environment by using materials that can be recycled when the current furniture trend is over. 

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