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How to Style a 3-Piece Table Set

While some table sets need additional accessories to shine, a stylish, original, high-quality 3-piece coffee table set will stand out and look stunning without needing much adornment. Here are some tips if you want to change your decor, add a few different touches or find fresh ideas for decorating your dining room or coffee and end table set.

What is a 3-Piece Table Set, Where Should You Place the Tables, and in Which Rooms?

A three-piece table set can serve as a coffee table with two end tables in the living room, a large bedroom, a sizable entryway or a covered outside deck. A large coffee table easily forms a focal point and can conquer the heart of a room or area with aplomb. 

An arrangement consisting of a table and two chairs, benches or stools – such as our Sparrow 3-piece option – is convenient if you have limited space. You can also use the table and seats to create a handy breakfast nook in the kitchen, a cozy spot in an alcove, by a window where it won’t look lost, or in your family room. A compact 3-piece dining table grouping suits a snug corner in an open-plan living/dining area in an apartment or granny flat. Moreover, it can form part of a niche on the balcony or porch where you relax at the end of the day.

The best position for an eye-catching coffee table or ottoman may be the middle of a square living room space. It can create a focal point if you do not have a beautiful fireplace or big picture window that draws attention. A long, narrow or L-shaped room may have more than one focal point. In this case, it’s best to position the table closest to your sofa and armchair arrangement – central to the seating area – to create a welcoming atmosphere. The height of the end table set should be equal to – or just below – the arm of the sofa, chair or recliner it stands next to. Doing so will put drinks, lamps, books and other necessities within easy reach. 

How to Style a 3-Piece Table Set

Your choice depends on the style, colors and shapes of the other furniture in the room and what you will use the tables for. A round coffee table set will balance a square interior containing boxy pieces. Rectangular shapes offer more space for accessories. You can place square tables at right angles to flank a sofa and chair or tuck one into a corner. Many customers buy mismatched coffee and end tables to create a collected look that adds dimension, depth, contrast and personality. 

Others prefer a polished arrangement consisting of lookalike components. Consider a 48-inch round coffee table with matching end tables, such as our handmade Kayden or Byron 3-piece table set. Both will work beautifully with a loveseat, sofa or sectional in the living room. Our options offer natural finishes such as Greystone, pine, walnut and iron with tempered glass. Designs vary between rustic, streamlined, chunky, modern and ornate. You can decide between round, square, oval, and rectangular shapes, diverse sizes, and whether you need them to contain storage options such as drawers or doors. 

3 piece table set

How to Decorate Your Tables

Styling your coffee table set of 3:  

Large coffee table books with beautifully designed hardcovers and full-color photographs are interesting and informative to page through, attractive to the eyes, and perfect for decorating purposes. A vase filled with flowers or a plant in an unusual, colorful pot brings nature inside and adds appeal. You are sure to find something you love among our tabletop accessories. We supply candle holders, ceramics and figurines, to name a few of the decorative items that will be perfect embellishments for the tables in your bedroom or dining room area. Put cherished family photos in the frames you can get from us to add a personal touch to an arrangement. You may want to bring visual interest to a coffee or end table by displaying souvenirs from a trip or designing an exhibit around a specific theme for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other special occasion. Lamps and candles offer the ideal way to create a preferred atmosphere or exclusive ambiance in any space. You can choose between a collection of small bedside and table lamps that will provide warmth and comfort at night or opt for a floor lamp that can be used when you read or work on the laptop.

Styling your 3-piece dining table set: 

While your dining table serves as a place to eat and put the salad bowl, basket with bread rolls, and other necessities, this does not mean it should remain wholly unadorned the rest of the time. Consider accentuating it with a woven table runner or exquisitely painted wooden tray – that can be easily removed – housing a few decorative knick-knacks.

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