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Add Some Life to Your Home with Houseplants

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Summer is in full swing here in North Texas. It’s the season to spend time outdoors and to bring the outdoors in. One of my favorite ways to brighten up my home this time of year is with a selection of well-chosen houseplants. Not only do plants add instant life to a room, but they also actively purify the air by absorbing toxic airborne chemicals.


Breathe easy and beautify your home for summer with these five powerhouse plants.

Fiddle leaf fig

If you’ve been on Instagram or Pinterest lately, you know that the fiddle leaf fig is the decorista’s indoor plant of choice. The fiddle leaf fig is a lush, sculptural plant with a skinny trunk and large, round, flat leaves. Visually, this plant looks great in a room governed by large proportions and high ceilings. It’s a relatively hardy plant that thrives off of indirect sunlight and the occasional watering.


Also known as devil’s ivy, pothos is the ultimate indoor plant for beginners. This hanging vine is elegant, lively and incredibly easy to maintain. In my opinion, an office or hallway is an ideal place for the pothos, since it demands minimal light and water. The pothos plant is a must-have in a cottage-style home. It’s one of the few plants known for the ability to successfully remove formaldehyde from the air, but keep in mind that it can be toxic if ingested!


Add some interesting color and texture to your bathroom with an assortment of succulents. These fleshy plants are a trendy choice and come in a variety of different species to suit your personal aesthetic. Succulents do well in a humid environment with bright, indirect lighting. As succulents grow, they need a good amount of water, but once established, they are relatively low maintenance. From echeveria to aloe, succulents complement all styles of decor, but they look particularly striking in a contemporary home.

English Ivy

English ivy is the perfect complement to the decor of a traditional home. Easy to maintain and stately in appearance, English ivy is the ideal choice for a formal room you don’t use often. It can be planted alone or used as a filler in a larger floral arrangement. Place an ivy arrangement on a dining table as a centerpiece, or stretch it out over a mantelpiece. I love this plant not only for its flexibility and hardiness, but because it rids the air of formaldehyde, too!


From basil to thyme, fresh herbs make a lovely and fragrant addition to any kitchen. Whether you place mini planters directly on your kitchen counter or mount a compact herb garden on your wall, growing a selection of herbs indoors creates a homey, farmhouse feel. Not only is a mini herb garden visually appealing and fragrant, but it’s functional, too. Pick the herbs you grow and cook with them! Your family will enjoy the thoughtful, delicious embellishment.

Happy (indoor) gardening!


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