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Home Zone Furniture Financing Explained

At Home Zone Furniture, we love seeing people turn empty houses into comfortable, welcoming homes with furniture that meets their family’s needs. However, replacing old pieces can be costly. For example, buying a new living room set can cost over $1,000 — that’s where furniture financing comes in. 

We offer three in-store finance solutions to help families procure the furniture they need, when they need it. Explore our layaway, credit card, and rent-to-own furniture financing options below.

Financing Your Furniture With Home Zone: Three Methods to Compare 

Furniture financing is when you receive financial assistance to buy furniture. It may be through credit accounts, loans, or other special arrangements with the store and can be very helpful for essential items like a new mattress or bed frame. Compare our three solutions below to determine which furniture financing method is best for you. 

Home Zone Store Credit Card 

We offer store credit cards in partnership with Synchrony Consumer Finance. This card enables you to buy furniture on credit, paying it off monthly over a specified term. A Home Zone credit account is best for customers with a decent credit rating, as you will be subject to credit approval. 

The most significant benefit of this financing option is access to zero-interest promotions online and in-store, which we offer periodically throughout the year. For example, you can pay off a big furniture purchase completely interest-free with 48 equal payments over 48 months. 

Rent-to-Own Furniture Financing

If you need furniture financing despite bad credit, rent-to-own is one of the best options. We’ve partnered with Koalafi, a finance provider geared toward lower credit scores, to create an accessible financing solution for our customers. Our rent-to-own financing allows you to take the furniture home and use it before you become the official owner. 

It is not a credit facility, meaning you can access it even with a nonexistent credit score. Instead, you can use this opportunity to build credit with Equifax if you make timely payments. We determine the lease-to-own payments based on the cash price of the item and how frequently you make payments. Remember, using rent-to-own for furniture doesn’t mean no credit check. You must still complete one, but the approval process is much more lenient. 

Layaway Furniture Financing

A layaway is an extended payment, paying something off in installments before taking possession. With Home Zone’s layaway option, you make a 20% non-refundable down payment and pay off the balance within six months. You can choose between weekly payments of 4.24% of the original balance or monthly payments of 17%. 

Once you’ve paid in full, you can collect your furniture in-store or order a delivery online. Our layaway furniture finance does not require a credit check. Layaway offers you a price guarantee should the furniture become more expensive in the interim, so it is an excellent choice.

If your item is no longer available once you’ve paid it off, we will refund your payments and convert your 20% deposit into store credit.

Should You Finance Your Furniture? 

Financing furniture can help you get the items you need faster and potentially at a better price (such as interest-free offers and layaways). However, you should plan and proceed cautiously. Accepting more credit may not be prudent if you already have difficulty paying off your debts. 

Before you apply for financing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much is the monthly/weekly payment?
  • Will I be able to afford the payments alongside my existing expenses?
  • Have I explored all my options? (personal loan, credit card, buying pre-owned, etc.)
  • Am I trying to build my credit score for any other big purchase?
  • Do I need the furniture immediately?
  • How much will I pay overall after accounting for interest?

How Financing Furniture Affects Your Credit

Most types of furniture financing require credit checks, which show up on your credit report and drop your score slightly. However, the effects of a once-off check are temporary, and your credit will return to normal within a few months. Being unable to repay what you owe, skipping payments, or often paying late will cause more damage.

Financing your furniture can improve your credit score if you consistently pay on time and never skip a payment. It’s all about how you handle your account and use credit responsibly.

Get In-House Financing for Your Furniture at Home Zone

Now, you can quickly and easily upgrade your bedroom, dining room, or living room with furniture financing from Home Zone. We can help you set up a new home, replace worn-out pieces, or change your decor without breaking the bank. Visit one of our stores or shop online to find the perfect pieces for your family’s needs. 

Have a question about furniture financing? Get in touch with our friendly team for more advice.

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