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Home Zone Furniture Financing Explained

Making your house a home is easy with our extensive range of affordable furniture. We have beds, dressers, drawers, sofas, lounge chairs, media centers, dining tables, and more so you can style every room in your home. Our ranges of furniture designs and themes mean we have something to suit various personalities, lifestyles, and interior tastes. While we provide quality and stylish modern furniture to fit seamlessly into your home, we also have a selection of Home Zone furniture financing options. You can choose the best option to suit your requirements from our Home Zone credit card, layaway, or rent-to-own options, and make hassle-free payments on furniture.

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On-the-Go Healthy Foods for Your On-the-Go Lifestyle


Sometimes life decides it needs to get busy and speed up a little…and you find yourself at a fast food drive-thru contemplating your unhealthy lifestyle and how you got to that point as you hand over your credit card in exchange for a box of deep-fried goodness. Or is that just us?

Today we are sharing with you the BEST foods that will fit your undoubtedly jam packed schedule. And the best part? You won’t be feeling that lump of regret in your stomach aka french fries or cheeseburgers.

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3 Ways to Have the Best Night In

We’ve all been there – either being so tired you don’t want to physically go anywhere, or desperately wanting to have some peace and quiet all to yourself. Whichever situation you find yourself in, here are a few ideas of ways that you can make the best of your night and truly enjoy time to yourself.

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