Modern vs. Contemporary Interior Design

Modern design and contemporary design: You may be wondering about the differences between the two styles. Though they have a few similar elements, both are very distinct in aesthetic, with each one emphasizing its own interior and furniture styles. To ensure you create a space that matches your vision and vocabulary, consider our guide outlining the characteristics that separate modern from contemporary design.

Similarities and Differences

We can understand why people may use modern and contemporary to mean the same thing, as the styles have similar elements. For example, they both favor a minimal look with an open-space feel, smooth and clean architectural lines, neutral colors, and minimal embellishments. However, modern design was created in the early-to-mid-20th century, while contemporary refers to present-day trends.

With both styles, you can create a light, warm, and welcoming home without it being overwhelming or stuffy. The shared features also mean you can easily mix and match these styles to create a signature look that is all your own. 

Modern Interior Design  

Modern design refers to recent styles and is the shortened version of the term, “midcentury modern.” It encompasses furniture and home interior styles from the mid-20th century, between 1920 and 1950. During this time, there was an increase in mass production and a focus on timeless, clean, and airy designs that were simple yet functional. For instance, Scandinavian design elements highlight neutral colors, straight lines, and art deco characteristics, including luxurious fabrics, metals, and some bold colors.

How to Achieve a Modern Design

You can achieve a modern design in your home by selecting furniture pieces with natural materials such as wood, leather, and linen. Consider functional items with smooth lines and neutral colors you can mix with earthy tones such as browns, greens, and blues. To infuse the design’s open and airy feel, keep your walls white. 

Modern furniture styles are made using wood and can have subtle curves, yet they emphasize practicality and a timeless design, ensuring they suit every home. Place pieces away from the walls to enhance the open-space floor plans of modern homes and opt for bare wooden floors instead of carpet throughout. You can lay down a floor rug and maintain the modern theme by selecting one with natural fibers such as wool. Keep your look to a minimum, but bring in natural elements through nature-inspired accents

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design does not refer to a specific time period. Instead, it is indicative of current trends. Constantly evolving, the style is fluid and highlights clean lines, natural materials, cooler tones, and quality construction. Also, contemporary design draws from many different styles, which is why you see similar elements to modern design. This style is perfect for people who love setting trends and can afford to update their homes with the ever-changing aesthetics. 

How to Achieve a Contemporary Design

To decorate your home with a contemporary theme, start by decluttering your space and going for a minimal look. You want to keep rooms open, bright, and airy without too much bulky furniture. Contemporary furniture design also leans more toward comfort than functionality, as in modern design, and features an abstract style and geometric shapes, which also differs from modern; however, like modern design, contemporary design features natural elements such as wood. 

Generally, you want to ensure that your furniture choices enhance your home and highlight architectural features rather than task your décor items with being the stars of the room. As for your color palette, contemporary design calls for neutral tones with a few pops of bold color or pastel hues in accents such as throws, cushions, lamps, and rugs. This approach allows you to keep up with the evolving style and readily change your bedroom or living area by swapping out a few key pieces. 

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