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Bring World Furniture into Your Living Room

Bring World Furniture to Your Living Room by Home Zone Furniture

While you may love the different textures, styles, and handcrafted furniture items that other countries offer, you don’t need to spend large sums of money traveling the world and shipping items back to your home to create the same style for your interior decor.

With an extensive range of Home Zone World Piazza products, you can effortlessly design your space using exotic and inspired furniture that infuses the feel of faraway places into your home. Whether it’s a unique handcrafted console in the entry, a subtle cluster of nesting side tables in the living room, boldly-striped pillows on the couch, an array of tapestries throughout your home, or a little bit of everything, you can create the perfect celebration of worldly styles from our beautiful collection.

Balancing the look of various culturally-inspired pieces is simple when you know how to seamlessly incorporate different styles. Instead of scattering pieces around your room, which can make it feel cluttered rather than homey, you can artfully arrange your pieces in a way that shows your appreciation for global style and looks amazing. Read our top room styling recommendations to learn how to strike the ideal balance between your existing décor and beautiful world piazza pieces.

Select Your Favorite Pieces

Regardless of which furnishings, pillows, throws, or rugs you think go together, select pieces that stand out to you. Harnessing global style is all about storytelling. Your home is a place that should tell your story of personality, style, taste, and sense of adventure based on the items that you use as décor. Keeping in mind that skilled artisans design and handcraft these pieces, you can create a truly unique space that is sure to be a conversation-starter when friends come to visit.

Let Your Look Evolve

Try not to settle on one look—incorporate new pieces, designs, styles, and textures as you come across them. Your home is a place that should evolve, just as you grow and change over the years. Pillows and rugs are ideal for drastically changing the look and feel of your home without splurging. Boldly-patterned cushions such as our Carly Multi Burst or Renzo Multi Woven pillow will instantly add some creative flair to your space.

Highlight Your Small Worldly Goods

Your small collectibles and souvenirs from around the world can get lost sitting up on a shelf and, before you know it, you will forget that they are even there. Instead, showcase their beauty and cultural designs using trays to draw the eye towards smaller items. Containing your crafted pieces in a stylish wooden or metal tray can resemble an artful display and add character to your room. 

Incorporate Organizational Pieces

Nothing makes a statement in a room and meets your demand for organizational furniture quite the same way as a large console. There are many areas to place your sideboard, including the dining room, living space, entry, or hallway. However, if you want to highlight the stunning detail that many handcrafted furniture pieces display then consider doubling your console as a TV cabinet. 

Our Sawbuck TV stand oozes a rustic feel with its distressed look but still offers two closed cupboards for hidden storage. The open shelving in the center will let you display an array of your favorite ornaments and personalize your space.

Scale Is Essential

You can make your space feel open and airy rather than cramped with the use of large pieces of decor. Often one big piece of furniture such as a cabinet, coffee table or large-scale artwork can enhance a small space and open the room. Instead of displaying a lot of smaller pieces to get the world piazza look, select a few larger items for your space.

Showcase Your Pieces with Bold Lighting Fixtures

Don’t let your home’s traditional or modern lighting fixtures put you off adding cultural pieces to your interior. In contrast, these different design elements can complement each other rather than compete for attention. Vintage chandeliers and bold floor lamps can enhance your rustic side tables and tapestries and give your space a unique, homey atmosphere.

Anchor Spaces with Modern Lines

To accentuate your worldly furniture and make pieces stand out in the room, incorporate clean, modern lines with monochromatic colors. A perfect color palette to start with as the base for your room is dark browns, soft tans, and earthy tones. The neutral backdrop of your space will allow furniture carvings with intricate detail and bold-patterned rugs and pillows to stand out and make an impact.

Embrace the Beauty of Imperfections

No two handcrafted pieces of furniture with exquisite detail are ever going to be the same.  Slight blemishes and differences between similar items can add character and a unique style to your home. 

Incorporate Pieces Effortlessly from Our Home Zone Collection

Styling your home with globally-inspired pieces of furniture doesn’t need to be overwhelmingly expensive or include travel. At Home Zone, our World Piazza collection features an assortment of eclectic and rustic handcrafted furniture from which to select your favorite pieces and effortlessly integrate them into your space. Begin styling your space using global style basics, such as a neutral background palette, then fill your room with various pieces of furniture and décor from different cultures or worldly regions and still pull off a cohesive look.
Remember the essentials: larger items can make your space feel open and airy, and you can easily incorporate pops of color and texture into your space with pillows and rugs (and effortlessly change them out when you want to refresh your room). Browse our range of beautiful consoles, cabinets, side tables, pillows, and more online or contact our friendly staff who will happily answer your questions. We recommend viewing larger pieces of furniture in one of our stores, as no two pieces are alike.

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