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Choosing a Media Center For Your Home Theater

Choosing a Media Center For Your Home Theater by Home Zone Furniture

With the stress of everyday life frequently on your mind, it’s no wonder that you turn to media for some relief. Sitting on your favorite sofa and binge-watching all eight seasons of Game of Thrones may be the escape from reality that you require. To enhance your experience, you’ll want a suitable media center for your home theater. 

Although it appears to be a small aspect of your home setup, a media center gradually becomes a central part of your home life. Following this guide will assist you in making the correct decisions so that you can install the best media center for your home. 

How Big Is Your Space?

You must carefully consider the location of your home theater within the house. It’s easy to get carried away by the prospect of having a large TV screen, but remember that you might select a TV or sound system that’s too big for the size of the room. Before purchasing equipment, you must establish the dimensions of the room where you’re setting up the theater. Establishing the ideal place for your media center allows you to feature other aspects of the entertainment area. 

If you can, opt for a rectangular room over a square one — square rooms can sometimes produce harmonic distortions. For the best sound projection, place the speakers along the short wall. 

Windows are villains to a home theater as they reflect sound, which causes sound distortion, and allow in light that results in reflections on your TV screen. Heavy shades and curtains are ideal solutions as you create an optimal viewing environment. 

Size and Number of Electronics

The Size of Your TV

Everyone experiences the temptation of a large-screen TV. Do you assume that bigger is better? You’ll want an immersive viewing experience to avoid swinging your head from side to side just to capture the content displayed on a large screen. Selecting the ideal size of a TV is a science — it involves the size of the room and the distance between the screen and the audience. 

Generally, you should be sitting at least one-and-a-half or two-and-a-half times the screen size away from the TV. A typical example: for a 70-inch TV, your couch should be between nine and 15 feet away. If you’re using a projector, you can adjust the size of the screen, but you’ll require about 15 feet between the wall and the projector. 

The ideal viewing height puts the center of the display screen at eye level. If you’re using an entertainment center, place the TV in the middle and ensure that there’s a distance between the wall and the unit. If you plan on mounting the TV on the wall, wait until you’ve purchased and set up your speakers along with other components. Some viewers may prefer to place the TV in an elevated position, which is fine if the screen tilts towards your seating area, and you can elevate your soundbar to match. 

Which Other Electronics Will You Store?

The TV and speakers are the mediums through which you will experience content, but you still require hardware to access the materials that you wish to watch. Some common video sources include a DVD player or Blu-Ray player. A gaming console may be a priority if you use it for its intended purpose or want to capitalize on its connectivity: you can stream content, rent or buy digital movies, and play DVDs through an Xbox or PlayStation. Finally, you have the option of including a smart TV adaptor that allows you to access content, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast or Apple TV. With these options, you may be able to skip the cable box or DVD player. 

Regarding speakers, if you have a room of around 200 sq. ft., a soundbar will suffice— larger rooms from 700 sq. ft. up require a five- or seven-speaker set. 

What Is Your Style?

Every homeowner has a unique vision for their entertainment space, which is why you’ll discover a world of media centers in our store. We stock the Barnwood Entertainment Console in 50-inch and 60-inch options along with the Rodeo Entertainment Console and the Island Entertainment Console. If you require something larger, consider the Wyatt Wall Units, which are available in black and white. Don’t miss our Enormous Wall Unit if your home theater has ample space. 

Find Your New Media Center at Home Zone Furniture 

Everything that you require to upgrade your home is available in our store. We have options for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and beyond. If you already have a style that you want to accentuate, you can speak to our team — we are always willing to assist you with insights and accents. With stores throughout Texas, you can contact the Home Zone team for assistance. 

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