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Tips for Creating a Home Office that Doubles as a Guest Room

While you may love hosting guests overnight, they are often only there for a short time. Therefore, creating a multi-purpose room such as a home office and guest room combo is the perfect solution for maximizing your space. You can readily accommodate guests while using the room for storage or daily tasks. With our creative home office and guest room ideas, you can create a highly functional yet cozy and inviting space for you and your guests.

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Decide on Your Must-Have Items 

Combining a small home office and guest room into a cohesive space may seem daunting, yet you only need a few essential items such as a bed, desk, chair, bookshelf and a small cabinet. Keep in mind that your spare room doesn’t need to contain everything that an average master bedroom would; it only requires the essentials so you can comfortably work from home and accommodate guests on occasion. Be sure to measure your spare bedroom before buying furniture so you can avoid overcrowding the space and overwhelming your guests. 

How to Choose the Right Bed

A Murphy bed means you can save on space and readily convert your home office into a guest room within minutes. However, if you don’t have the wall space, a day bed or pull-out couch is the next best solution. Small beds such as a twin bed can also work as a daybed. You can style the furniture with cushions to create stylish and comfy seating for when you’re not working at your desk. If your guest bedroom is large enough for a full bed, consider one with ample storage underneath where you can place extra blankets and towels for your overnight visitors.

Choosing a Desk and Chair

You don’t need to install a big bulky desk to work from home. Factors such as the type of work you do at home or the length of your working day can determine the type of desk you require. You can readily recline in an accent chair with a tablet or keep your files neatly stored on a hallway table in your guest room. If you prefer to sit at an actual desk, consider a small one that doubles as a nightstand or one with wheels so you can quickly move it out of the way. Get creative with your desk and chair.

Take Advantage of Creative Storage Solutions

A neat room and tidy desk can make your space more inviting for guests. Ensure you have ample storage in your office where you can conveniently tuck away personal or work-related things while you have guests staying over. Bookshelves and cabinets can make excellent use of the room’s vertical space, while stylish baskets or bins can add a decorative touch to your open shelving. A bed with built-in drawers underneath or shelving in the headboard is another way to get storage without adding more furniture to your spare room.

Choose the Right Lighting

Consider various lighting options when setting up your home office and guest bedroom combination. You may require bright overhead lighting while you work, yet your guests may prefer the softer lighting of a lamp. Set up a floor or table lamp next to the bed so your guests can enjoy dimmer lighting late at night and not have to bother getting up to turn off the main room light when they want to go to sleep. 

Add Cozy Touches

Keeping your design light and minimal works well in a guest bedroom and home office combo as it creates a distraction-free space when you need to be productive, and it’s effortless to keep clean and tidy. You can add touches of personality and soften the room with cushions on the daybed, throws on the end of a pull-out couch, a small rug on the floor or place a few select decor pieces on the shelf to separate the storage baskets. Your guests will notice the coziness of the space and appreciate the attention to detail. 

Keep Out the Clutter

Make your office and guest bedroom a productive yet calm and relaxing space by keeping out any clutter. Take a minimalist approach when designing your multi-purpose room and arrange only the essential furniture pieces in the space. By having ample storage, you can put away work items while guests are staying so they won’t feel as if they’re invading your personal space. 

Find Guest Bedroom Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

Simplicity and coziness go a long way to creating the perfect home office and guest room. With a touch of serenity, you can have a functional space to concentrate, and your guests can enjoy a relaxing room for a good night’s sleep. You can find essential furniture items at your local Home Zone store. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are also happy to provide you with more home office and guest room design ideas to suit your space and interior decor. 

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