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How to Make Your Bed Extra Cozy by Home Zone Furniture

Making your bed in the morning can leave you feeling accomplished and is the ideal way to start your day. You’ll also have the added benefit of coming home to a nicely made cozy bed at the end of the day, ready for you to relax, unwind and get a restful night’s sleep. Knowing how to make a bed is effortless with our ultimate guide of essential items and optional bedding that can add an extra comfy factor at the end of the day.

Essential Bedding and Optional Extras

You can style your bed as if it came out of a home magazine and create soft luxurious layers to your comfort levels with quality bedding items. While essential items are a must, we have a few optional extras that can take your bed’s look and comfort to the next level. 

Essential bedding you’ll need: 

  • A comfortable mattress: A firm, medium or soft mattress is your personal preference; however, be sure to test out several before selecting your ideal mattress.
  • Premium quality fitted and top sheet: You can feel as if you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel bed with quality cotton sheets. A fitted sheet has elastic around the edge, so it fits snug over your mattress. The top sheet will protect your body from sweating on your duvet and blankets. 
  • A duvet cover: You can cover your bed in your favorite color or pattern with a comforter or duvet. You can easily clean a duvet cover in your washing machine at home. 
  • Pillowcases: Select pillowcases in a complementing color and the same soft cotton fabric to match your sheets for a better night’s sleep.

Optional bedding:

  • Mattress pad: You can adjust the firmness of your bed and make it more comfortable with a thin mattress pad. It also works as an ideal alternative to a mattress protector.
  • Mattress protector: A mattress protector can extend the life of your bed and minimize stains. It will absorb any sweat and fluids that seep through your sheets and keep dust and allergens off your mattress. 
  • Pillow protector: This cover functions the same as a mattress protector in that it prevents sweat and fluids from seeping through to your pillow. 
  • Bed skirt: If you have a box spring bed, a bed skirt will hide your bed base and make it appear seamless. You can get ruffled and streamlined versions.
  • Extra blankets: You can layer extra blankets under your duvet in cooler months or place a throw at the end of your bed as a decorative finishing touch.  
  • Cushions: Throw pillows can add a softness and luxury look to your bed.

How to Make Your Bed the Correct Way

Start with a clean surface and be sure to have your essential items and extra bedding on hand to make your bed. Avoid placing your linen and sleeping pillows on the floor while you’re preparing the base of your bed to prevent them from getting dirty.

1. Place the bed skirt around your base

You will need to remove your mattress and lay the skirt on the base of your bed. Be sure to match the skirt’s orientation to your bed and carefully line up the stitching to your frame. The open end should pair with your headboard if you have a three-sided elastic skirt. Once you have it on straight, place the mattress back on your bed frame over top of the skirt.

2. Roll out your mattress pad

If you’re opting to use a mattress pad or topper, roll it out over your mattress. Ensure that the four corners align with the mattress.

3. Add a mattress protector

Start at the top of your mattress and pull the protector over the corners as you would a fitted sheet. Repeat the process for every corner and ensure that the protector elastic is situated under your mattress to keep it tight and secure. 

4. Put on a fitted sheet

The fitted sheet is the last base layer of your bed, with the elastic edges keeping everything in place. Lay the fitted sheet on your mattress in the same orientation as your bed, with a shorter side facing the headboard. Start with the hardest corner to reach and pull the sheet over the side of your mattress. Repeat this step for every corner, then check the fitted sheet to ensure that it hasn’t come loose. 

5. Tuck in a flat sheet

Place the flat sheet upside down over your mattress and position it in the center so there is an even amount of overhang on three sides of the bed, while the top end should meet up with your headboard. Tuck the bottom of your sheet under your mattress. You can secure the rest of the sheet with hospital corners to make your bedding appear neat. Grab a piece of the top sheet edge about two feet away from the end and pull at a 45-degree angle. Lay this section on top of your mattress while you neatly tuck under the excess fabric between your bed frame and mattress. Let the rest of the sheet fall down, then tuck it under the mattress. 

6. Lay your duvet over your sheets

Center your duvet in the middle of your bed over your sheets in the same orientation as the bed. Ensure there is an equal overhang on the sides. If you prefer your bedding tight, you can tuck in the end of your comforter or duvet under your mattress at the end. For a finished look, fold back the top sheet about a foot over the top of the duvet so you can see the pattern on the outside of the bedding.

7. Add pillows

Fluff your sleeping pillows and place them at the top of your bed between the headboard and folded down sheet. You can style your bed with larger European pillows on top and throw cushions in complementing patterns and colors in front of your sleeping pillows. 

8. Finish with throw blankets

Fold your throw blanket in half and lay across the width of your bed near the end or scrunch it up for an organic look and style it diagonal across one corner.  

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