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The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Bed Extra Cozy

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Making your bed in the morning can give you a sense of accomplishment and is the ideal way to start your day. You’ll also have the added benefit of coming home to a nicely made, cozy, comfy bed at the end of the day when you’re ready to relax, unwind, and get a restful night’s sleep. Knowing how to make a bed cozy is effortless with our ultimate guide to essential bedding and layering tips. Once you’ve mastered how to make your bed more comfortable, it may even be hard to resist sleeping late.

Choose a Supportive Mattress

A supportive foundation is the first step to making a cozy bed. Your mattress is the base for a comfortable night’s sleep, and investing in a quality product can ensure your comfy bed is off to the best start. There’s a wide range of mattress styles, and your sleeping position will determine which option ensures you feel cozy in bed. Memory foam mattresses provide luxurious support for side sleepers, while an innerspring design is ideal for sleeping on your stomach. A hybrid option combines these support systems, making it suitable if you change positions at night or share a bed with a partner. With the correct mattress support, you won’t lie awake at night wondering how you’ll ever get comfy in bed.

Add Comfort With a Mattress Protector

When you think about how to make your bed comfier, you might not consider using a mattress protector. However, this protective layer can add extra padding to your comfy sofa or bed. One made with breathable fabrics such as cotton can also have a cooling effect, ensuring you sleep better during the hot summer months. Another idea for how to make a cozy bed is by laying a mattress topper underneath your protector. A topper can make your bed the ideal softness for your comfort levels.

Select Comfy Bedsheets

Cozy and comfy sheets to suit each season can transform your sleeping experience. Warm flannel sheets provide the perfect soft and snuggly feel for winter, while breathable, lightweight cotton sheets ensure you don’t overheat in summer. Silk sheets exude glam and elegance if you’re wondering how to make your bed luxurious. Silk and cotton sheets are also hypoallergenic, meaning you can enjoy your cozy bedsheet without skin irritation.

Layer With a Luxurious Comforter

Comfy bed ideas should always include a soft plush comforter or duvet inner. This bedding item answers not only the question of how to make a bed comfy but also how to make your bed look luxurious. As a duvet covers the entire mattress and is what most people see when looking at the bed, a plump and fluffy duvet appears more warm and inviting than a thin stiff cover. Select a full and warm comforter or duvet with breathable properties to ensure you remain sweat-free in your comfy bed during the night.

Invest in Plush Pillows

Once you know how to make your bed soft, adding plush pillows is the crowning comfort for creating the coziest bed. You should have a few pillows of varying densities to get the exact support you need for your sleeping position. Once your sleeping pillows are sorted, accent pillows are essential if you’re wondering how to make your bed look extra cozy. If you have a plain duvet, add pillows with texture or patterns for a point of interest.

Top With a Blanket

Just because you’re learning how to make a comfy bed doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. A throw blanket on top of a bed can add style to a room and provide extra comfort in cooler temperatures. Strategically fold your extra blanket in such a way that you can readily pull it up when needed. You can also lay it across the end of the bed for a decorative touch during warmer nights. An extra throw on the end of a sofa bed also adds a comfy layer and can appear more inviting to guests. 

Set Mood Lighting

How to make a bed comfier? Once you have arranged your comfy and cozy bedding in the correct layers, you can make your bed feel even more comfortable with the right lighting. The brightness of your room can greatly impact your mood, so providing soft lighting in your room can help you better prepare for sleep. A stylish table lamp next to your comfy and cozy bed is an optional yet beneficial addition to any bedroom. Once you get comfy in bed, you can easily turn off the light without having to get up and use the room’s main switch.

Adjust Your Bedding to Suit the Season

How do you make your bed comfortable throughout the entire year? Simply adjust your bedsheets according to the season. Choose lightweight, comfy bed sets for summer when the nights are warmer and thicker or heavier duvets and blankets in winter to make your bed cozy.

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