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Dining Table & Chair Height Comparison

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When picking out furniture for a dining room or kitchen, you need to think about more than just color and style. Indeed, one of the most overlooked factors concerning dining tables and chairs is height. Say you are moving into a different residence — assuming your old or newly bought counter height stools will work well in the space — and only realize they’re way too short for the bar or counter height in the kitchen on moving day. Now you have a set of barstools you don’t know what to do with, and you need to buy a new set to suit your new patio or kitchen. Which bar or counter height will be the most practical if you are building a new home? How high should the stools for that bar counter be? What are the “best” dining table and chair heights depending on how tall the people who use them most frequently are?

Chair & Table Size Comparison

You want your family members and guests to be comfortable, whether seated at the dining room table, kitchen- or bar counter. The chairs they sit in need to be the right height to ensure ease because a too high or low seat can be downright uncomfortable. 

Dining Height vs Bar Height

Typically, a dining height table will measure 28 to 30 inches tall. Bar height is usually around 42 inches (3.5 feet), making it ideal for standing or sitting on higher barstools.

Dining Height vs Counter Height

A standard counter height table is 36 inches tall. Counters and counter height tables can be lower or more elevated, depending on the design. 

Bar Height vs Counter Height

The standard bar height is between 40 to 46 inches from the floor, which is higher than your traditional kitchen counter.

You want the space to be pleasing to the eye, so create an attractive room with furnishings in proportion and with the appropriate dimensions.

Dining Height

Let us start with dining height, which tends to be the most common and familiar option of the three. Most restaurants have dining height table setups. Dining room-, outdoor patio-, bistro- and other table designs for dining purposes fall into the “dining height” category.

If you want to have a table set up so your feet can touch the floor when you are sitting, standard dining height chair dimensions are the best option as they suit kids and older adults who might have trouble getting in or out of tall seats.

Typically, a dining height table measures 28 to 30 inches. Formal dining tables, and those where you host large family gatherings, are on the taller end of this spectrum, measuring at an average of 30 inches. The standard dining side chair height is 18 inches, though it may vary between 17 and 19 inches depending on the dining table design and the level of formality. The standard chair back height is between 32 and 34 inches but can vary from table height to taller than 34 inches. 

Dining height table dimensions are wheelchair accessible, while standard dining height table dimensions are flexible for when you have larger parties over at your house. For instance, your dining table set may have come with six chairs, but since dining height is the standard height for chairs, it is easy to pull up extra lawn-, patio, fold-up, or armchairs from elsewhere in your home. 

Counter Height

Whether you are washing dishes at the kitchen sink, chopping onions on the counter or cooking at the stove, you are dealing with a counter height surface. Standard counter height table dimensions mimic the height of a typical kitchen counter, which is generally 36 inches tall. 

Counter height table dimensions may be anywhere from 35 to 40 inches, and kitchen islands intended for bar-style seating may even reach 42 inches. In addition to providing food prep space, kitchen counters often offer seating areas perfect for anything from after-school homework to gatherings and happy hours. There is a casual sit-stand function to counter height surfaces that shorter dining tables or taller bar spaces do not offer. A counter height table imitates this relaxed feel but lets you take it out of the kitchen, into the dining room, living room or even onto the porch or patio. Counter height chair dimensions can be between 23 and 28 inches, from floor to seat.

Bar Height

You encounter a bar-height surface when you walk into a pub or restaurant and stroll up to the bar for a drink. Standard bar height table dimensions are usually around 42 inches (3.5 feet), making it an ideal height for either standing or sitting on high bar stools. Standard bar height chair dimensions are between 29 and 36 inches, depending on the bar height. 

Many homeowners are drawn to the dimensions of a bar height table to add a more casual, modern, pub-style feel to their kitchen, dining room or patio space. Bar-style setups are particularly great for patios or rooms with magnificent views, as they elevate you a little higher to provide a better vantage point. A bar height table is also terrific during social functions because it is easy to pull the stools away and use it as a place where guests can stand, set plates or drinks and converse.

Choosing the Best Dining Table Height for Home

Consider which table height will suit you best when shopping for a new table-and-chairs setup. The height of your dining chair, counter or bar stool depends on the height of your table, counter or bar, so grab your measuring tape to make sure you buy the right size for the purpose.

If you have a dining room where you host formal occasions or large gatherings, a dining table and side chairs may be the best option. A smaller counter or bar-height table might be the perfect choice to create a casual, “fun” gathering spot in your kitchen for less formal occasions, or if you have limited space in your home or apartment and do not have the space for a full dining room table.

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We are proud to offer a variety of table designs, including options in the dining-, counter, bar table, and chair height categories. Contact us today if you need assistance finding the best options for your home.

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