How to Use Accent Furniture to Transform a Room

At some time in your life, you may have compared your home to a friend’s effortlessly stylish living room or a guest bedroom that looked like it slid off a magazine spread. Filling your space with accent furniture and well-arranged accessories feels daunting when you don’t know where to start. Many people spend years carefully curating their living rooms with accent pieces that they collect over time. 

You don’t need to be a creative genius to decorate your space with confidence. What matters most is that you choose pieces that bring you joy and make you love spending time in your home. Start with small, inexpensive additions to your decor until you find your personal style and build your creative confidence. Adding accent pieces to your space can breathe new life into a dull room and add a designer touch to any home.

What is Accent Furniture? 

Accent furniture is an umbrella term that describes various decorative pieces that add visual interest to your home and express your unique style. Accent pieces may be functional items, or they might exist purely for their aesthetic contributions to your space. Items such as colorful accent chairs or abstract end tables are large, functional pieces that add design flair to a tired living room or bedroom. Smaller pieces include ornaments, planters and candle holders that you can display together as one cohesive design element.

Incorporating accent furniture into a room is a fun way to add pops of color and texture to your space. A neutral color palette is a common choice for modern homes, and choosing a few accent colors can liven up the room and add visual variety. Use accent pieces in moderation and stick to your accent color choices to bring out the character of your existing furniture rather than creating a completely new design theme.  

Incorporating Accent Furniture into Your Rooms

Accent Rugs

A unique, patterned accent rug brings personality to a bare living room or bedroom floor. Patterns add a sense of movement and excitement to a static space, but it quickly becomes a subconscious distraction when you’re trying to concentrate or relax. Rugs are ideal for bringing rich areas of bold pattern into your space without it becoming visually overwhelming. Choose a rug that contrasts the flooring color and the style of the furniture for the most engaging impact.

Accent Chairs

It’s helpful when accent furniture serves as a functional addition to your space. Accent chairs should bring blocks of bright color into the room to contrast your predominant style and complement other accent pieces. Choose accent chairs with bold, striking profiles or patterns that differ from the shape and fabric of your main sofa. You can help make your chairs feel well-placed by placing pillows in the same accent colors on the sofa.

Accent Pillows

Play with color and texture by popping accent pillows on your bed, chairs and sofas. Pillows are the best place to start for new decorators as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to reupholster or remove as your style changes. It’s tempting but unwise to buy a wide range of multicolored pillows when you’re first starting. Choose your accent colors and stick to the palette for the most cohesive design. For variety, play with texture rather than color, and incorporate pillows of various fabrics and shades of the accent color.

Accent Tables

Accent tables should add interest to the room without overpowering the rest of your decor. Consider the scale and function of the table and how it will fit into a space next to your existing furniture. Unlike chairs and other functional items, a tiny table that is purely decorative is still a valuable addition to a small space. Choose an accent table for its material contrast to other pieces, such as sleek metallic components that contrast warm wood grain or minimal glass tabletops against intricately patterned sofas.

Other Accessories

Add interesting accessories to your space that tell a story and start a conversation. Choose accessories that express your personality and give your guests insight into who you are and what you love. Candles and candleholders add elegance, romance, and pleasing scents to a room, while patterned planters and vases showcase the plants that bring freshness and life into your space. Build clusters of matching accessories as coffee table centerpieces or shelving displays.

Find Accent Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

There are so many exciting ways to add color and vibrancy to the rooms in your home using accent furniture. Whether you’re looking for minimal pieces to add to a modern shelving display, or you’re searching for elegant tables for a baroque living room, there is something for every taste at Home Zone furniture. 

Visit any of our Home Zone stores to browse our wide selection of accent pieces and find inspiration for your next decorating project. Feel free to contact our friendly team for design advice, and we will gladly help you bring your home decor to life.

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