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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Living Room Furniture

Whether you’ve moved into an apartment, bought your first house or want to upgrade your old furniture, there is a lot to consider when selecting the pieces for your living room. As a multipurpose space, your family room is a place where you can come home and relax at the end of the day, recline and watch a movie, snuggle in to read a book and host friends, so you want to be sure that your furniture caters to every aspect of your lifestyle. 

From navigating different sofas to selecting the perfect TV stand and accent pieces, choosing living room furniture doesn’t need to be overwhelming when you consider our tips. You can shop confidently knowing what features to prioritize, such as comfort, style and material, and select furniture that complements your home’s design and suits your relaxing and entertaining requirements.

Santa Fe Living Room Ideas by Home Zone Furniture

Size & Layout of the Room 

The size and layout of your living room will have the biggest impact on your furniture selection. When working with a small space, you should consider a compact sofa such as a loveseat paired with accent chairs. Larger couches such as sectional sofas can make your area appear cramped — however, this type of couch works perfectly in homes with open floor plans or bigger living rooms. 

Decide what you will use as the focal point of your room. Do you have a fireplace? Do you love viewing movies on a large screen TV? Or do you prefer to position your couches for conversation around a coffee table? Answers to these questions can determine your layout and the furniture type that best suits your home. Prioritize your large furniture pieces first, including a sofa and entertainment console, and gradually add in the accent pieces such as end tables, floor lamps and ottomans.

Furniture Style 

Selecting the perfect furniture style to complement your living room is vital. While you can mix and match furniture to a certain extent, you also want to ensure your style is cohesive. Consider the aesthetics of your home and the main purpose of your room. A traditional home with a detailed fireplace may suit a sofa with rolled arms, while a formal living room may require more delicate pieces. Large sectional sofas and recliners suit modern homes and open floor plan apartment spaces. 

You should also think about the activities you do in your living room. Do you eat meals there? Do you invite friends over to watch sports games? Do you have a large family? These questions can ensure you select furniture that provides enough seating for everyone or provide you with a place to put down plates or spread out board games.

Be sure to carefully consider the color of your furniture and select tones that positively impact your room. For example, a lighter color couch can brighten a dark space, while deep tones can create a moody vibe ideal for creating a media room. Soft knits and pastel sofas can give your home a comfortable and lived-in vibe, leather couches can look plush, while brass accents on coffee tables pair beautifully with antiques and wood patterns.


Living room furniture should be comfortable. If you have a beautiful sofa in your favorite color yet it feels stiff to sit on, you’re less likely to use the space. Your family room is where people can gather, and large sectionals provide enough seating for everyone. Recliners make an exciting addition to any home as you can lay back and relax in your most comfortable position. To maximize your comfort, you can consider sofas with drink holders, bagged and baffled cushions and charging ports for your phone.


Do you have time to maintain your leather, or do you have a busy household with kids? With a multitude of material options for furniture upholstery, consider which type will best suit your lifestyle. Synthetic materials such as microfiber sofas are ideal for families as they are durable and easy to clean, while velvet can look aesthetically pleasing in a more formal space. Cotton and tight weave fabrics are also durable but can show stains easily, while leather is the best upholstery if you have pets. 


When selecting furniture, you want to ensure that every piece is functional and meets your needs. If you have kids or stacks of video games, be sure to consider furniture with storage. Ottomans are perfect for putting your feet up and resting trays. However, one with storage means you can readily hide throws, pillows and kids’ toys. Just be sure to select a size that leaves you with plenty of space to move between the furniture. 

A media center is another way to add a focal point to your room, house your TV and provide storage or a space to display family photos. It can also make your room feel cozier. If you don’t want your TV as your main focal point, consider a media center that you can close off with a sliding door.

Find Your New Living Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

You can find everything you need to fill the living room of your new home or to replace your old sofa. Be sure to select items that complement your space or ask our friendly team for advice on finding the ideal pieces to suit your interior. Shop online or visit your local Home Zone store

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