Living Room Ideas

Modern Living Room Ideas for Homeowners

Modern Living Room Ideas for the Modern Homeowners

At Home Zone Furniture, we believe your living room interior design is an extension of your personality. Whether you prefer a warm and cozy vibe, or something more vibrant and contemporary, our furniture collection features authentic pieces offering functionality in the form of visual art to reflect your style. Our appreciation for chic, cozy homes and unique living room furniture inspires our high-quality products that cater to multiple modern home décor trends and themes. From filling a room with high ceilings to injecting your décor with a bit of French country charm, our design ideas for decorating your living room will help achieve the modern look you want.

High-Ceiling Living Room

High ceilings offer the benefit of design versatility within your living room. They naturally open up an area, making it appear light, airy, and spacious. Placing heavy furniture pieces under the highest point of your ceiling can prevent the “empty” effect associated with high ceilings. Consider styling your room with a large, sophisticated sectional that fills the space and gives your room a cozy feel. You can readily find sectionals that boast various configurations, so you can choose your preferred layout. Take advantage of your vast living room wall space with our wall art themes, available in various compositions to suit multiple existing contemporary home décor styles.

Contemporary Living Room

If you’re looking for contemporary living room ideas for a modern space, consider furniture that incorporates several elements in one piece. For example, a coffee table with a wooden or marble top, metal legs, and smooth geometric lines is an effortless way to include modern living room furniture without cluttering your space. Our heavily textured accent pillows can soften and warm your space, offering a pleasant contrast to the modern elements within your room. Their easily interchangeable covers ensure you can effortlessly keep up with the latest color palettes and modern living room design trends.

French Country Living Room

Furniture and living room décor ideas that include natural materials offer the distinct rustic touch associated with French country design. A solid wood coffee table or light pine end table is a simple way to infuse country living into your home and can complement both a soft, neutral-toned sofa and a damask accent chair. Our wide range of rugs offers casual elegance with soft colors and graceful lines, which are fundamental to living room design ideas for a French country feel. If your room has a window seat, one of our throws will make for a welcoming accessory. A throw is an extremely versatile addition to your home, as it not only adds to your living room decorations, but it also serves the functional purpose of a blanket and furniture protector.

Industrial Living Room

Due to the ever-increasing city population, it’s become a reasonable solution to convert industrial areas into living spaces. Instead of concealing the original architecture of warehouses and factories, homeowners continue the trend of complementing exposed pipes and luminescent lighting with their home décor accessories. Characterized by metal and leather materials, industrial-styled furniture lends itself to turn-of-the-century factory settings with sleek lines and simple designs. Industrial furniture features in various modern living room ideas, as the style is pleasingly flexible. The tufted Lena Round Ottoman features metal buttons with a dark leather-look fabric, creating a juxtaposition of an aged versus modern signature piece. Keep your industrial-styled living room comfortable by incorporating modern living room sets with solid upholstery in neutral shades and natural textures.

Mediterranean Living Room

Originating in Spain, Greece, and Italy, Mediterranean décor ranges from functional to formal, featuring earthy colors and textures. This luxurious style combines European influences with modern and contemporary elements, making it perfect for formal living room ideas. Dark wood and walnut furniture, such as our Statesman Sofa Table, bring warmth to your living room, aesthetically complementing the blue and white shades associated with this style. Invite nature into your home with fresh living room decorating ideas such as our table top accessories, which include planters and faux or real plants. An airy Mediterranean-style living room is best elevated with a set of grand sofas with a white upholstery finish.

Mid Century-Modern Living Room

The simplicity of this modern living room décor trend equals clean furniture lines using natural materials such as wood to create timeless pieces that easily blend with many contemporary furniture items. Combine a focal point, similar to a mid century-inspired sofa, with bold textiles and wall decoration ideas for your living room, focusing on simple basics to create an uncluttered and functional look. Function over form prevails in this trend and often features living room furniture ideas with multiple purposes to use the space optimally. Incorporate our Statesman Coffee Table into your living room for a workstation and storage unit in one.

Minimalist Living Room

A minimal modern house décor style doesn’t mean boring monotone furniture and accessories. Simplicity in form and function comes in many designs through the strategic use of materials for texture and visual interest, and uncomplicated wall décor for your living room. Sticking to a neutral color palette such as white, beige, and gray is ideal. Minimalism requires only the basics to be present for a beautiful living room: a sofa, coffee table, simple rug, and, depending on the natural light availability, a lamp.

Find Your Living Room Furniture Set at Home Zone Furniture

Your living room is one of the most-used and decorated rooms in your home, and should feature pieces that endow your space with your personality, suit your practical needs, and provide comfort in relaxed confinement. Whether you are restyling your living area or matching new pieces to an existing theme, we have an extensive range of furniture and modern décor ideas to suit various styles. Browse our online shop or visit one of our stores to view our comprehensive offering. For more advice or information on any of our products, furniture, and décor ideas for your living room, contact us today.

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