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How to Create a Family-Friendly Living Room

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Unsure how to make your living room family-friendly, classy and up to date with kids and pets in the environment? We offer tips and tricks to help you create an elegant yet functional and comfortable space that looks fabulous.

Make Your Living Room a Multi-Functional Space

Your living room can perform double duty if you plan well. A versatile space will incorporate several must-haves: storage space; a sleeper sofa such as our Victoria model; modular seating that you can separate and move; a room divider such as a screen or a sideboard or console that separates the area into eating, lounging and playing areas; strong end tables that can serve as seating if the need arises; and an expandable dining table, such as our adjustable, cable gear-driven Dahlia table.

Focus on Comfort

We all need to feel comfortable with basics such as food, shelter and warmth in place, but we also want to snuggle up, forget our worries, experience contentment in our home, be with our loved ones and feel nurtured within our family circle. Home Zone provides what you need to set up a splendid lounge where your family can be together in a lovely, exquisitely furnished and snug setting that everyone can share, whether engaging in activities or unwinding after a busy day.

Include Room for Play

You want your kids to have enough space and convenient surfaces to play on to help them explore the world and their roles in it. Play supports critical thinking skills, and games can encourage healthy development as kids grasp the concepts of cause and effect and reinforce memory. You want your children to expand their creativity and imagination, increase their cognitive abilities, and gain independence. Provide a secure, safe and happy place inside the home where they can learn and grow.

Give Pets Their Own Space

Your dogs need an area where they feel safe and secure. Where you situate a pet’s area may depend on their personalities: one pet may prefer a comfy bed in a quiet corner while the other wants to be in the midst of family activities with a cozy crawl-in underneath a Statesman or Hemingway end table. You can count on your cats to take up the best spots on the sofa.

Choose the Right Furniture and Accents

The appropriate furniture collection forms the foundation of your living room. Large pieces in neutral colors are central to the design and practicality of the space. You can introduce your sense of style by incorporating tables, rugs, wall art and other accessories that express your taste.

Select the Right Fabrics

How to Create a Family-Friendly Living Room from Home Zone Furniture

You want to choose easy-to-maintain and washable furniture made of woven or nubbly fabrics that hide stains better than flat, smooth upholstery. Add style and comfort and brighten up the room with vibrant accents such as throw pillows in assorted colors and textures that make the room cheerful and establish character.

Are you deliberating on different living room furnishing options? Consider getting a durable leather sofa that can handle wear and tear, will remain in good condition for many years, and only needs a wipe down to stay clean. We supply a beautiful range of soft leather and upholstered sectional sofas, some of which include matching ottomans. 

Consider Round Tables

You will want to choose child-friendly furnishings for a growing family, and our round tables provide safe, functional and attractive options. If you prefer not to attach corner guards and edge protectors to your purchases, why not look at our circular dining-, end-, counter- and nesting tables? Our Port Arthur, Paradise and Colours ranges include smooth-edged dining tables and chairs for your open-plan living and dining room.

An ottoman is a coffee table alternative where children can play with their toys safely. Browse our range, available in diverse colors and styles, if you want to pick a shade that livens up the interior. We also sell kid-friendly upholstered chairs

Protect Your Floor with a Rug

Apart from safeguarding your floorboards or wall-to-wall carpet, a rug provides extra warmth, adds comfort and quietens footfalls. Our exceptional rug range includes multiple colors, shapes, sizes and styles. You are bound to find one that suits your preference and color spectrum and provides a snug setting where animals and humans can relax or play. You may want to purchase one to serve as a wall hanging, divide the open lounge-dining area or demarcate spaces.

Focus on Furniture and Accents That Provide Storage

You can never have enough storage space if you have kids in the house, as belongings tend to pile up fast. Extra room to pack items makes life less complicated, and our soft, luxuriously padded, chenille-covered Brock storage ottoman opens to hold toys and items that you wish to tidy away. Solve your storage problems with our entertainment consoles and wall units, attractive dining room cabinets and servers and eye-catching bedroom chests

You can place these pieces wherever you desire in your home. The Boone coffee table even boasts eight drawers to store those small gadgets that you never know where to put. 

Find the Right Living Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

We provide everything that you need to establish a comfortable living room that’s welcoming to family members, children and pets. Contact us, and our friendly team will steer you in the right direction to find appropriate items that suit your theme.

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