How to Create a Family-Friendly Living Room

How to Create a Family-Friendly Living Room from Home Zone Furniture

You use your family living room for relaxing and socializing, and so much more. In many homes, it’s the most-used room in the house. Apart from having guests over for cake and tea or cozy winter visits, many families use their living rooms for family discussions or meetings—it’s a warm, safe, and comfortable space for the members of any family to speak out and come together. 

Let Home Zone help you by providing style that you can afford to make your family home a welcoming, practical place. With our durable and affordable furniture, every member of your family, as well as guests, can feel at home and create memories together.


We have the perfect living room furniture for your multifunctional family living room. You’ll need multipurpose furniture, which offers space for every family member as well as a few guests. 

A good combination is our Dynasty Sofa and Loveseat or Allison II Sofa and Loveseat, our Accent Chair, Game Day Recliner and Brock Storage Ottoman, in which you can store your favourite family board games. Each serves a different purpose–the sofa is the largest piece of furniture, and the accent chair balances the arrangement. You can order all these pieces in fabric or leather. 

Apart from practical floors that you can clean easily, your family living room needs a rug to catch spilled popcorn during family movie nights. Our Loft Shag Rug or Skyline Rug is ideal as these options won’t show every little spot of dirt. You may also want to consider a cozy spot for the family’s four-legged members.    

Our Kaplan Coffee Table with Lift Top is the perfect coffee table with space for enough coffee mugs for all your guests, a cake and a tart, or the pot of soup and melba that you’re offering for dinner on a freezing winter night. Store your magazines and books inside to minimize cluttering. 

Using Your Living Space Wisely

Our ranges allow you to be creative with all your family home spaces. Include the kids and use the space under the stairs to create a little kids’ living room. The little ones will love the company! Get them their own bookshelf and let them organize the books in it themselves along with a few scatter pillows, child-friendly games, a toy box, and their very own coffee table.   

Ensure that you don’t clutter your family living room or you may create a rushed atmosphere, which is the opposite of the feeling that you want for your space. Use a practical ottoman, coffee table, bookshelf, or wall unit to store your administration. Alternately, give each family member their own cupboard–you can eliminate arguments about organizing the gadgets that are scattered across the floor. Storage space is one thing that you can’t overdo in a family home.

We all know that remote controls for televisions, headphones, and batteries tend to pop up everywhere. These little details can make any room look untidy. A side table with a basket is the perfect solution to keep them all together. If everyone places the remote back in the basket after use, there will be less frustration—and fewer family meetings! 

Our well-designed media and TV centers will also save your living room space by offering small compartments to keep your game controllers, memory sticks, cables, and other technology components organized. You’ll be surprised at how much space all these small items take up together.     

Using Ornaments and Décor

Apart from the elegant furniture that we stock, we offer all that you’ll need to give your family living room the perfect finishing touch, from a mirror to a floor lamp.

Throw pillows add personal style to your living room, and they provide support for your back in the process. When the season changes, you can change the covers, too–a lighter material for summer, and a thicker one for winter.   

A beautiful mirror from our wide selection will add life to your family living room, complement your furniture, and create an illusion of depth and space—your living room will feel bigger than it really is. A mirror also adds light to a darker room.  

Pictures and family portraits make a family living room more intimate and inviting. Hanging frames on a wall adjacent to a window give a gorgeous effect. If you prefer, you can also use artwork for your walls—art creates character in a home and can cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day by reminding you of something beautiful or relaxing. 

Lighting lifts spirits and enhances relaxation. Shed some light on family relationships with one of our tables or floor lamps and transform your living room with ease.   

How about the welcoming smell of freshly-brewed coffee right under your nose in your living room? Why not place a coffee table in a living room corner with a coffee maker that you can enjoy all day long? You can even serve light weekend lunches, cake and tea, or a special weekend breakfast.

Find Your Living Room Furniture at Home Zone

We established our family-owned business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 2007, and since then, we have expanded to serve customers from 17 stores across Texas and Oklahoma. Everything we do, we do with you, our valued customers, in mind.

In addition to a living room that every member of your family will look forward to coming home to, we want to help you create the dining room and bedroom of your dreams right in your family home. Our products are durable, stylish, and fairy-priced with no middlemen or extra mark-ups. Contact us today for advice on how to give your family living room a personal touch. You probably have a few ideas, but you may not know how to complete the puzzle, or which piece will suit your entire family. You don’t even have to come to us in person to collect your new living room–we offer free three-day doorstep delivery.

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