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How to Place A Sectional In Your Living Room

How to Place a Sectional in Your Living Room by Home Zone Furniture

A sectional sofa is a perfect addition to any living room as it can provide more seating for large gatherings, offer a comfortable place to relax and watch TV, or lounge as you read a book. Yet, when it comes to placing a sectional sofa in your living room, it takes careful planning to ensure that you maximize its functionality and visual appeal. From measuring your space to considering the flow of your room and creating balance, there are numerous elements you should consider before purchasing a sectional sofa. 

Measure Your Living Room

Before selecting your sectional, make sure that you measure your room to get a sofa in the ideal size and shape for your living room. This measurement is especially critical when you want to place a sectional in a small living room as you don’t want to overwhelm the space with large or bulky seating. For large, open floor plans, you can use a sectional as a partition between two areas. 

While you can get a professional interior designer to assist you in mapping out the ideal sectional size for your home, you can also find the details that you require using newspaper and a measuring tape. Lay down the paper in the spot where you want to place the sectional sofa, then use a tape measure to evaluate the proportions in your room. Be sure to leave a minimum of 36 inches around the pieces of furniture so that you can move effortlessly around the sofa or, if you can allow it, give yourself more space such as 42 or 48 inches of space.

Know Your Focal Point

As a sectional is one of the largest furniture pieces in your living room, you want to ensure that you position it opposite the room’s focal point. When you stand in the living room, notice where your eyes are drawn to, and this will be the natural focal point of your space. Whether this focal point is the TV, fireplace or large window, you also want your sofa’s position to meet your goals for the room. For example, if you enjoy watching movies on the weekend, you will likely want your sectional facing the TV rather than the window. If this is the case, we recommend placing your sofa approximately twelve feet from your entertainment center for comfortable viewing. 

Consider the Flow of Your Room

You want to ensure that your living room has a welcoming and cozy atmosphere to maximize its potential for gatherings. Be sure to leave the room’s entry points open and avoid blocking walkways by placing your sectional with the seats facing the entrance. This position will invite people to sit and enjoy the space. If you must have the back of the sofa facing the entryway, you can improve its appearance with a lamp or decorative pieces on a narrow table behind the couch. 

Placing your sectional in the center of your space rather than against your longest wall can enhance the flow of your living room and give your family a cozy area to relax or socialize. You can arrange a table or ottoman at the front of your sofa for a more intimate feel. If you opt for a small sectional sofa with a recliner, ensure that there is adequate space around the furniture to use the reclining features without hitting other pieces in your room or blocking exit points. 

Create Balance in Your Living Room

As living room sectionals are a large piece of furniture, you want to balance your space. A sectional left in the center of your room can make the area appear weighted down. Yet, by positioning another large item such as a bookshelf on the other side of the room you can even out the space. You can also consider creating another area behind your couch. For example, in large family rooms, you can place a desk behind the sofa for a study area or arrange comfortable chairs in a U-shape for a reading nook. 

Comfort is Key

While there are many factors you should consider when placing a sectional in your living room, be sure to keep comfort at the forefront of your mind. You want your furniture selection and placement to bring you happiness and daily comfort. If you are going for a relaxed theme in your living room, consider a deep-seated sectional with a chaise lounge or recliner. A leather sofa gives your space a more polished look while a couch with crisp lines and sleek tones such as with our Wilson sofa and chaise will give your room a modern appearance. 

When selecting a sectional, be sure to get one that leaves you with enough space to incorporate other furniture. Finishing touches such as an end or coffee table can add to your comfort when relaxing in your living room as they are a convenient place to set your drink or lamp and add to the visual appeal of the space.

Find Your Sectional at Home Zone Furniture

We have an extensive range of sectional sofas that are perfect for small and large living rooms. Whether you have a modern loft-style apartment or a cozy family home, you are sure to find the ideal design to suit your requirements and comfort. For example, our Nimbus sectional with chaise will give you a cozy place to stretch out and lounge without overwhelming a small space while our Athena sofa is perfect for a large family or open plan living room. Visit one of our Home Zone stores and find a sectional that suits your requirements or contact our friendly team with any questions about matching a sofa to your interior style.

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