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Upgrade Your Living Room With an Entertainment Center

In many households, the family gathers in the living room at the end of a long workday. While it’s fun to catch up, there are times when you want to just relax and indulge in your favorite TV show. This makes your choice of entertainment center and the placement of your TV in the living room an important consideration. Ahead, we share tips and tricks for upgrading your living with an entertainment center.

How an Entertainment Center Can Elevate Your Space

The trusty entertainment center does way more than just hold your TV. An easy way to enhance your space, the ideal living room stand adds function and style. For example, a stylish living room TV cabinet can provide your room with a much-needed focal point, as well as serve as a shelving display for sentimental treasures. Also, cabinets with ample storage offer a place to hide cords, remotes, and other TV accessories, keeping your space clutter free. With various styles available, from a small TV stand box to a large entertainment wall unit and everything in between, you’ll be able to find a piece that’s as functional as it is complementary to your interior style. 

Types of Entertainment Centers

People often use the terms “living room TV cabinet,” “console,” and “entertainment unit” interchangeably to mean the same thing, yet some differences make them stand apart. 

A box TV stand, also called a console or TV cabinet, is a simple design with minimal storage, providing a surface on which to place your television. 

An entertainment center, or unit, is a bigger storage system that surrounds the TV and takes up more wall space than the smaller consoles. It can offer you plenty of storage with closed cabinets, shelves, and drawers so you can tuck away your accessories while showcasing decorative home accents.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Entertainment Center

With our TV stand décor ideas, you can create a harmonious and cozy space to enjoy while watching TV, entertaining friends, or just kicking up your feet.

Size of Your Space

When considering TV stand ideas for your living room, the size of your space is an essential component. A large entertainment unit in a small area can make the room feel crowded, while a smaller cabinet may get lost in a big room. Measure your space and consider the layout and traffic flow before you decide where to put a TV stand in your living room. This step will give you a better idea of the perfect unit size for your living room and TV placement to select a console that balances your space. 

Size of Your TV

When incorporating a TV stand into your living room, you should consider the size of your television. To ensure that the media setup in your room doesn’t appear awkward, purchase a TV stand just as wide as your TV or a few inches bigger. Another important reason to buy a TV stand of this size is to ensure that the stand can hold the weight of the TV. 

How tall should a TV stand be? The typical height for a TV stand is approximately 42 inches. This height will allow you and your family members to sit back, relax, and enjoy a television show in optimal comfort. However, the size of your chair or sofa may impact the height of your TV stand, so be sure to select one that is just at or below your frame of vision.

Style of Your Home Space

A good rule of thumb when choosing between living room stands is to go with one that blends in with the current aesthetic of the room. If you have darker-colored furniture, for example, you will want to avoid purchasing a living room TV stand lighter in color to ensure it doesn’t distract from the rest of your color scheme. 

Necessary Features

When elevating your living room with a TV console, consider some features that will also enhance your lifestyle. Some TV stand ideas include selecting a unit with cabinets or drawers for storing gaming consoles, books, throws, and other living room accessories. Other suggestions include opting for an entertainment center with open shelving, which can make your room feel more spacious and give you a convenient place to display your family photos or knickknacks. 

Come Look at Our Selection of Entertainment Centers at Home Zone Furniture

Home Zone Furniture has many living room TV stand ideas and furniture options that will complement your room. Whether you’re in the market for a console for your home or apartment, we carry a line of quality living room stands that will suit your unique needs. Our team is always happy to speak with you about our furniture selection and address any concerns, such as how tall your TV stand should be. Use our contact page to get in touch.

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