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Side and End Tables to Love in 2020

Side and End Tables to Love in 2020 from Home Zone Furniture

Side tables and end tables can serve a range of purposes, from decorative to functional. Sometimes, they act mostly as convenient spots to place a water glass or leave the remote control, so it doesn’t get lost amidst the cushions of the couch. Other times, they’re spots for lamps, photos, clocks, or knick-knacks. In bedrooms, they serve as ideal nightstands or bedside tables. Often, side tables even include drawers or multiple levels, making them ideal spots for storage as well as display or convenience. With so many possible applications, side and end tables can easily have a role to play in virtually every room of the house.

The challenge, then, is finding the right end tables or side tables for each space in your home. With so much variety in how different people utilize side or end tables, there is an appropriate corresponding level of variety in the market for these products. As you shop around for a side table, you’ll see all sorts of styles and designs, from glass to wood, simple to elaborate, standalone to set. To help you navigate this sometimes-daunting marketplace, here are a few tips to help you find end or side tables to love in 2020.

Think about room function

To start, survey each room in your house and determine 1) where you want to place end tables, and 2) what function you want them to serve. What you want from a decorative side table in the kitchen is probably different from what you’d be looking for in a bedroom nightstand, which is different still from what you’d want from a living room furniture set. For instance, many customers enjoy slightly more substantial side tables in their bedroom, potentially including drawers or cabinet space for easy bedside storage. The end tables that you use to bookend your couch, meanwhile, will probably be a bit more simplistic. These tables are most often used as a place to set glasses, dishes, cellphones, or other items while watching TV or enjoying a relaxed conversation. Furthermore, the existing décor of each room—from the furniture you already have to the color of the walls to the style of the flooring—will impact what type of end table looks right in the space. Consider all these factors before you start shopping, as they’ll make it much easier to narrow down your selection to a few side tables that best match the needs and aesthetic of the room.

Set or single?

Side and End Tables to Love in 2020 from Home Zone Furniture

At Home Zone Furniture, we sell side tables both as standalone pieces and as parts of living room sets. The sets include two end tables and one coffee table, all in matching style. If you need a whole set of living furniture, buying these items together is the most convenient option. If you already have a coffee table and are merely looking for matching side tables, or if you only need one end table or nightstand, know that we have plenty of standalone tables from which to choose.

Classic or contemporary?

Another big question to answer when shopping for end tables is whether you prefer a classic aesthetic or are drawn to something more contemporary. Contemporary options are often made primarily of metal and glass. Typically prioritize cleaner lines, sharper angles, and more minimalist designs, which can be nice if you have limited space and are looking for something with a smaller footprint. Classic options, meanwhile, are often characterized by aged-looking wood, ornate-style table legs, and other antique-esque aspects.

At Home Zone Furniture, we are proud to offer side table options that fit into both of these categories, as well as designs that blur the lines between the two. This blue side accent table, for instance, has a classic look to it that is ideal for more traditionally-decorated bedrooms or living rooms. This glass-and-metal set of living room furniture, on the other hand, is pure contemporary style. This attractive X-squared end table lands somewhere between the two styles.

Take your measurements

End tables can add much width to a couch, chair, or bed setup, which means it’s important to take measurements before you decide on what to purchase. At Home Zone Furniture, we include width, height, and depth measurements on all our product pages. Use these measurements to plan out different rooms throughout your home, or to narrow down your selection based on the tables that will fit into your room arrangement. Some of our end tables are narrower than others: for instance, this Chair Side Table is easier to fit into a smaller space than this Caleb Coffee Table, which looks fantastic in more spacious living rooms or bedrooms. 

It’s not just width and depth to consider, either. Height is important, too, especially when you are pairing a side table with a couch, armchair, or bed. You don’t want there to be too much height discrepancy between the end table and the main piece of furniture. Otherwise, the two pieces will look mismatched and odd. Extra tall or bulky side tables or nightstands can overpower the rest of the furniture in a room and create a weirdly lopsided look. Tables that are too short or slender, meanwhile, will look minuscule and shrunken next to larger furniture. If you are shopping for living room furniture, look for end table designs that are within about two inches (shorter or taller) of the arms on your couch or sofa. For a nightstand, you’ll want the surface of the table to be relatively flush with the mattress height. These heights will keep smartphones or glasses of water within easy reach while avoiding a furniture/side table combination that throws off the balance of the room.

Get help finding the best side tables for your home

Whether you’re shopping for bedroom furniture or living room furniture, we have the end tables to help you put those crucial finishing touches on your home furniture arrangement. If you have any questions about our 2020 collection of side tables and coffee tables, feel free to get in touch with us directly.

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