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Bree here, from Home Zone Furniture.

The way you choose to decorate your home is largely based on intuition. No one knows your family or how it works like you do. While some items in your home may vary depending on your style, it’s safe to say that a home doesn’t feel complete without a few well-placed end tables. Home Zone Furniture offers a wide selection of end tables, but these four are my top picks in terms of both function and style!

Deagan End Table

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an end table that’s better for your family room than the Deagen. The Deagen is a contemporary piece with straight lines, angled legs and a rich, dark brown finish. Not only is this end table sturdy enough to withstand kids of all ages, but the storage shelf is a must-have for a high-traffic room. Unlike others of its kind, the Deagen’s shelf is located directly underneath the tabletop. That means you can easily hide unsightly objects, like the remote control or celebrity gossip magazines!

Coylin End Table

For sleek, modern flair, go with the Coylin end table. The Coylin has a sharp, clean look with an angular design and a brushed nickel finish. The X-shaped support on either side of the table is a particularly striking feature which creates an illusion of space and lightness. Due to the clear, beveled glass table top, I’d suggest placing this end table in a low-traffic area, such as the formal living room, for a dose of contemporary beauty.

Tallenfield End Table

If you gravitate towards vintage-inspired pieces, you’ll like the Tallenfield Chairside Table. This end table is higher than most, making it the perfect partner for couches with tall arms or a high back. The Tallenfield is an interesting mixture of colors and textures. I love the way the heavily distressed plank look is integrated with a bronze X-shaped brace design. An intricate piece like this would be lovely in traditional or eclectic homes alike.


To make a statement, choose the Zanders end table. The curvilinear brace is certainly eye-catching, and the natural slate mosaic inlay on top and the birch veneer exemplify rustic elegance at its finest. What this end table lacks in storage space it makes up for in high design. Place the Zanders in a library or formal space where storage isn’t essential, but extra surface space is needed. Wherever you may put it, the Zanders end table is sure to refine any atmosphere with its unique look.

Which end table would work best for your family and lifestyle?


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