Tablescape Ideas & Tips

There is something special about welcoming your guests or family to a beautifully decorated table set for the occasion. From the tablecloth color selection and centerpiece height to using candles, trinkets and more, you can create an inviting atmosphere, prompt conversation and encourage people to linger a bit longer at the table. 

Whether you’re entertaining over the festive season and want holiday table decoration ideas, are having a dinner party just because you can, or want to spruce up your lazy Sunday breakfasts on the patio, we have simple and creative tablescape ideas and tips to impress your guests or express love to your family. 

Tablescape Tips

Wherever you decide to set up your tablescape – dining room, kitchen island, patio table, or coffee table – you want to ensure you have a balance between simplicity and drama.


Take the same approach to styling your table as you would a room. Plan and consider the size and shape of your table before compiling your list of items. For example, if you have a round table, you’ll want a low centerpiece, while a rectangular table suits a linear theme. You should also think about where you’ll be serving food and if you need to leave space on the table for platters. If you’re tablescaping during the festive season, gather your Christmas dining table decor items well in advance and style your table a few days before the event. You will then have plenty of time to make adjustments without the pressure of guests arriving in an hour.

Coordinate Colors

Make your table look cohesive by coordinating item colors or selecting a theme. For Thanksgiving table decor ideas, you could opt for a fall theme with orange as your primary color and use pumpkin accessories.  For Christmas, you can pair red and green or silver and gold items. As your tablecloth will take up the largest space, be sure to choose a perfect color and pattern for your event, as this will set the tone for the rest of your tablescape. Of course, if you’re having a casual get-together, you can choose a solid color table runner or forgo the tablecloth and infuse color with a vibrant centerpiece.


Adding layers to your dining table will make it more interesting. Consider items of different heights, sizes, shapes and textures to add dimension and depth to your tablescape. Make your tallest element the focal point, and then strategically arrange the other items around the centerpiece. Mixing fabrics and materials or using dishes from different sets can also help with layering and make your place settings stand out. 

Tablescape Ideas

When it comes to dining table decor ideas, the pieces you select for a tablescape don’t have to be intricate. Consider elements that enhance your space rather than make it feel cluttered. 

Coordinate With the Season

Find inspiration in the current season or holiday celebration. You can start by choosing a colorway to match the season, such as traditional Christmas tones or bright summery hues, adding complementing accents. Red or pink is perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations, while red, white and blue are ideal for a Fourth of July party. Seasonal décor is also easier to find and can give you more ideas for your table setting. 

Use Candles

Set the mood for your occasion with candles. Whether you’re having a formal gathering, intimate affair or casual dinner party, candles provide the perfect ambiance and finishing touch to your tablescape. You can add height to your setting with tall candles or add interest with a mixture of decorative candle holders or a cluster of tealight flames. 

Add Greenery or Flowers 

Flowers and greenery work as decor for any occasion, and you can easily find seasonal blooms in your garden or at your local florist. If flowers don’t suit your style, opt for some green foliage to add freshness to your tablescape. Dried flowers or grass can also add a natural element and texture to your table setting or use faux plants for a hassle-free décor idea.

table decorations

Decorate With Fruit

Make use of the seasonal fruit you have sitting in your bowl to fill gaps in your tablescape. Citrus, such as lemons and oranges, provide a standout color and a zesty aroma that is ideal for summer gatherings. You can easily scatter fruit throughout a floral centerpiece, add height with a vase of lemons, or create interest with small bowls of whole and cut oranges. 

Add Trinkets 

You can easily infuse your personality into your tablescape by displaying several special trinkets. Perhaps you have a childhood Christmas ornament you can showcase or sentimental items that represent your relationship and would complement Valentine’s dinner. You can readily find small accessories around your home or if you’re inviting family and friends over for a large gathering, you could wrap a festive gift in a small box to give as a party favor. 

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