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How to Choose Kid-Friendly Furniture

Just because you’re raising a family doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style or sophisticated decor in your home. We understand that everyone wants their home to reflect their personality and be a place where they can relax at the end of the day. However, having a family also means considering functionality, safety and durability. 

With careful consideration, you can easily choose kid-friendly furniture for your living room that won’t make your home look like a daycare center. At Home Zone, we also have an extensive range of affordable, family-friendly furniture to suit your lifestyle and that your kids can enjoy.

Select Quality Furniture 

As kids are easily excitable and full of energy, chairs, sofas and couches are often used as indoor trampolines. While it may seem to make more sense to go for the cheapest option because kids can be hard on furniture, choosing a more durable option can save you money and hassle in the future. Consider buying the most durable furniture you can afford to ensure that it lasts throughout the many years of sitting, jumping and childhood acrobatics. Look for couches that have quality construction, such as our Sunset Beach sofa, which features an all-wood frame for support and durability. 

Choose the Right Upholstery

Not only do you need to select furniture with sturdy construction, but you should also consider upholstery options. There’s no point in getting a well-built couch or reclining chair if the fabric quickly shows stains or rips easily. Opt for heavy-duty fabrics with a flat weave, such as microfiber, wool, denim and pleather. Synthetic upholstery is more resistant to dirty hands or accidental spills and is easy to clean when you want to spruce it up. 

If you want to choose the most durable furniture fabric, leather is a clear winner. You can easily wipe it down with a paper towel or soft cloth, and it still looks attractive with a weathered patina that comes from extensive use over time. Alternatively, a more affordable yet durable living room furniture option is buying a sofa with removable cushion covers so you can quickly throw them in the washing machine for an effortless clean. 

Choose Colors Wisely

While you should choose your color palette wisely, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to muted or neutral tones. Bold hues, patterns and textures are a better choice for living room furniture upholstery than selecting lighter, pastel-toned fabrics. Darker colors and patterns are better for families as you can easily hide marks or stains compared to a white linen couch. Wooden furniture with darker tones can also be ideal for hiding crayon or permanent marker accidents.

Avoid Sharp Corners

For a safer furniture option in a family environment, look for pieces that lack sharp edges or pointed handles. These pieces can minimize the chances of your toddler hurting themselves on sharp corners or handles that stick out. Handleless entertainment centers are perfect for family homes, while round coffee tables remove the need to put corner protectors on your furniture, which can detract from the stylish aesthetics. Upholstered dining chairs are also an ideal way to remove sharp edges from the seat and are softer on small hands as your child climbs up to sit at the table.

Take Advantage of Furniture With Storage

Durable furniture that provides you with extra storage is ideal for families. Kids come with many belongings such as toys, arts and crafts items, and books that they often leave lying around your home, making it feel cluttered or messy. However, before you head out to get colorful plastic toy boxes, consider stylish furniture with storage. You can easily keep your home tidy and ensure your kids’ toys are easily accessible with furniture such as a media center with drawers, a bookshelf with baskets, or by incorporating a server into your dining room. 

A piece of furniture that compliments your home’s interior will blend seamlessly with your decor and can enhance your space. Storage ottomans are also the perfect kid-friendly furniture as it is multi-functional, giving you a comfortable surface to rest your feet, extra seating for entertaining, a place to rest a serving tray, and it can hide away toys or books at the end of the day. If you prefer a coffee table, look for one with drawers or a lift top for extra storage.

Consider Adding an Area Rug 

While rugs aren’t furniture, they are a simple way to style a room. You can also use them to protect your flooring and minimize damage, scratches or dings as your kids play. They are easier to clean than carpets, and a darker-colored rug can readily hide any stains if you have light-colored flooring. You can also use rugs to create a soft place for your kids to play and minimize the impact if they fall. 

Find New Living Room Furniture at Home Zone Furniture

Furnish your home with kid-friendly furniture when you shop our extensive and affordable range. We provide a vast selection of the most durable furniture brands for your bedroom, living room and dining room so you can create a comfortable and stylish home that suits your family’s lifestyle. You can readily browse our furniture selection and home accents online, visit your local Home Zone store or contact our knowledgeable team for assistance in finding the ideal kid-friendly furniture.

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