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What to Do With an Unused Breakfast Nook

Whether it’s too small to fit the entire family or you prefer your morning coffee seated at the kitchen island, you can turn your unused breakfast nook into a purposeful space to suit your lifestyle with a bit of thought and creative design. You can add some comfortable chairs to your breakfast nook and transform it into a relaxing reading area, or with some stylish furniture and baskets, you can boost the storage in your home. Depending on the size of your breakfast area, you can even create a dual-purpose space.

If you think of your breakfast nook as a useless space that no longer suits your way of living, consider our five creative ideas to change it into a useful area to suit your lifestyle.

Create a Reading Space

As breakfast nooks are often situated in a sunny part of the house, it makes a perfect location for a reading nook. With a cozy couch or stylish armchair, you can set up the corner to maximize the view and sunlight and create a calm space to read your favorite book. Include a small side table to perch a drink or as a place where you can lay your book in between reading sessions. You can make your space extra homey with some soft throws and accent pillows, while a stylish rug underfoot is ideal for creating warmth when the cool winter mornings arrive.

Unlike a breakfast nook, which most people only use in the mornings, a reading space is an area you can use any time of the day. Be sure to set up a stylish floor lamp or reading light with a soft glow so you can read for as long as you want without getting tired eyes. A bookshelf is an ideal piece of furniture that can tie your space together. You can display your latest reads and add a decorative touch with some ornaments and framed photos to complete your cozy reading nook.

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Use it as a Mudroom

Changing your breakfast nook into a mudroom is an excellent addition to your home. There are many benefits to having a mudroom, including storing extra shoes or keeping dirty ones away from the front door. With a few hooks or a cabinet, you can hang jackets and hats neatly and keep the kids’ backpacks in easy reach. Consider adding a bench to your space for a place to sit and put on your shoes and a console table to hold small items such as keys. This table can include drawers, or you can add a small tray on top to keep your small items from falling down the back of the furniture. You can also add a wall mirror as a décor piece to make your space brighter and allow you to check your outfit before you walk out the door.

Add Extra Storage

Transforming your unused breakfast nook into a storage area is ideal for reducing clutter in your home and maximizing your space. Whether you desire a space to store your household cleaning products or seasonal bedding, you can readily customize the nook to suit your requirements. Adding some bookshelves or floating shelves is a creative way to prevent wasted vertical space, and you can easily store your items in baskets or boxes to keep the area looking tidy. Alternatively, you can define your space with a full size cabinet and keep things hidden behind closed doors.

You can close the area off with a screen or keep the space visible. If you choose to leave your nook open and readily accessible, consider a few decor items such as potted plants or a colorful vase to soften the space and tie in the interior design with the rest of your home.

Create a Home Office

Whether you work from home or would love a space to pay bills and store important documents, an office is an ideal option for your unused breakfast nook. You can add a small desk and office chair to define your space and then include other furniture items depending on your requirements. A filing cabinet is a valuable addition for holding papers and mail, while a bookshelf can store books and other tools you may require for your job. Remember to fit in your essential furniture pieces first and then include décor items such as artwork or an accent chair to make your home office more personal.

Create a Playroom

Create a designated play space for your kids and enjoy the advantages of keeping their toys and crafts in one area. You can tailor the space to your children’s interests and include the ideal furniture to suit their playing. For example, a cozy sitting area with a couch and pillows will please an avid reader, while small children may enjoy lying on a rug pushing cars around. You could incorporate an entertainment console with TV and video games if you have older children. Storage ottomans are a perfect addition to any playroom as kids can easily put their toys out of sight when they’re not using them and create more space in the nook for craft activities.

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With our breakfast nook ideas and extensive range of furniture, you can transform your space into a well-used area to suit your home and family lifestyle. You could even create a multi-purpose space with a mix of these ideas. Be sure to measure the size before selecting your furniture, and remember our friendly team is always on hand to offer assistance in finding furniture to suit your space. Browse our furniture and décor items online or visit your nearest Home Zone store.

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